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Georgia Gibbs - Discography

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  USA  49
  UK  14
  Australia  12
  Germany  5
  Sweden  5
  Canada  4
  South Africa  4
  Denmark  2
  France  2
  Netherlands  2
  New Zealand  2
  Unknown Country  2
  Italy  1
  Mexico  1
All Records  105
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Georgia Gibbs And Bob Crosby

A: Cherry Stones
B: Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Coral USA9-6026319507"0 
"Her Nibs" Sings With Georgia Gibbs

A: Get Out Those Old Records
B: I Still Feel The Same About You
Coral USA9-6035319517"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
B: Got Him Off My Hands (But Can't Get Him Off My Mind)
Mercury USA5687-X45Aug 19517"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: So Madly In Love
B: Make Me Love You
Mercury USA5874-X4519527"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Kiss Of Fire
B: A Lasting Thing
Mercury USA5823-X45Apr 19527"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: A Moth And A Flame
B: The Photograph On The Piano
Mercury USA70034-X45Nov 19527"1 
Georgia Gibbs

A: What Does It Mean To Be Lonely
B: Winter's Here Again
Mercury USA70057-X4519537"3 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Thunder And Lightning
B: For Me, For You
Mercury USA70172X4519537"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Seven Lonely Days
B: If You Take My Heart Away
Mercury USA70095X45Feb 19537"6 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Under Paris Skies
B: I Love Paris
Mercury USA70274-X45Nov 19537"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: The Man That Got Away
B: More Than Ever
Mercury USA70430X45Aug 19547"2 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Mambo Baby
B: Love Me
Mercury USA70473X45Oct 19547"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Tweedle Dee
B: You're Wrong, All Wrong
Mercury USA70517X45Dec 19547"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Dance With Me Henry (Wallflower)
B: Ballin´the Jack
Mercury USA70572X45Feb 19557"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Sweet And Gentle
B: Blueberries
Mercury USA70647-X45Jun 19557"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Come Rain Or Come Shine
B: I Want You To Be My Baby
Mercury USA70685X45Aug 19557"010.0
Georgia Gibbs

A: Goodbye To Rome (Arrivederci Roma)
B: 24 Hours A Day (365 A Year)
Mercury USA70743X45Nov 19557"1 
Georgia Gibbs

A: The Greatest Thing
B: Rock Right
Mercury USA70811X459 Feb 19567"08.0
Georgia Gibbs

A: Kiss Me Another
B: Fool Of The Year
Mercury USA70850X459 Apr 19567"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Happiness Street
B: Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
Mercury USA70920X4512 Jul 19567"19.0
Georgia Gibbs

A: Tra La La
B: Morning, Noon And Night
Mercury USA70998X453 Nov 19567"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Silent Lips
B: Pretty Pretty
Mercury USA71058X4529 Jan 19577"18.0
Georgia Gibbs

A: The Sheik Of Araby
B: I Am A Heart, A Heart, A Heart
Mercury USA71103X4524 Apr 19577"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Sugar Candy
B: I'm Walking The Floor Over You
RCA Victor USA47-6922May 19577"08.0
Georgia Gibbs

A: Fun Lovin' Baby
B: I Never Had The Blues
RCA Victor USA47-7047Sep 19577"18.0
Georgia Gibbs

A: Dance With Me Henry
B: Tweedle Dee
Mercury Celebrity Series USAC-30012X453 Oct 19577"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: I Miss You
B: Great Balls Of Fire
RCA Victor USA47-7098Nov 19577"08.0
Georgia Gibbs

A: Way Way Down
B: You're Doin' It
RCA Victor USA47-716619587"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Seven Lonely Days
B: I Love Paris
Mercury Celebrity Series USAC-30059X4513 Mar 19587"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Hello Happiness, Goodbye Blues
B: It's My Pleasure
RCA Victor USA47-7239May 19587"07.0
Georgia Gibbs

A: The Hula Hoop Song
B: Keep In Touch
Roulette USAR-4106Sep 19587"1 
Georgia Gibbs

A: The Hucklebuck
B: Better Loved You'll Never Be
Roulette USAR-4126Jan 19597"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Pretend
B: Hamburgers, Frankfurters And Potato Chips
Kapp USAK-286XJun 19597"07.0
Georgia Gibbs

A: Seven Lonely Days
B: The Stroll That Stole My Heart
Imperial USAX5652Feb 19607"3 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Candy Kisses
B: I Will Follow You
Epic USA5-958522 Mar 19637"08.0
Georgia Gibbs

A: You Can Never Get Away From Me
B: I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
Bell USA608Oct 19647"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: You Can Never Get Away From Me
B: Let Me Cry On Your Shoulder
Bell USA615-AMar 19657"1 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Venice Blue (Que C'est Triste Venise)
B: Let Me Cry On Your Shoulder
Bell USA615Apr 19657"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Call Me
B: Don't Cry Joe
Bell USA626Jul 19657"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Let Me Dream
B: In Time
Bell USA635Dec 19657"18.0
Georgia Gibbs

A: Kiss Of Fire
B: Blue Grass
Bell USA641Apr 19667"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Where's The Music Coming From
B: Time Will Tell
RCA Victor USA47-9173Apr 19677"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Ballin' The Jack

Ray Bolger

B: Once In Love With Amy
Collectables / MCA Special Markets USACOL 371619917"2 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Dance With Me Henry (Wallflower)
B: Tweedle Dee
Collectables / Back To Back Hit Series USACOL 481219927"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A1: While You Danced, Danced, Danced
A2: For Me, For Me
B1: Love Is The Thing
B2: Regret, If You Can
Mercury USAEP-1-3082EP0 
Georgia Gibbs

A1: Under Paris Skies
A2: I Love Paris
B1: Autumn Leaves
B2: Comme Ci, Comme Ca
Mercury USAEP-1-3176EP08.0
Georgia Gibbs

The Man That Got Away

A1: The Man That Got Away
A2: Baby Won't You Please Come Home
B1: I'll Be Seeing You
B2: How Did He Look
Mercury USAEP-1-3265EP0 
Georgia Gibbs

A1: I Feel So Smoochie
A2: You Keep Coming Back Like A Song
B1: The Things We Did Last Summer
B2: Willow Road
Royale USAEP314EP0 

Appears On

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Dealer's Preview

Georgia Gibbs

A1: Great Balls Of Fire
A2: I Miss You

Benny Martin

A3: Do Me A Favor
A4: Hoebe Snow

Tony Martin

A5: Carioca
A6: Souvenir D'Italie

The New Glenn Miller Orchestra

B1: So Sweet
B2: Man On The Street

Henri René

B3: A Whistlin' Kind Of Tune
B4: Wild Is The Wind

Sammy Salva

B5: Julie
B6: Say Yeah
RCA Victor USASDS-57-47EP0 

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