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Hoyt Axton - Discography

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  USA  33
  UK  11
  Germany  8
  Canada  4
  Australia  2
  France  1
  Netherlands  1
  New Zealand  1
All Records  61
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Hoyt Axton

A: Greenback Dollar
B: Crawdad Song
Horizon [World Pacific] USAX-351Sep 19627"09.0
Hoyt Axton With The Chambers Brothers

A: Greenback Dollar
B: One More Round
Horizon [World Pacific] USAB-362Dec 19627"8 
Hoyt Axton

A: Grizzly Bear
B: Gypsy Woman
Horizon [Dist. Vee Jay] USA2Sep 19637"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: L.A. Town
B: Double Double Dare
Vee Jay USAVJ 604Jul 19647"1 
Hoyt Axton

A: Bring Your Lovin'
B: Tiger In The Closet
Vee Jay USAVJ 619Sep 19647"2 
Hoyt Axton

A: Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
B: After You've Gone
Vee Jay USAVJ-659Feb 19657"1 
Hoyt Axton

A: Smoky
B: Five Dollar Bill
20th Century-Fox USA45-664819667"27.0
Hoyt Axton

A: Speed-Trap (I'm The Cop In A Little Bitty Town)
B: Soldiers Last Letter
Colpix USACP-802Mar 19667"2 
Hoyt Axton

A: San Fernando
B: Ten Thousand Sunsets
Colgems USA66-1005Aug 19677"18.0
Hoyt Axton

A: It's All Right Now
B: Way Before The Time Of Towns
Columbia USA4-4485029 Apr 19697"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Have A Nice Day
B: Alice In Wonderland
Capitol USA312119717"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Ease Your Pain
B: California Women
Capitol USA316719717"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Less Than The Song
B: Sweet Misery
A&M USA1437-SMay 19737"1 
Hoyt Axton

A: When The Morning Comes
B: Billie's Theme
A&M USA1497-SFeb 19747"310.0
Hoyt Axton

A: Boney Fingers
B: Life Machine
A&M USA1607-SJul 19747"3 
Hoyt Axton

A: Nashville
B: Speed Trap
A&M USA1657-SJan 19757"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Lion In The Winter [Mono]
B: Lion In The Winter [Stereo]
A&M USA1683Apr 1975Promo Only 7"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Lion In The Winter
B: No No Song
A&M USA1683-SApr 19757"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Southbound [Mono]
B: Southbound [Stereo]
A&M USA1713Jun 1975Promo Only 7"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Southbound
B: In A Young Girls Mind
A&M USA1713-SJun 19757"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Evangelina
B: Jealous Man
A&M USA1864-S19767"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Flash Of Fire [Mono]
B: Flash Of Fire [Stereo]
A&M USA1811Apr 1976Promo Only 7"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Flash Of Fire
B: Paid In Advance
A&M USA1811-SApr 19767"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Never Been To Spain
B: You're The Hangnail In My Life
MCA USAMCA-40711Mar 19777"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Della And The Dealer
B: In A Young Girls Mind
Jeremiah USAJEREMIAH 1000Apr 19797"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: A Rusty Old Halo
B: Gotta Keep Rollin'
Jeremiah USAJH-1001Aug 19797"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Wild Bull Rider
B: Torpedo
Jeremiah USA1003Dec 19797"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Boozers Are Losers (When Benders Don't End)
B: Politicians
Jeremiah USAJH 1006Jun 19807"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: Where Did The Money Go
B: Smile As You Go By
Jeremiah USAJH 1008Sep 19807"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: (We've Got To) Win This One
B: (We've Got To) Win This One
Jeremiah USA10121981Promo Only 7"05.0
Hoyt Axton

A: Flo's Yellow Rose
B: Lion In The Winter
Elektra USAE-47133Apr 19817"27.0
Hoyt Axton

A: Billie's Theme
B: Boney Fingers
A&M Forget Me Nots USA8584-S7"0 
Hoyt Axton

A: When The Morning Comes
B: Flash Of Fire
A&M Forget Me Nots USA8597-S7"0 

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