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Jack Scott - Discography

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  USA  63
  UK  23
  Australia  15
  Canada  14
  New Zealand  10
  Germany  6
  Norway  6
  France  5
  Italy  3
  Denmark  2
  Spain  2
  Japan  1
  Netherlands  1
  Sweden  1
  Unknown Country  1
All Records  153
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Jack Scott

A: Leroy
B: My True Love
London Australia45-HL-1367Jul 19587"0 
Jack Scott

A: Geraldine
B: With Your Love
London Australia45-HL-1453Nov 19587"0 
Jack Scott

A: Save My Soul
B: Goodbye Baby
London Australia45-HL-148319597"0 
Jack Scott

A: Midgie
B: The Way I Walk
London Australia45-HL-156419597"0 
Jack Scott

A: What In The World's Come Over You
B: Baby Baby
Festival AustraliaFK-313219607"110.0
Jack Scott

A: It Only Happened Yesterday
B: Cool Water
Top Rank AustraliaTRS-152719607"0 
Jack Scott

A: Oh, Little One
B: Burning Bridges
Top Rank AustraliaTRS-153619607"0 
Jack Scott

A: A Little Feeling [Called Love]
B: Now That I
Capitol AustraliaCP-144219617"010.0
Jack Scott

A: My Dream Come True
B: Strange Desire
Capitol AustraliaCP-145019617"0 
Jack Scott

A: Patsy
B: Old-Time Religion
Top Rank AustraliaTRS-160619617"0 
Jack Scott

A: Is There Something On Your Mind
B: Found A Woman
Top Rank AustraliaTRS-161919617"0 
Jack Scott

Jack Scott's Big Four

A1: Patsy
A2: What In The World's Come Over You
B1: Burning Bridges
B2: Cool Water
Top Rank AustraliaTRX-45171961EP0 
Jack Scott

A: Steps 1 And 2
B: One Of These Days
Capitol AustraliaCP-145519627"0 
Jack Scott

A: Laugh And The World Laughs With You
B: Strangers
Capitol AustraliaCP-151319637"0 
Jack Scott

A: Meo Myo
B: All I See Is Blue
Capitol AustraliaCP-152919637"0 

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