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Gisele MacKenzie - Discography

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  USA  19
  Australia  4
  Germany  1
  UK  1
All Records  25
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Gisele MacKenzie

A: J'Attendrai (I'll Be Yours)
B: My Greatest Love
Capitol USAF176819517"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: Le Fiacre
B: Tuh Pocket Tuh Pocket (Mississippi River Boat)
Capitol USAF190719517"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
B: My Favorite Song
Capitol USAF2256Oct 19527"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: I'd Rather Die Young (Than Grow Old Without You)
B: I Didn't Want To Love You
Capitol USAF250119537"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: A Walkin' Tune (Hot Point)
B: Embrasse (Hold Me Close)
Capitol USAF260019537"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: Adios
B: Darlin', You Can't Love Two
Capitol USAF2156Jul 19537"1 
Gisele Mac Kenzie

A: El Relicario (Shrine Of Love)
B: The One Who Broke My Heart Is Back In Town
Capitol USAF282719547"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: Hard To Get
B: Boston Fancy
X USA4X-0137May 19557"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: Pepper-Hot Baby
B: That's The Chance I've Got To Take
X USA4X-0172Nov 19557"2 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: Reserved

Gisele MacKenzie And Billy Quinn

B: The Little Child
Vik USA4X-018919567"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: He Knows
B: Or Don't You Know?
Vik USA4X-024919567"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A1: Everytime We Say Goodbye
A2: Beyond The Sea
B1: These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You
B2: On Top Of The World Alone
Vik USAEXA 1791956EP0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A1: Do You Ever Think Of Me
A2: You Are My Lucky Star
B1: You're My Everything
B2: Don't Worry About Me
Vik USAEXA 1801956EP0 
Gisele MacKenzie

Gisele MacKenzie Vol 3

A1: Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
A2: Tiptoe Through The Tulips
B1: Swinging Down The Lane
B2: At Sundown
Vik USAEXA-1811956EP0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: The Star You Wished Upon Last Night
B: It's Delightful To Be Married
Vik USA4X-0233Oct 19567"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: Too Fat For The Chimney
B: Jingle Bells
Vik USA4X-0300Nov 19577"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: Lover's Lullaby
B: By Myself
Mercury USA72113Apr 19637"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

A: The Working Song
B: You'll Go To The Ball
Cricket USAC-1447"0 
Gisele MacKenzie

Songs Of "Babar"

A: Did You Ever Lose An Elephant
B: The Big Grey Elephant Team
Cricket USAC-1597"0 

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