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Jack Jones - Discography

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  USA  54
  UK  48
  Australia  14
  Germany  6
  New Zealand  3
  Denmark  2
  Netherlands  2
  Canada  1
  France  1
  Italy  1
  South Africa  1
All Records  133
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Jack Jones

A: Come On Baby Let's Go
B: You Laugh
Capitol USAF399119587"0 
Jack Jones

A: Make Room For The Joy
B: When I Love I'll Love Forever
Capitol USAF416119597"310.0
Jack Jones

A: Lonesome Old Town
B: A Lot Of Livin' To Do
Kapp USAK-341Jul 19607"0 
Jack Jones

Lollipops And Roses

A1: This Was My Love
A2: Love Letters
B1: Lollipops And Roses
B2: There Will Never Be Another You
Kapp USAKBS 957/KS 32591961EP0 
Jack Jones

A: Lollipops And Roses
B: Julie
Kapp USAK-435XNov 19617"1 
Jack Jones

A: Lollipops And Roses
B: This Was My Love
Kapp USAK-435XNov 19617"0 
Jack Jones

A: Lollipops And Roses
Kapp - CP (Corn Products) USA19627"0 
Jack Jones

A: Gift Of Love
B: Pick Up The Pieces
Kapp USAK-461 XMay 19627"010.0
Jack Jones

A: Poetry
B: Dreamin' All The Time
Kapp USAK-477Jul 19627"0 
Jack Jones

A: I've Got My Pride
B: That's Her Little Way
Kapp USAK-495XOct 19627"0 
Jack Jones

Preview From The Forthcoming Jack Jones LP "She Loves Me"

A: She Loves Me
B: Real Live Girl
Kapp USAAS-9331963Promo Only 7"3 
Jack Jones

A: The Lonely Bull
B: La Paloma
Kapp USAK-507XJan 19637"0 
Jack Jones

It's "Happening" & It's On Kapp

A: Call Me Irresponsible
B: Love Song From "Mutiny On The Bounty" (Follow Me)
Kapp USAK-516XMar 19637"0 
Jack Jones

A: Love Is A Ticklish Affair
B: That's The Way I'll Come To You
Kapp USAK-534XJun 19637"0 
Jack Jones

A: Wives And Lovers
B: Toys In The Attic
Kapp USAK-551Sep 19637"010.0
Jack Jones

A: Lullaby For Christmas Eve
B: The Village Of St. Bernadette
Kapp USAK-62919647"0 
Jack Jones

A: Love With The Proper Stranger
B: The Mood I'm In
Kapp USAK-571Jan 19647"0 
Jack Jones

A: The First Night Of The Full Moon
B: Far Away
Kapp USAK-589May 19647"1 
Jack Jones

A: Where Love Has Gone
B: The Loreiei
Kapp USAK-608Aug 19647"0 
Jack Jones

A: Dear Heart
B: Emily
Kapp USAK-635Dec 19647"0 
Jack Jones

Jack Jones Sings Dear Heart The Title Song From The New Warner Bros. Picture Which Could Be An Academy Award Winner

A: Dear Heart
B: Emily
Kapp USAK-6351965Promo Only 7"3 
Jack Jones

A: The Race Is On
B: I Can't Believe I'm Losing You
Kapp USAK-651Feb 19657"0 
Jack Jones

A: Seein' The Right Love Go Wrong
B: Travelin' On
Kapp USAK-672May 19657"09.0
Jack Jones

A: Just Yesterday
B: The True Picture
Kapp USAK-699Sep 19657"0 
Jack Jones

A: Love Bug
B: And I Love Her
Kapp USAK-722Nov 19657"0 
Jack Jones

A: The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
B: My Best Girl
Kapp Winners Circle Series USAKJB-6019667"2 
Jack Jones

A: Alfie
B: All Or Nothing At All
Kapp Winners Circle Series USAKJB-6119667"0 
Jack Jones

A: The Weekend
B: Wildflower
Kapp USAK-736Feb 19667"0 
Jack Jones

A: The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
B: Strangers In The Night
Kapp USAK-755May 19667"0 
Jack Jones

A: A Day In The Life Of A Fool (Manha De Carnival)
B: The Shining Sea
Kapp USAK-781Sep 19667"0 
Jack Jones

A: Lady
B: Afraid To Love
Kapp USAK-800Jan 19677"08.5
Jack Jones

A: I'm Indestructable
B: Afterthoughts
Kapp USAK-818Apr 19677"0 
Jack Jones

A: Now I Know
B: More And More
Kapp USAK-833May 19677"1 
Jack Jones

A: Open For Business As Usual
B: The Mood I'm In
Kapp USAK-860Oct 19677"0 
Jack Jones

A: Live For Life
B: That Tiny World
RCA Victor USA47-9365Nov 19677"0 
Jack Jones

A: Don't Give Your Love Away
B: Oh How Much I Love You (Dio Come Ti Amo)
Kapp USAK-880Dec 19677"0 
Jack Jones

A: L. A. Break Down (And Take Me In)
B: Love Story
RCA Victor USA47-968719687"0 
Jack Jones

A: If You Ever Leave Me
B: Pretty
RCA Victor USA47-9441Feb 19687"0 
Jack Jones

A: Follow Me
B: Without Her
RCA Victor USA47-9510Apr 19687"17.0
Jack Jones

A: I Really Want To Know You
B: This World Is Yours
RCA Victor USA47-9564Jun 19687"0 
Jack Jones

A: On My Word
B: The Way That I Live
RCA Victor USA47-9639Sep 19687"0 
Jack Jones

A: Far Away
B: Far Away
Kapp USAK 964Dec 1968Promo Only 7"0 
Jack Jones

A: Mathilda [Mono]
B: Mathilda [Stereo]
Kapp USAK-2022Jun 1969Promo Only 7"0 
Jack Jones

A: It Only Takes A Moment
B: Once Upon A Time
Kapp USAK-2063Nov 19697"0 
Jack Jones

A: Sweet Changes
B: I Wish We'd All Been Ready
RCA Victor USA74-0350May 19707"0 
Jack Jones

A: What Have They Done To The Moon
B: The Kind Of Girl She Is
RCA Victor USA74-05736 Nov 19717"0 
Jack Jones

A: Games Of Magic
B: Coming Apart
RCA Victor USA74-073419727"0 
Jack Jones

A: The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
B: Strangers In The Night
MCA USAMCA-6004919737"0 
Jack Jones

A: Fools In Love
B: Do Me Wrong, But Do Me
RCA Victor USAAPBO-022019747"0 
Jack Jones

A: With One More Look At You
B: Try It Again
RCA USAPB-1095519777"0 

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