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Jack Barlow - Discography

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Jack Barlow

A: Walk With Me Baby
B: Where There's A Will, There's A Way
Dollie USADR-337119607"1 
Jack Barlow

A: Step Down
B: House Of Stone
Soma USA1175Apr 19627"0 
Jack Barlow

A: I'll Cry My Tears Today
B: I've Been Kicked Around By Experts
Hit-Tone USA050119647"0 
Jack Barlow

A: 49/51
B: After All
Soma USA1420Nov 19647"0 
Jack Barlow

A: I Love Country Music
B: Number One In The Nation
Dial USA45-4012Jul 19657"0 
Jack Barlow

A: Dear Ma
B: I Love Her Still
Dial USA45-4024Jan 19667"0 
Jack Barlow

A: Baby Ain't That Love
B: It Ain't No Big Thing
Dot USA45-17139Sep 19687"0 
Jack Barlow

A: Birmingham Blues
B: Papa Don't Give Me No Love
Dot USA45-17212Mar 19697"0 
Jack Barlow

A: Pauline
B: Singing Country Soul
Dot USA45-17287Aug 19697"1 
Jack Barlow

A: Nobody Wants To Hear It Like It Is
B: No Time For Roses
Dot USA45-17317Nov 19697"0 
Jack Barlow

A: Child Bride
B: A Little Friendly Advice
Dot USA45-17343Apr 19707"0 
Jack Barlow

A: Dayton Ohio
B: Where There Ain't No Fools
Dot USADOA-17366Dec 19707"0 
Jack Barlow

A: You Make My World (A Better Place To Love)
B: Somewhere In Texas
Dot USADOA-1738119717"0 
Jack Barlow

A: Catch The Wind
B: Catch The Wind
Dot USADOA-17396Oct 1971Promo Only 7"0 
Jack Barlow

A: Catch The Wind
B: Tonight I'm Wanting You Again
Dot USADOA-17396Oct 19717"0 
Jack Barlow

A: They Call The Wind Maria
B: It's A Long Way Back To Georgia
Dot USADOA-17414Apr 19727"0 
Jack Barlow

A: Baby Don't You Cry None
B: You've Still Got A Hold On Me (And I Can't Let Go)
Dot USADOA-17433Sep 19727"1 
Jack Barlow

A: That's Enough
B: How Much Love Will It Take
Dot USADOA-1744619737"0 
Jack Barlow

A: Oh Woman
B: Wake Up Anna
Dot USADOA-17468Jul 19737"2 
Jack Barlow

A: The Mighty Man
B: I Don't Understand
Antique USAIRDA 20419757"0 
Zoot Fenster

A: The Man On Page 602
B: Vinegar In My Wine
Antique USAIRDA 106Oct 19757"54.0
Zoot Fenster

A: Old Blue Is Dead
B: Big John The Peepin' Tom
Antique USAIRDA 20319767"0 
Zoot Fenster

A: Who Wrote That Word
B: The Funny Fight
Antique USAANT 237"0 

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