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Honey Boy - Discography

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Vocals on CT 28 credited as by 90º Inclusive. He is also credited as Sir Collins & The Versatiles on SC08.
  UK  65
  Jamaica  9
  Canada  1
All Records  75
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Honey Boy

A: I Want To Be Loved

Rico Rodriguez

B: Passion Horns
[none] UKPEP 41971Promo Only 7"0 
Honey Boy

A: Let Me In

Rico Rodriguez

B: [no Title Listed]
[none] UKPEP 51971Promo Only 7"0 
Honey Boy

A: Jamaica

The Itals

B: Sea Wave
Trojan UKTR 783517 Sep 19717"0 
Honey Boy

A: Homeward Bound
B: Peace In The Land
Banana UKBA 37519727"0 
New Boy

A: Sweet Talk

J. English

B: One And Only Lover
Count Shelly UKCS 00719737"18.0
Owen Grey

A: Simple

Honey Boy

B: Julie
Count Shelly UKCS 02219737"0 
Honey Boy And Tapper Zuki

A: Feeling High Version

Bush Ranger

B: Ranger At His Workshop
Count Shelly UKCS 03019737"1 
Honey Boy

A: Let's Stay Together
B: I'm A Loser
Cactus UKCT 1319737"0 
Honey Boy

A: Away In A Manger/Jingle Bells


B: Inclusive Rock
Cactus UKCT 1419737"2 
Winston Curtis And 90º Inclusive

A: Didn't You Know

Honey Boy

B: What's Your Name
Cactus UKCT 819737"0 
Honey Boy

A: Sweet Cherrie
B: Impossible Love
Ethnic UKETH 10519737"66.0
Honey Boy

A: Sweet Cherrie
B: Impossible Love
Honey [Reggae] UKETH 10519737"1 
Honey Boy

A: Just Want To Be Loved
B: Got To Come Back
Honey [Reggae] UKHO 00119737"08.0
Sir Collins And The Versatiles

A: Exodus

Collins And Honey Boy

B: Fight Life
Sir Collins Music Wheel UKSCMW 00119737"0 
Honey Boy Collins

A: Better Must Come
B: Lola
Sir Collins Music Wheel UKSCMW 0419737"1 
Honey Boy Collins

A: Let Me In

Gene Rondo

B: I May Fly Away
Sir Collins Music Wheel UKSCMW 0519737"0 
Honey Boy

A: Sweet Cherrie
B: Impossible Love
Cactus UKCT 1623 Dec 19737"3 
Honey Boy

A: Wandering Wandering

Honey Boy / Rickie

B: Sound Call Wondering
Count Shelly UKCS 05119747"0 
Maureen Davis

A: Own True Love

Honey Boy And 90º Inclusive

B: Own Version
Cactus UKCT 2119747"18.0
Honey Boy

A: Most Beautiful Girl In The World
B: Green Green Grass Of Home
Cactus UKCT 2419747"0 
Honey Boy

A: Guitar Man

The All Stars

B: Guitar Man (Version)
Cactus UKCT 4719747"0 
Honey Boy

A: River Of Tears
B: I'm Not Going Down
Honey Boy UKHB 50119747"1 

A: Let's Talk It Over
B: Understanding
Sunbeam UKSB 00819747"1 
Honey Boy

A: Private Number
B: Got To Come Back
Ackee UKACK 53419 Jul 19747"01.0
Honey Boy

A: The End Of The Game
B: It's Not The End
Tropical UKAL 05019757"0 
Honey Boy

A: Is My Love Too Late
B: This Love Version
BB UKBB 00919757"0 
Honey Boy

A: Darlin Come Home

Sir Collins

B: We A Come Dread
B&C Sound UKBC 00219757"1 
Honey Boy

A: Cupid Harrow

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Cupid Rocker
Ethnic Fight UKEF 00419757"0 
Boy Wonder [Honey Boy]

A: Pressure
B: Version
Grounation UKGRO 204319757"0 

A: Everybody Needs Love
B: In The Middle Of The Night
Horse UKHOSS 10919757"0 

A: Let's Have Some Fun
B: 'Cos I Love You
Horse UKHOSS 11019757"0 
Honey Boy

A: The Ten Commandments Of Man


B: The Eleven Commandments Of Woman
Love UKLOVE 002019757"0 
Honey Boy

A: Worried Over You

TW All Stars

B: Worried Version
Penguin UKPEN 419757"1 
Honey Boy

A: In A Game
B: In A Version
Penguin UKPEN 519757"06.0
Boy Wonder [Honey Boy]

A: Pressure
B: Pressure Dub
Ackee UKACK 54620 Jun 19757"0 
Honey Boy

A: Loy's Waist Line
B: Waist Line Rhythm
H.B UK19767"2 
Winston Curtis

A: Private Number

Honey Boy

B: From London With Love
BB UKBB 01219767"0 
Honey Boy

A: Rock Me (It's So Easy)
B: Rock Me (Part 2)
Diamond [Reggae] UKDM 40119767"1 
Honey Boy

A: My Little Baby

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Dubbing My Baby
Ethnic Fight UKEF 05819767"0 
Honey Boy And Winston Curtis

A: Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It

Johnny Mahoney

B: Clasicalitainious
Empire [Reggae] UKEMP 90119767"0 
Honeyboy And Winston Curtis

A: Let It Be Me

Pajet, Hugh And Larry

B: Let It Be Version
Jamatel UKJAL 1419767"0 

A: Loy's Waist Line
B: Steady Rhythem
Penguin UKPEN 0919767"0 

A: Then I Kissed Her

Third World All Star

B: Version
Penguin UKPEN 1319767"0 
Ulett And Honey Boy

A: Come To Me

R. Williams And Honey Boy

B: Ronnie Bop Meets Honey Boy
Third World UKTW 03819767"0 
Carrie Haughton

A: Rock Me

Honeyboy And Friends

B: Rockers Dub
Cactus UKCT 875 Mar 19767"0 

A: Happiness Comes
B: Straight To Producers Brain Box
Cactus UKCT 8812 Mar 19767"0 
Rikki [Reggae]

A: Rebelize Something

Honeyboy And Friends

B: Decibel Studio Sound
Cactus UKCT 8919 Mar 19767"0 
Honey Boy

A: So Much Love
B: Too Much Love
BB UKBB 001919777"0 
Honey Boy

A: River Of Tears
B: Version
BB UKBB 002619777"0 
Honey Boy

A: Dearest (I Love You)
B: Who Baby
Diamond [Reggae] UKDM 40219777"0 

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