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I Roy - Discography

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  UK  60
  Jamaica  53
  USA  10
  Canada  1
All Records  124
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I. Roy And Dennis Walks

A: Drifter

Jo Jo Bennet All Stars

B: Snowbird
Moodisc UKHM 10419717"18.0
I. Roy

A: Musical Pleasure

Jo Jo Bennett

B: Hot Pop
Moodisc UKMU 350919717"0 
I. Roy And Dennis Walks

A: Heart Don't Leap

Dennis Walks And Mudies All Stars

B: Snow Bird
Moodisc UKMU 351019717"1 
I Roy And The Ebony Sisters

A: Let Me Tell You Boy

Mudie's All Stars

B: Let Me Tell You Boy (Version)
Moodisc UKMU 351219717"18.0
I Roy & Heptones

A: Mood For Love

Now Generation

B: Love Version
Ashanti UKASH 41219727"1 
Soul Rebels [Reggae]

A: I'm The One Who Loves You

I Roy

B: War Zone
Count Shelly UKCS 00319727"0 
I. Roy And The Jumpers

A: Hot Bomb

The Jumpers

B: The Bomb
Green Door UKGD 403019727"29.5
I Roy

A: Make Love

The Stags

B: Tic Toc Bill
Green Door UKGD 404419727"0 
I Roy And Ken Parker

A: Great, Great, Great

Rupie's All Stars

B: Great, Great, Great (Version)
Ackee UKACK 50319737"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Never Give Up

I. Roy

B: Problem Of Life
Count Shelly UKCS 02419737"0 
I. Roy

A: Don't Get Weary - Joe Frazier
B: Don't Get Weary
Dip UKDL 500619737"1 
I. Roy

A: Clappers Tail
B: Live And Learn
Downtown UKDT 51919737"0 
I. Roy

A: Cow Town Skank

Augustos Pablo

B: Version
Pama UKPM 85419737"0 
I. Roy

A: Tip From The Prince

Young Dellinger

B: Fat Beef Skank
Pyramid UKPYR 700119737"1 
I. Roy

A: Magnificent Seven
B: Leggo Beast
Smash UKSMA 233719737"0 
I. Roy

A: Pauper And The King

Gregory Isaacs

B: Loving Pauper
Techniques UKTE 92619737"0 
I Roy

A: Space Flight

Jerry Lewis [Reggae]

B: Burning Wire
Attack UKATT 805013 Apr 19737"0 
I Roy

A: Black Man Time
B: High Jacking
Downtown UKDT 50313 Apr 19737"010.0
I Roy

A: Sound Education

Augustus Pablo

B: Cinderella-in-Black
Ackee UKACK 5104 May 19737"0 
I. Roy

A: Rose Of Sheron
B: Slip Out
Smash UKSMA 23381 Jun 19737"010.0
I. Roy

A: Buck And The Preacher

Pete Weston's All Stars

B: Buck And The Preacher (Version)
Ackee UKACK 51810 Aug 19737"1 
I. Roy

A: Musical Drum Sound

Now Generation

B: Musical Drum Sound - (Version)
Harry J UKHJ 665512 Oct 19737"1 
Keith Hudson And I. Roy

A: Silver Platter

Keith Hudson

B: Jean You Change Everything
Randy's UKRAN 53419 Oct 19737"07.0
I. Roy

A: Monkey Fashion
B: Medley Mood
Techniques UKTE 93019 Oct 19737"06.0
I. Roy

A: Orthodox Rock

Bongo Herman

B: Orthodox Drums
Cactus UKCT 2619747"1 
I. Roy

A: Yaha Ma Ride

Sweet Harmony

B: Mexican Rocking
Atra UKATRA 0174 Jan 19747"0 
I. Roy

A: Step Right Up

Andy's All Stars

B: Banjo Serenade
Bullet UKBU 55219757"3 
I. Roy

A: Rootes Man
B: Rootes Dub
Love UKLOV 001119757"0 
I. Roy

A: Welding
B: Version
Love UKLOV 00419757"110.0
I. Roy

A: Forward Yah

Matador All Star Band

B: Speak Easy
Love UKLOV 00819757"0 
I. Roy

A: No Money

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Soferno B UKSOF 00119757"3 
I Roy

A: Jazzbo Have Fe Run
B: Version
Student UKSTU 100119757"0 
I Roy

A: Mr.Benwood Dick

Lenox Brown

B: Mad·Mad·Horn
Third World UKTW 1519757"1 
I Roy

A: Outformer Parker
B: Knatty Down There
Attack UKATT 810225 Apr 19757"3 
I. Roy

A: Welding
B: Version
Philips UK6006 4795 Sep 19757"0 
I. Roy

A: War And Friction


B: Franco Nero
Caribbean UKCBN 30519767"0 
I. Roy

A: I Man Time
B: Version
Lucky UKDL 509819767"0 
I. Roy

A: Padlock
B: Lock And Key Version
Dip UKDL 510719767"0 
I Roy

A: Time Bomb

We The People Band

B: Time
Fay Music Inc UKFM 01419767"0 
I Roy

A: Forward I Man Back A Yard
B: Version
Fay Music Inc UKFM 60919767"0 
I. Roy

A: Who Is The One
B: Mind Your Business
Lucky UKLY 600619767"0 
I Roy - Jackie Brown

A: The Black Bullet

Jackie Brown All Star

B: A Black Version
Morpheus UKMOR 101319767"0 
I. Roy

A: Tea Pot
B: Tea Cup
Nationwide UKNW 00519767"18.0
I Roy

A: Roots Man

Sir Niney

B: Observer Mix Version
ATA UKATA 100519777"0 
Big Joe

A: Natty Love

I. Roy

B: Musical Air Raid
Chanan - Jah UKCJ 100319777"0 
Johnie Clarke

A: Leave Babylon

I Roy

B: Rasta Pickney
Justice UKJUS01019777"0 
I Roy

A: I Am The Toughist

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Justice UKJUS 10719777"0 
I Roy

A: Dub It In The Morning

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Justice UKJUS 10819777"0 
Johnie Clarke

A: One Love

I Roy

B: Super Gas
Justice UKJUS10919777"0 
I Roy

A: Point Blank
B: Rasta Pickney
Third World UKTW 6319777"0 

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