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Errol Dunkley - Discography

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  UK  46
  Jamaica  36
  USA  6
  France  2
  Netherlands  2
  Barbados  1
  Canada  1
  Germany  1
  Italy  1
  Sweden  1
All Records  97
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Errol Dunkley

A: Love Me Forever

The Vietnam All Stars

B: The Toughest
Rio UKR 10919667"3 
Errol Dunkley With Lynn Taitt Band

A: You're Gonna Need Me
B: Seek And You'll Find
Rio UKR 13119677"1 
Errol Dunkley

A: Love Brother

Lyn Taitt And The Jets

B: I Spy
Amalgamated UKAMG 82019687"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Once More
B: I'm Not Your Man
Island UKWI 315019687"0 
D. Tony Lee

A: It's Reggae Time

Errol Dunkley

B: The Clamp Is On
Island UKWI 316019687"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Please Stop Your Lying
B: Feel So Fine
Amalgamated UKAMG 800Feb 19687"4 
Errol Dunkley

A: The Scorcher
B: Do Right Tonight
Amalgamated UKAMG 807Mar 19687"1 
Errol Dunkley

A: I Am Going Home
B: I Am Not Your Man
Amalgamated UKAMG 8051 Mar 19687"1 
L. Dunkley

A: I Take You In My Arms

King Cannon

B: Daphney-Regay
Fab UKFAB 11719697"1 
Errol Dunkley

A: Having A Party

Mr. Versatile

B: Devil's Disciple
Jackpot UKJP 70219697"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Satisfaction

Ceceil Locke

B: Sing Out Loud
Banana UKBA 30219707"09.0
Errol Dunkley

A: My Special Prayer
B: Never Hurt The One You Love
Unity UKUN 55419707"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Deep Meditation

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: Meditation Version
Big UKBG 32419717"0 
Errol Dunkley With The Impact All Stars

A: O Lord

Keith With The Impact All Stars

B: Raindrops
Explosion UKEX 205319717"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Three In One

Rupie Edwards All-Stars

B: One In Three
New Beat UKNB 09119717"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Three In One

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: One In Three
Big UKBG 3278 Oct 19717"07.0
Bongo Herman And Les

A: Eternal Drums

Errol Dunkley

B: Darling Oh!
Big UKBG 33219727"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Black Cinderella

Phil Pratt All Stars

B: Our Anniversary
Camel UKCA 8719727"0 
Errol Dunkley And Hugh Roy

A: Darling Oohwe

Dennis Brown

B: Black Magic Woman
Punch UKPH 10519727"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Keep The Pressure Down
B: Pressure Down (Version)
Ackee UKACK 50719737"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: I'm Going To Sit Right Down And Cry
B: Repatriation
Caribbean UKCB 0319737"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Girl You Cried
B: Where Must I Go
Count Shelly UKCS 04419737"0 
Hugh Roy And Errol Dunkley

A: The Higher The Mountain

Old Boys Incorporated

B: Higher Mountain (Version)
Duke UKDU 15719737"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Why Did You Do It
B: One Love
Grape UKGR-303930 Mar 19737"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Shelly Reggae Rock
B: My Baby Is Gone
Count Shelly UKCS 04819747"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Letter To Myself
B: Pt. 2
Fat Man UKFM 319747"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Soothe Me Baby
B: Soothe (Version)
Paradise UKPR 0319747"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Train To Zion

TW All Stars

B: Zion Train Version
Third World UKTW 01019757"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: I'm Your Man

TW All Stars

B: Version
Third World UKTW 01119757"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Eunoch Power


B: Straicht To Him Chest
Daddy Kool UKDKR 00219767"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Clair
B: Clair (Version)
Third World UKTW 03419767"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Hypocrites

M.I. All Stars

B: Version
Music Incorporation UKMI 00519777"1 
Errol Dunkley

A: O.K. Fred
B: Instrumental
Third World UKTW 9619797"110.0
Errol Dunkley

A: O.K. Fred
B: O.K. Fred (Instrumental Version)
Scope UKSC 6Sep 19797"08.5
Errol Dunkley

A: Little Way Different
B: Differentah
Arawak UKRIC 104Oct 19797"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Sit Down And Cry
B: Peek-A-Boo
Scope UKSC 11Jan 19807"1 
Errol Dunkley

A: Betcha By Golly Wow
B: Prestige Woman
CSA UKCSA 500Sep 19827"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: King And Queen

Winston Samuels

B: Don't Believe In Him
Jackpot UK20137"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Stop You Gun Shooting

Musical Intimidator

B: Version
Stars UKST 02320147"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Repatriation

Dennis Alcapone

B: Repatriation Now
Aggrovator UKAGG0017"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Black Cinderella
B: Version
Fe-Me-Time UKFMT 147"1 
Slim Smith

A: People Get Ready

Errol Dunkley

B: I'm Going Home
Lee UKLEE-0017"0 
Errol Dunkley And Devon Dunkley

A: Love Or Physical
B: Love Or Physical Pt2
Schema UKSCH 0047"0 
Errol Dunkly

A: Running Child

Tropical Shadows

B: Anniversary
Sunshot UKSS 427"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Down Below
B: Deep Meditation
Success UKSUCC 5857"0 

Appears On

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The Minstrells [Reggae]

A1: Time Is On My Mind

Errol Dunkley

A2: If You Say So

U. Roy Jnr.

B1: Heavier Than Lead

Joe Higgs

B2: Mother Radio
Cactus UKCTEP 251974EP0 

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