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Elvis Presley - Discography

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  USA  321
  Canada  287
  UK  256
  Germany  205
  Australia  178
  France  147
  New Zealand  119
  Japan  88
  Spain  70
  Denmark  58
  Italy  54
  Ireland  52
  Israel  37
  Netherlands  35
More Countries (43 Total)All Records  2052
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Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

Jailhouse Rock

A1: Jailhouse Rock
A2: Young And Beautiful
B1: I Want To Be Free
B2: Don't Leave Me Now
B3: (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
RCA Victor IsraelEPA 41141958EP010.0
Elvis Presley

King Creole Vol.1

A1: King Creole
A2: New Orleans
B1: As Long As I Have You
B2: Lover Doll
RCA Victor IsraelEPA-51221958EP0 
Elvis Presley

A1: Blue Suede Shoes
A2: Tutti Frutti
B1: I Got A Woman
B2: Just Because
RCA Victor IsraelEPA-7471958EP0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A1: One Night
A2: I Got Stung
B1: I Need Your Love Tonight
B2: A Fool Such As I
RCA Victor IsraelEPA-81071959EP0 
It's Now Or Never "O Sole Mio"

Elvis Presley

A1: It's Now Or Never

Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A2: A Mess Of Blues

Elvis Presley

B1: Fame And Fortune
B2: Stuck On You
RCA Victor IsraelEPA 81021960EP3 
Elvis Presley

G.I. Blues "Cafe Europa En Uniforme"

A1: Tonight's All Right For Love
A2: Wooden Heart
B1: GI Blues
B2: Didja' Ever
RCA Victor Israel86.2851961EP0 
Elvis Presley

Little Sister

A1: Little Sister
A2: His Latest Flame
B1: Are You Lonesome Tonight?
B2: I Gotta Know
RCA Victor IsraelEPA-81011961EP0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A1: Surrender
A2: Lonely Man
B1: Flaming Star
B2: Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
RCA Victor IsraelEPA-81031961EP0 
Elvis Presley

Blue Hawaii

A1: No More : "La Paloma"
A2: Almost Always True
B1: Rock-a-hula Baby
B2: Can't Help Falling In Love
RCA Victor Israel86.3051962EP0 
Elvis Presley

Follow That Dream

A1: Follow That Dream
A2: Angel
B1: What A Wonderful Life
B2: I'm Not The Marrying Kind
RCA Victor IsraelEPA 43681962EP0 
Elvis Presley

A1: King Of The Whole Wide World
A2: This Is Living
A3: Riding The Rainbow
B1: Home Is Where The Heat Is
B2: I Got Lucky
B3: A Whisteling Tune
RCA Victor IsraelEPA 43711962EP0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: Suspicion
B: Kiss Me Quick
RCA Victor Israel447-063919637"0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A1: One Broken Heart For Sale
A2: Relax
B1: (You're The) Devil In Disguise
B2: Please Don't Drag That String Around
RCA Victor IsraelEPA-81041963EP0 
Elvis Presley

Bossa Nova Baby

A1: Bossa Nova Baby
A2: Vino, Dinero Y Amor
B1: Fun In Acapulco
B2: (There's) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car
RCA Victor IsraelEPA-81051963EP18.0
Elvis Presley

Girls! Girls! Girls!

A1: Return To Sender
A2: I Don't Wanna Be Tied
B1: Girls! Girls! Girls!
B2: I Don't Want To
RCA Victor IsraelEPA-81061963EP0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: Viva Las Vegas

Elvis Presley With The Jubilee Four And Carole Lombard Quartet

B: What'd I Say
RCA Victor Israel47-836019647"0 
Elvis Presley

A: Ain't That Loving You Baby

Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

B: Ask Me
RCA Victor Israel47-844019647"0 
Elvis Presley

Love In Las Vegas

A1: If You Think I Don't Need You
A2: I Need Somebody To Lean On
B1: C'mon Everybody
B2: Today, Tomorrow And Forever
RCA Victor IsraelEPA 43811964EP0 
Elvis Presley

A: Dot The Clam
B: You'll Be Gone
RCA Victor Israel47-850019657"2 
Elvis Presley

A: I'm Yours
B: (It's A) Long Lonely Highway
RCA Victor Israel47-865719657"0 
Elvis Presley

Girl Happy

A1: Do The Clam
A2: Cross My Heart And Hope To Die
B1: Girl Happy
B2: The Meanest Girl In Town
RCA Victor Israel86.4341965EP0 
Elvis Presley

"Tickle Me"

A1: I Feel That I've Known You Forever
A2: Slowly But Surely
B1: Night Rider
B2: Put The Blame On Me
B3: Dirty, Dirty Feeling
RCA Victor IsraelEPA-43831965EP1 
Elvis Presley

A: Suspicious Minds
B: You'll Think Of Me
RCA Victor Israel47-974719697"1 
Elvis Presley

Sings Rubberneckin' From The Universal Picture "Change Of Habit"

A: Don't Cry Daddy
B: Rubberneckin'
RCA Victor Israel47-976819707"1 
Elvis Presley

A: Kentucky Rain
B: My Little Friend
RCA Victor Israel47-979119707"0 
Elvis Presley

A: I've Lost You
B: The Next Step Is Love
RCA Israel47-987319707"1 
Elvis Presley

Elvis Sings

A: Mama Liked The Roses
B: The Wonder Of You
RCA Victor Israel47-983519717"0 
Elvis Presley

A: You Dont Have To Say You Love Me
B: Patch It Up
RCA Victor Israel47-991619717"1 
Elvis Presley

A: There Goes My Everything
B: I Really Don't Want To Know
RCA Israel47-996019717"0 
Elvis Presley

A: I'm Leavin'
B: Heart Of Rome
RCA Victor Israel47-999819717"3 
Elvis Presley

A: We Can Make It In The Morning
B: Until It's Time For You To Go
RCA Victor Israel74-061919727"0 
Elvis Presley

A: Burning Love
B: It's Just A Matter Of Time
RCA Israel74-076919727"0 
Elvis Presley

A: Always On My Mind
B: Separate Ways
RCA Israel74-081519727"0 
Elvis Presley

Raised On Rock

A: Raised On Rock
B: For Ol' Time Sake
RCA IsraelAPBO-008819737"0 
Elvis Presley

A: Take Good Care Of Her
B: I've Got A Thing About You Baby
RCA IsraelAPBO-019619747"5 
Elvis Presley

A: It's Only Love
B: The Sound Of Your Cry
RCA Israel48-10177"0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

Tickle Me Vol.2

A1: It Feels So Right
A2: (Such An) Easy Question
B1: Long Lonely Highway
B2: I'm Yours
RCA Victor IsraelEPA-7174EP0 

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