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F. C. Judd - Discography

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F. C. Judd

Bells And Sirens

A1: Fire Engines With Bells (British)
A2: Fire Engine - Alarm And Sirens (U.S.A.)
A3: S.S. Queen Mary Siren (With Harbour Sounds)
A4: Factory Siren
A5: Telephone Bell (Ringing)
A6: Door Bell (Electric)
B1: Clock Chime (Twelve)
B2: Alarm Clock (Bell)
B3: Westminster Chime (Big Ben With Traffic Sounds)
B4: Bow Bells (St. Mary-Le-Bow, London)
Castle UKABX-1EP0 
F. C. Judd

Wild Animals

A1: Male And Female Lions
A2: Gibbons
A3: Chimpanzees Angry, Curious, Excited
A4: Bell Bird
A5: Rattle Snake
A6: Gaboon Viper
A7: Emporer Geese
A8: Fish Eagles
A9: Kookaburra (Laughing Jackass)
A9: Mountain Lion (Puma)
B1: Elephants
B2: Mississippi Alligator
B3: Indian Tiger
B4: Sea Lions
B5: Male Lion
B6: In The Jungle A Background Of Typical Sounds.
Castle UKAFX 1EP2 
F. C. Judd

Background Sound Effects

A1: Sea
A2: Wind
A3: Thunder
B1: Rain
B2: Factory
B3: Traffic
Castle UKBGX-1EP0 
F. C. Judd

Background Sound Effects

A1: London Airport (Main Lounge)
A2: Passenger Flight Department Hall (Announcements in English and German)
A3: Passenger Flight Department Hall (Announcements in English and French)
B1: Train Interior (Continuous)
B2: Children Playing
B3: Racing Cars (Circuit)
Castle UKBGX 2EP1 
F. C. Judd

Electronic Sounds And Music

A1: Cosmos
A2: Vortex
B1: Electronic Sounds
Castle UKEFX 17"1 
F. C. Judd

Electronic Themes And Music Concrete

A1: Delta F
A2: Study In Sinetones
B1: Sound Object. Theme On A Single Sound
B2: Montage. Theme On Many Sounds
Castle UKEFX-2EP0 
F. C. Judd

Haunted House, Mystery Sounds And Music

A1: Thunderstorm
A2: Mysterioso
A3: Fright (Special FX Music)
B1: Spooks
B2: Creaks
B3: Dungeon (Bones And Chains)
B4: Ghouls
B5: Intruder (Footsteps And Clocks)
B6: Fright (Heartbeats)
B7: Ghosts
B8: Maniac Laughter
Castle UKHMX-1EP2 
F. C. Judd

A1: Lion Roaring
A2: Twin Piston Aircraft Landing
A3: Building And Debris Falling
A4: Road Drills And Compressor
A5: Ship's Siren
A6: Steam Train Leaving Station
A8: Cell Door, Keys And Locks
B1: Police Car And Bell, Chase
B2: Police Launch And Siren
B3: Steam Goods Train And Whistle
B4: Car Door Slam And Starter
B5: Storm At Sea, Thunder, Wind And Gulls
B6: Tube Train, Stop, Doors And Start
Contrast Sound Productions UKMFX. 1EP3 
F. C. Judd

Authentic High Fidelity Sound Effects

A1: American Police Car With Siren - Arriving
A2: American Police Car With Sirens - Departing
A3: American Police Car Escort With Sirens - Passing
A4: American Police Motor Cycle Patrol With Siren - Stopping
A5: Applause (Hand Clapping)
A6: Orchestra Tuning Up
A7: Car Crash
A8: Glass Breaking (Repeat)
B1: City And Waterloo Tube Train - Arrive
B2: City And Waterloo Tube Train - Depart
B3: Footsteps
B4: Workmen Hammering And Sawing
Contrast Sound Productions UKMFX 2EP4 
Horse And Domestic Animal Sounds

F. C. Judd

A1: Horse Walking (Hard Surface)
A2: Horses Trotting (Hard Surface)
A3: Horses Jumping (Turf)
A4: Horses Galloping (Turf)
A5: Horse In Yard And Stable
A6: Pigs Grunting
A7: Cows And Heifers
A8: Cat Meowing
A9: Blacksmiths Shop
B1: Fox Hounds

F. C. Judd, Tom Watchorn, Hartley Chandler

B2: Calls
B3: Hunting Horn

F. C. Judd

B4: Horses
Castle UKMFX-3EP0 
F. C. Judd

Mixed Sound Effects

A1: Hovercraft (Passing)
A2: Hovercraft (Departure)
A3: Car Start - Drive Away (Interior)
A4: Car Engine Rev And Tickover (Interior)
A5: Car Starter (Continuous)
A6: Car Skid
A7: Car Skid And Crash
B1: Continental Town - Street Sounds And Glockenspiel (Clock Chimes)
B2: Warning Siren (Typical Continental)
B3: Warning Bell (Typical Continental)
Castle UKMFX 4EP0 
F. C. Judd

The Sounds Of British Railway Trains

A1: Train Departure - Main Line - (Steam Engine)
A2: Train Arrival - Main Line - (Steam Engine)
A3: Express Train Passing - With Whistle - (Steam)
A4: Fast Goods Train Passing - With Whistle - (Steam)
A5: Express Train Passing (Diesel Engine And Horn)
A6: Small Tank Loco - Passing
B1: Local Passenger - Arrive And Depart - (Diesel Electric)
B2: Fast Goods Train - Passing - With Horn (Diesel Engine)
B3: Central London Tube Train - Arrive And Depart
B4: Train Over Points And Crossings
B5: Slow Goods Train Passing - With Whistle (Steam Engine)
Contrast Sound Productions UKTFX 1EP2 

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