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Eileen Donaghy - Discography

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  UK  31
  Ireland  7
  New Zealand  1
  USA  1
All Records  40
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Eileen Donaghy

Songs Of The Green

A1: On The One Road
A2: Kevin Barry
B1: Jackets Green
B2: Johnston's Motor Car
Fontana UKTFE 171541959EP0 
Eileen Donaghy


A1: Trottin' To The Fair
A2: Song Of The Backwoods
B1: Ballyshannon
B2: My Lagan Love
Fontana UKTFE 171891959EP0 
Eileen Donaghy

The Humour Is On Me Now

A1: The Auld Plaid Shawl
A2: Rathfriland On The Hill
B1: Cork
B2: The Humour Is On Me Now
Fontana UKTFE 171911959EP0 
Eileen Donaghy

A: Ould Lammas Fair
B: Rose Of Aranmore
Fontana UKH 183Feb 19597"1 
Eileen Donaghy

Ireland Sings

A1: Rose Of Aranmore
A2: Ould Lammas Fair
B1: If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here
B2: Barney Brannigan
Fontana UKTFE 17120Apr 1959EP0 
Eileen Donaghy

A: Trottin' To The Fair
B: The Hills Of Donegal
Fontana UKH 201Jul 19597"0 
Eileen Donaghy

A: Wild Colonial Boy
B: Girl With A Brogue
Fontana UKH 202Jul 19597"0 
Eileen Donaghy

A: The Humour Is On Me Now
B: Real Old Mountain Dew
Fontana UKH 203Aug 19597"1 
Eileen Donaghy

A: The Boys From Co. Mayo
B: Terry My Blue-Eyed Irish Boy
Fontana UKH 207Aug 19597"0 
Eileen Donaghy

Blue Hills Of Antrim

A1: Faughan Side
A2: Little Old Mud Cabin
B1: The Bard Of Armagh
B2: Blue Hills Of Antrim
Fontana UKTFE 17145Aug 1959EP1 
Eileen Donaghy

The Hills Of Donegal

A1: Real Old Mountain Dew
A2: Kitty Of Coleraine
B1: The Hills Of Donegal
B2: Off To Philadelphia
Fontana UKTFE 17188Sep 1959EP0 
Eileen Donaghy

Sitting Round The Fireside

A1: Turf Fire
A2: The Maid Of The Sweet Brown Knowe
B1: The Spanish Lady
B2: Bantry Boy
Fontana UKTFE 17190Sep 1959EP0 
Eileen Donaghy

A: Barney Brannigan
B: Slieve Gallon Braes
Fontana UKH 208Nov 19597"0 
Eileen Donaghy

A: If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here
B: Faughan Side
Fontana UKH 209Nov 19597"0 
Eileen Donaghy

A: Ballyshannon
B: The Auld Plaid Shawl
Fontana UKH 210Nov 19597"0 
Eileen Donaghy

A: Glenswilly
B: Homes Of Donegal
Fontana UKH 211Nov 19597"0 
Eileen Donaghy

The Boys From Co. Mayo

A1: The Boys From Co. Mayo
A2: Let Mister Maguire Sit Down
B1: Terry My Blue-Eyed Irish Boy
B2: Homes Of Donegal
Fontana UKTFE 172001960EP0 
Eileen Donaghy


A1: Girl With A Brogue
A2: Slieve Gallon Braes
B1: Glenswilly
B2: Wild Colonial Boy
Fontana UKTFE 17204Jul 1960EP0 
Eileen Donaghy

Six Mile Song

A1: Six Mile Song
A2: Boys Of Coleraine
B1: The Irish Rover
B2: The Irish Fire Brigade
Fontana UKTFE 17293Aug 1960EP2 
Eileen Donaghy

The Lord Is My Shepherd

A1: The Lord Is My Shepherd
A2: Abide With Me
B1: The Old Rugged Cross
B2: Rock Of Ages
Fontana UKTFE 17301Oct 1960EP1 
Eileen Donaghy

McCarthy's Party

A1: The Old Water Mill
A2: McCarthy's Party
B1: Wee Cup Of Tay
B2: Sittin' On The Bridge Below The Town
Fontana UKTFE 173241961EP0 
Eileen Donaghy

Green Glens Of Antrim

A1: Green Glens Of Antrim
A2: Lovely Derry
B1: The Low-Back'd Car
B2: The Buncrana Train
Fontana UKTFE 173711961EP1 
Eileen Donaghy

A: Wee Cup Of Tay
B: Six Mile Song
Fontana UKH 287Jan 19617"1 
Eileen Donaghy

Boy Of Mine

A1: Dear Little Boy Of Mine
A2: Kitty Kelly
B1: The Toast Of An Irish Colleen
B2: Dear Old Claudy Town
Fontana UKTFE 17297Jan 1961EP0 
Eileen Donaghy

The Kellys

A1: The Moonshiners
A2: Flower Of Margherally, O
B1: The Kellys
B2: The Old Bog Road
Fontana UKTFE 17336Apr 1961EP1 
Eileen Donaghy

A: Girl From Co. Tyrone
B: Beautiful Bundoran
Fontana UKH 314May 19617"0 
Eileen Donaghy

Upon The Derry Road

A1: Biddy Mulligan (The Pride Of The Coombe)
A2: County Tyrone
B1: Upon The Derry Road
B2: The Typical Irishman
Fontana UKTFE 17347Sep 1961EP0 
Eileen Donaghy

A: Christmas Time In Ireland
B: Slattery's Mounted Fut
Fontana UKH 331Oct 19617"0 
Eileen Donaghy

Isle Of Innisfree

A1: Isle Of Innisfree
A2: Slattery's Mounted Fut
B1: Castle Ro Mill
B2: Boys From The County Armagh
Fontana UKTFE 17372Oct 1961EP0 
Eileen Donaghy

Forty Shades Of Green

A1: Forty Shades Of Green
A2: Bould Thady Quill
B1: The Blarney Stone
B2: Rory
Fontana UKTE 174091962EP2 
Eileen Donaghy

A1: Eileen
A2: Castle Of Drogmore
B1: Star Of Donegal
B2: Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill
Fontana UKTE 174181963EP0 

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