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Frank Ifield - Discography

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  UK  67
  Australia  55
  USA  23
  Netherlands  16
  New Zealand  15
  Canada  8
  Germany  8
  Ireland  6
  Norway  5
  Sweden  5
  Portugal  3
  South Africa  3
  France  2
  India  2
  Italy  2
  Denmark  1
All Records  221
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Frank Ifield

A: Lucky Devil
B: Nobody Else But You
Columbia UKDB 4399Jan 19607"28.0
Frank Ifield

A: Happy-Go-Lucky Me
B: Unchained Melody
Columbia UKDB 4464May 19607"17.0
Frank Ifield

A: Gotta Get A Date
B: No Love Tonight
Columbia UKDB 4496Aug 19607"39.0
Frank Ifield

A: That's The Way It Goes
B: Hoebe Snow
Columbia UKDB 4568Jan 19617"3 
Frank Ifield

A: Life's A Holiday
B: Tobacco Road
Columbia UKDB 4658May 19617"2 
Frank Ifield

A: Your Time Will Come
B: That's The Way It Is
Columbia UKDB 4741Nov 19617"0 
Frank Ifield

A: Alone Too Long
B: Bigger Than You Or Me
Columbia UKDB 4786Mar 19627"29.5
Frank Ifield

A: I Remember You
B: I Listen To My Heart
Columbia UKDB 485629 Jun 19627"128.8
Frank Ifield

A: Lovesick Blues
B: She Taught Me How To Yodel
Columbia UKDB 4913Oct 19627"98.3
Frank Ifield

Frank Ifield's Hits

A1: I Remember You
A2: I Listen To My Heart
B1: Lovesick Blues
B2: She Taught Me How To Yodel
Columbia UKSEG 8210Nov 1962EP28.5
Frank Ifield

A: The Wayward Wind
B: I'm Smiling Now
Columbia UKDB 496017 Jan 19637"68.3
Frank Ifield

A: Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
B: You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry
Columbia UKDB 7007Apr 19637"17.0
Frank Ifield

More Of Frank Ifield's Hits

A1: Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
A2: I'm Smiling Now
B1: The Wayward Wind
B2: You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry
Columbia UKSEG 8254Jun 1963EP09.0
Frank Ifield

A: Confessin' (That I Love You)
B: Waltzing Matilda
Columbia UKDB 706221 Jun 19637"38.0
Frank Ifield

Just One More Chance

A1: Just One More Chance
A2: I've Got That Sad And Lonely Feeling
B1: The Glory Of Love
B2: Gone
Columbia UKESG 7897Sep 1963EP2 
Frank Ifield

Just One More Chance

A1: Just One More Chance
A2: I've Got That Sad And Lonely Feeling
B1: The Glory Of Love
B2: Gone
Columbia UKSEG 8262Sep 1963EP0 
Frank Ifield

Viva Ifield!

A1: Noche De Ronda
A2: Siboney
B1: Tres Palabras
B2: Aquarella Do Brasil
Columbia UKSEG 8270Sep 1963EP1 
Frank Ifield

A: Mule Train
B: One Man's Love
Columbia UKDB 713111 Oct 19637"3 
Frank Ifield


A1: Confessin' (That I Love You)
A2: Hoebe Snow
B1: Waltzing Matilda
B2: Unchained Melody
Columbia UKSEG 8277Nov 1963EP09.0
Frank Ifield

Lucky Devil

A1: Lucky Devil
A2: Happy-Go-Lucky Me
B1: That's The Way It Goes
B2: Tobacco Road
Columbia UKSEG 8284Dec 1963EP1 
Frank Ifield

Funny How Time Slips Away

A1: Funny How Time Slips Away
A2: Daybreak
B1: Don't Make Me Laugh
B2: Without You
Columbia UKSEG 83851964EP0 
Frank Ifield

A: Don't Blame Me
B: Say It Isn't So
Columbia UKDB 7184Jan 19647"48.0
Frank Ifield


A1: Please
A2: My Kind Of Girl
B1: Cattle Call
B2: Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
Columbia UKSEG 8288Jan 1964EP0 
Frank Ifield

Don't Blame Me

A1: Say It Isn't So
A2: Don't Blame Me
B1: Wolverton Mountain
B2: Mule Train
Columbia UKSEG 8300Mar 1964EP0 
Frank Ifield

