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Errol Dixon - Discography

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  UK  22
  Germany  1
  USA  1
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Errol Dixon With The Blue Beats

A: Midnight Train
B: Anytime, Anywhere
Blue Beat UKBB 2719617"18.0
Errol Dixon The Back Beats

A: Too Much Whisky
B: Mama Shut Your Door
Blue Beat UKBB 4619617"08.0
Errol Dixon And His Back Beats

A: Early This Morning
B: Bad Bad Woman
Blue Beat UKBB 8619627"0 
Errol Dixon

A: Morning Train
B: Lonely Heart
Island UKWI 01719627"0 
Errol Dixon

A: Oo-Wee Baby
B: Twistin' And Shakin'
Carnival UKCV 700119637"0 
Errol Dixon And Maynell Wilson

A: Crazy Baby!
B: Our First Love
Carnival UKCV 700219637"0 
Errol Dixon

A: I Love You
B: Tell Me More
Island UKWI 06919637"0 
Errol Dixon

A: Mean And Evil Woman
B: Tutti Frutti
Carnival UKCV 700419647"1 
Errol Dixon And The Bluebeaters

A: Rocks In My Pillow
B: Give Me More Time
Oriole UKCB 1914Feb 19647"1 
Errol Dixon

Errol Sings Fats

A1: My Blue Heaven
A2: Ain't That A Shame
B1: Blueberry Hill
B2: Whole Lotta Loving
Decca UKDFE 86261965EP0 
Errol Dixon

A: Heavy Shuffle
B: Gloria
Blue Beat UKBB 33719667"07.0
Errol Dixon

A: You're No Good
B: Midnight Bus
Blue Beat UKBB 34419667"0 
Errol Dixon

A: Need Someone To Love Me
B: I Want
Fab UKEP 119667"1 
Errol Dixon

A: I Need Someone To Love Me
B: I Want
Rainbow [Reggae] UKRAI 10419667"1 
Errol Dixon

A: I Don't Want
B: The Hoop
Direct UKDS 500219677"4 
Errol Dixon

A: Midnight Party
B: It Makes No Difference
Ska Beat UKJB 27119677"68.3
Errol Dixon

A: Six Questions
B: Not Again
Decca UKF 1261319 May 19677"0 
Errol Dixon

A: True Love Never Runs Smooth

Judy Kay And Errol Dixon

B: What Ya' Gonna Do
Decca UKF 1271729 Dec 19677"1 
The Big City Blues Of Errol Dixon

A: Back To The Chicken Shack
B: I Done Found Out
Decca UKF 1282613 Sep 19687"07.0
Errol Dixon

A: Why Hurt Yourself
B: She Started To Scream
JJ UKDB 119819697"0 
Errol Dixon

A: Something On Your Mind
B: I Need Love
Gas UKGAS 14819707"0 
Errol Dixon

A: Let The Love Shine Into Your Heart
B: In A Moment Of Weakness
Transatlantic UKBIG 50319727"0 

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