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Glenda Collins - Discography

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Glenda Collins

A: Take A Chance
B: Crazy Guy
Decca UKF 11280Oct 19607"37.5
Glenda Collins

A: Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
B: The Age For Love
Decca UKF 11321Feb 19617"0 
Glenda Collins

A: Find Another Fool
B: Head Over Heels In Love
Decca UKF 11417Dec 19617"1 
Glenda Collins

A: I Lost My Heart In The Fairground
B: Feel So Good
His Master's Voice UKPOP 116317 May 19637"410.0
Glenda Collins

A: If You've Got To Pick A Baby
B: In The First Place
His Master's Voice UKPOP 1233Nov 19637"29.0
Glenda Collins

A: Baby It Hurts
B: Nice Wasn't It
His Master's Voice UKPOP 1283Apr 19647"310.0
Glenda Collins

A: Lollipop
B: Everybody's Gotta Fall In Love
His Master's Voice UKPOP 1323Jul 19647"39.5
Glenda Collins

A: Johnny Loves Me
B: Paradise For Two
His Master's Voice UKPOP 1439Jul 19657"28.0
Glenda Collins

A: Thou Shalt Not Steal
B: Been Invited To A Party
His Master's Voice UKPOP 1475Sep 19657"18.5
Glenda Collins

A: Something I've Got To Tell You
B: My Heart Didn't Lie
Pye UK7N 17044Feb 19667"49.2
Glenda Collins

A: It's Hard To Believe It
B: Don't Let It Rain On Sunday
Pye UK7N 17150Jul 19667"38.8

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