A: Angry At The Big Oak Tree
B: Go Tell It On The Mountain
Columbia UKDB 726310 Apr 19647"26.0
Frank Ifield

Born Free

A1: He'll Have To Go
A2: Cold, Cold Heart
B1: Riders In The Sky
B2: Half As Much
Columbia UKSEG 8322May 1964EP0 
Frank Ifield

A: I Should Care
B: Another Cup Of Coffee
Columbia UKDB 731915 Jul 19647"0 
Frank Ifield

Blue Skies

A1: Blue Skies
A2: Tumblin Tumbleweeds
B1: My Blue Heaven
B2: Sweey Lorraine
Columbia UKSEG 8343Sep 1964EP0 
Frank Ifield

I Should Care

A1: I Should Care
A2: Another Cup Of Coffee
B1: Angry At The Big Oak Tree
B2: Go Tell It On The Mountain
Columbia UKSEG 8359Sep 1964EP0 
Frank Ifield

A: Summer Is Over
B: True Love Ways
Columbia UKDB 735511 Sep 19647"3 
Frank Ifield

Frank Ifield Sings

A1: Oh Lonesome Me
A2: I've Got A Hole In My Pocket
B1: Summer Is Over
B2: True Love Ways
Columbia UKSEG 8377Nov 1964EP0 
Frank Ifield

A: Don't Make Me Laugh (Don't Make Me Cry)
B: Without You (Tres Palabras)
Columbia UKDB 741220 Nov 19647"1 
Frank Ifield

A: I'm So Lonesome, I Could Cry
B: Lonesome Number One
Columbia UKDB 752026 Mar 19657"0 
Frank Ifield

A: Paradise
B: Goodbye Now
Columbia UKDB 76556 Aug 19657"1 
Frank Ifield

Love Walked In

A1: Love Walked In
A2: Take Good Care Of Her
B1: The Hawaiian Wedding Song
B2: Forever Mine
Columbia UKSEG 8448Sep 1965EP0 
Frank Ifield

Hong Kong Blues

A1: Hong Kong Blues
A2: Hold Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me
B1: An Anonymous Phone Call
B2: What A Way To Start The Day
Columbia UKSEG 8456Nov 1965EP1 
Frank Ifield

A: I Guess
B: Then Came She
Columbia UKDB 777226 Nov 19657"06.0
Frank Ifield

A: There'll Be Another Spring
B: Don't Be Afraid
Columbia UKDB 78584 Mar 19667"36.0
Frank Ifield

A: No One Will Ever Know
B: I'm Saving All My Love (For You)
Columbia UKDB 794010 Jun 19667"28.0
Frank Ifield

Give Him My Regards

A1: Give Him My Regards
A2: Siboney
B1: Sweetest Dreams
B2: Me Japanese Boy (I Love You)
Columbia UKSEG 8495Jul 1966EP0 
Frank Ifield

A: Call Her Your Sweetheart
B: All My Daydreaming
Columbia UKDB 807825 Nov 19667"28.0
Frank Ifield

A: Out Of Nowhere
B: And I Always Will Do
Columbia UKDB 816431 Mar 19677"37.7
Frank Ifield

A: Up-Up And Away
B: Roses, Moonlight And One Bottle Of Wine
Columbia UKDB 82327 Jul 19677"0 
Frank Ifield

A: All The Time
B: In The Snow
Columbia UKDB 830110 Nov 19677"1 
Frank Ifield

A: Some Sweet Day
B: Singing The Blues
Columbia UKDB 83449 Feb 19687"0 
Frank Ifield

A: (You've Got) Morning In Your Eyes
B: Oh! Such A Stranger
Columbia UKDB 843221 Jun 19687"0 
Frank Ifield

A: The Swiss Maid
B: Baby Doll
Columbia UKDB 847827 Sep 19687"2 
Frank Ifield

A: Let Me Into Your Life
B: Mary In The Morning
Decca UKF 128937 Mar 19697"08.0
Frank Ifield

A: It's My Time
B: I Love You Because
Decca UKF 1296619 Sep 19697"1 
Frank Ifield

A: Three Good Reasons
B: I Wrapped Her In Ribbons
Decca UKF 1301515 May 19707"0 

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