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Frederick Knight - Discography

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  USA  25
  UK  9
  Canada  2
  Australia  1
  Germany  1
  Jamaica  1
All Records  39
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Frederick Knight

A: Steppin Down
B: Heart Complication
Maxine Recording Co., USA21219697"1 
Frederick Knight

A: Have A Little Mercy (On Me)
B: Sauerkraut
123 USA172419707"0 
Frederick Knight

A: Throw The Switch
B: I Know Where I've Been
Dial USAD-1006Jul 19717"0 
Frederick Knight

A: I've Been Lonely For So Long
B: Lean On Me
Stax USASTA-0117Feb 19727"68.7
Frederick Knight

A: Trouble
B: Friend
Stax USASTA-0139Jul 19727"1 
Frederick Knight

A: This Is My Song Of Love To You
B: Take Me On Home Witcha
Stax USASTA-0167Jun 19737"1 
Frederick Knight

A: This Is My Song Of Love To You [Mono]
B: This Is My Song Of Love To You [Stereo]
Stax USASTA-0167Jun 1973Promo Only 7"0 
Frederick Knight

A: Suzy
B: I Let My Chance Go By
Stax USASTA-020115 Apr 19747"1 
Frederick Knight

A: Passing Thru
B: Sometimes Storm
Truth USATRA-3202Jun 19747"2 
Frederick Knight

A: I Betcha Didn't Know That
B: Let's Make A Deal
Truth USATRA-3216Jan 19757"3 
Frederick Knight

A: I Betcha Didn't Know That
B: I Betcha Didn't Know That
Truth USATRA-3216Jan 1975Promo Only 7"1 
Frederick Knight

A: I Wanna Play With You
B: I Miss You
Truth USATRA-3228Jun 19757"2 
Frederick Knight

A: Claim To Fame
B: Uphill Peace Of Mind
Castle [Alabama] USA123219767"1 
Frederick Knight

A: I'm Falling In Love Again
B: Done Got Over Love
Juana USA340219767"0 
Frederick Knight

A: High Society
B: High Society (Inst.)
Juana USA340829 Jul 19767"1 
Frederick Knight

A: Staying Power
B: Wrapped In Your Love
Juana USA341119777"0 
Frederick Knight

A: I've Been Lonely For So Long
B: I Betcha Didn't Know That
Stax USASTX-101319777"1 
Frederick Knight

A: Sit Down On Your Love
B: Staying Power
Juana USA341519787"0 
Frederick Knight And Fern Kinney

A: Sweet Life
B: Tonight's The Night
Chimneyville USACH 1022719787"0 
Frederick Knight

A: If You Love Your Baby
B: You Can't Deny Me
Juana USA342319797"0 
Frederick Knight

A: Let Me Ring Your Bell Again
B: When It Ain't Right With My Baby
Juana USAJU 194819807"09.0
Frederick Knight

A: If Tomorrow Never Comes
B: Bundle Of Love
Juana USAJU-198419817"0 
Frederick Knight

A: The Old Songs
B: Bundle Of Love
Juana USAJU370019817"0 
Frederick Knight

A: You're The Best Thing In My Life
B: When Will Love Need Me
Juana USAJU-130019827"2 
Frederick Knight

A: Uphill (Peace Of Mind)
B: Uphill (Peace Of Mind)
Emergency USAEMS 454519857"0 

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