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Hazel O'Connor - Discography

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  UK  21
  Germany  3
  Ireland  3
  France  2
  Netherlands  2
  Italy  1
  Norway  1
  South Africa  1
All Records  34
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Hazel O'Conner

A: Ee I Adio
B: Time Is Free
Albion UKDEL 226 Oct 19797"0 
Hazel O'Connor

A: Writing On The Wall
B: Big Brother
A&M UKAMS 7530Jun 19807"0 
Hazel O'Connor

A: Eighth Day
B: Monsters In Disguise
A&M UKAMS 7553Aug 19807"09.0
Hazel O'Connor

A: Give Me An Inch
B: If Only
A&M UKAMS 7569Oct 19807"2 
Hazel O'Connor

A: Time
B: Ain't It Funny
Albion UKION 1006Dec 19807"0 
Hazel O'Connor

A: Megahype Interview
Lyntone UKLYN 102831981Flexi1 
Hazel O'Connor

A: D-Days
B: Time Is Free
Albion UKION 1009Mar 19817"07.3
Hazel O'Connor

A: Will You?
B: Sons And Lovers
A&M UKAMS 8131May 19817"58.5
Hazel O'Connor

A1: Men Of Good Fortune
A2: D. Days (New Version)
Flexipop UKFLEXIPOP 009Jul 1981Flexi2 
Hazel O'Connor

A: (Cover Plus) We're All Grown Up
B: White Room
Albion UKION 1018Jul 19817"08.5
Hazel O'Connor

A1: Hanging Around
B1: Hold On
B2: Not For You
Albion UKION 1022Sep 19817"1 
Hazel O'Connor

A1: Calls The Tune
B1: Eighth Day (Live)
B2: Give Me An Inch (Live)
A&M UKAMS 8203Jan 19827"0 
Ennal's Point - Theme From The BBC TV Series: An Extract From Will You By Hazel O'Connor

Hazel O'Connor

A: Ennal's Point (An Extract From Will You)

The Mike Townend Band

B: Dawn Light
BBC UKRESL 109Jan 19827"0 
Hazel O'Connor

A: That's Life
B: Waiting
Albion UKION 1032Apr 19827"0 
Hazel O'Connor

A: Don't Touch Me
B: Bring It On Home To Me
RCA UKRCA 387Feb 19847"0 
Hazel O'Connor

A: Don't Touch Me
B: Bring It On Home To Me
RCA UKRCA P 387Feb 1984Picture Disc0 
Hazel O'Connor

A: Just Good Friends
B: Fire Away
RCA UKRCA 422Jun 19847"0 
A Single For Greenpeace

Hazel O'Connor And Chris Thompson

A: Push And Shove

Transparency With Dylan And Wesley

B: Safe
Greenpeace UKFIND 119857"0 
Hazel O'Connor

A: Today Could Be So Good
B: We Tried
Red Bus UKRBUS 2209Mar 19867"1 
Hazel O'Connor And The Arts Freedom Singers

A: Fighting Back

Hazel O'Connor

B: Reach
BBC UKRESL 182Jul 19867"1 
Hazel O'Connor

A: Will You
B: Eighth Day
Old Gold UKOG 9544Jun 19887"47.0

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