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Gordon Lightfoot - Discography

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  USA  61
  Canada  35
  UK  27
  Australia  15
  Germany  10
  New Zealand  7
  Netherlands  6
  Japan  5
  Portugal  4
  Brazil  3
  France  3
  Ireland  2
  Spain  2
  Italy  1
  South Africa  1
  Thailand  1
All Records  183
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Gord Lightfoot

A: (Remember Me) I'm The One
B: Daisy Doo
Chateau CanadaC-142May 19627"1 
Gord Lightfoot

A: Negotiations
B: It's Too Late, He Wins
Chateau CanadaC-148Oct 19627"1 
Gord Lightfoot

A: I'll Meet You In Michoacan
B: Is My Baby Blue Tonight?
Chateau CanadaC-152Mar 19637"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: I'm Not Sayin'
B: For Lovin' Me
Warner Bros. Canada5621Apr 19657"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
B: Ribbon Of Darkness
United Artists CanadaUA 929Sep 19657"3 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Spin, Spin
B: For Lovin' Me
United Artists CanadaUA 50055Sep 19667"7 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Go Go Round
B: I'll Be Alright
United Artists CanadaUA 50114Dec 19667"0 
Movin' / Allons-Y!

Gordon Lightfoot

A1: Movin'
A2: Talkin' Freight
A3: Steel Rail Blues

Jean-Pierre Ferland

B1: Avant De M'Assagir
B2: Allons-Y
Peterson Custom Record Productions CanadaPRC 50001967Promo Only 7"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: The Way I Feel
B: Peaceful Waters
United Artists CanadaUA 50152Mar 19677"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Black Day In July
B: Pussywillows, Cat-Tails
United Artists CanadaUA 50281Mar 19687"37.0
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Bitter Green
B: Does Your Mother Know
United Artists CanadaUA 50447Oct 19687"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: This Is My Song
B: Sleep Little Jane
AME Canada10219697"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Me And Bobby McGee
B: The Pony Man
Reprise Canada0926Jul 19707"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: If You Could Read My Mind
B: Poor Little Allison
Reprise Canada0974Nov 19707"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: If I Could
B: Softly
United Artists CanadaUA 50765Mar 19717"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Talking In Your Sleep
B: Nous Vivons Ensemble
Reprise CanadaR 1020Jun 19717"1 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Beautiful
B: Don Quixote
Reprise CanadaREP 1088May 19727"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: You Are What I Am
B: That Same Old Obsession
Reprise CanadaREP 1128Nov 19727"1 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Gypsy Davy
B: Week On The Rag
Reprise CanadaREP 1158Apr 19737"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Sundown
B: Too Late For Prayin'
Reprise CanadaREP 1194Feb 19747"010.0
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Carefree Highway
B: Seven Island Suite
Reprise CanadaREP 1309Aug 19747"1 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Rainy Day People
B: Cherokee Bend
Reprise CanadaREP 1328Mar 19757"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
B: The House You Live In
Reprise CanadaREP 1369Aug 19767"3 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: The Circle Is Small
B: Sweet Guinevere
Warner Bros. CanadaWBS 8518Jan 19787"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Daylight Katy
B: Hangdog Hotel Room
Warner Bros. CanadaWBS 8579May 19787"09.0
Gordon Lightfoot

A: If You Need Me
B: Make Way For The Lady
Warner Bros. CanadaFWB 28819807"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Dream Street Rose
B: Make Way For The Lady
Warner Bros. CanadaWBS 49230May 19807"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Shadows [Stereo]
B: Shadows [Mono]
Warner Bros. CanadaPRO-99637Nov 1982Promo Only 7"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: East Of Midnight
B: I'll Tag Along
Warner Bros. Canada92-8422719867"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Spin Spin
B: Go Go Round
United Artists CanadaG 215137"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: If You Could Read My Mind
B: Summer Side Of Life
Reprise Gold Standard CanadaGS 451467"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Sundown
B: Carefree Highway
Reprise Gold Standard CanadaGS 451477"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
B: Race Among The Ruins
Reprise Gold Standard CanadaGS 451487"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: If You Could Read My Mind
B: Me And Bobby McGee
Reprise Back To Back Hits CanadaREP 07447"0 
Gordon Lightfoot

A: Spin, Spin
B: Just Like Tom Thumb's Blue's
Underground CanadaURC 10587"2 

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