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Giorgio Moroder - Discography

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  Germany  41
  UK  37
  USA  32
  Netherlands  18
  Italy  13
  France  11
  Australia  8
  Spain  7
  Brazil  6
  South Africa  6
  Canada  5
  Mexico  5
  Japan  4
  Denmark  3
More Countries (36 Total)All Records  229
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George [Giorgio Moroder]

A: Stop
B: Believe In Me
Det ItalyDIP 00619667"0 
George [Giorgio Moroder]

A: Yummy Yummy Yummy
B: Make Me Your Baby
Miura ItalyPON NP 4007819687"0 
George [Giorgio Moroder]

A: Luky Luky
B: Senza Te, Senza Me
First ItalyFR 500619697"0 
George [Giorgio Moroder]

A: Monja
B: Raggi Di Sole
Miura ItalyPON NP 4008519697"0 
George [Giorgio Moroder]

A: Mony Mony
B: Tempo D'Amore
Miura ItalyPON NP 4008719697"0 
George [Giorgio Moroder]

A: Lina Con La Luna
B: Risi E Bisi
First ItalyFR 501819707"0 

A: Tu Sei Mio Padre
B: Non Ci Sto
Ricordi International ItalySIR-HS 20.16419727"18.0

A: Heaven Helps The Man (Who Helps Himself)
B: Sandy
Philips Italy6000 11919737"0 

A: Let The Music Play
B: Oh L'Amour
Durium Marche Estere ItalyDE.291919777"0 

A: Call Me

Giorgio Moroder

B: Call Me [Instrumental]
Chrysalis Italy6155 28519807"0 
David Bowie

A: Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

Giorgio Moroder

B: Paul's Theme (Jogging Chase)
MCA ItalyMCAN 5202419827"0 
Freddie Mercury

A: Love Kills

Giorgio Moroder

B: Rottwang's Party (Robot Dance)
CBS ItalyCBS A 473519847"2 

A: Take My Breath Away

Giorgio Moroder (Featuring Joe Pizzulo)

B: Radar Radio
CBS ItalyA 732019867"0 

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