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Jackie Wilson - Discography

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  USA  109
  UK  59
  Germany  39
  Australia  31
  New Zealand  10
  Canada  9
  Spain  9
  France  7
  Netherlands  5
  Uruguay  3
  Italy  2
  Belgium  1
  Denmark  1
  Japan  1
More Countries (20 Total)All Records  292
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Jackie Wilson

A: Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)
B: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
Brunswick USA9-55024Sep 19577"1910.0
Jackie Wilson

A: To Be Loved
B: Come Back To Me
Brunswick USA9-55052Feb 19587"58.0
Jackie Wilson

A: As Long As I Live
B: I'm Wanderin'
Brunswick USA9-55070May 19587"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: Singing A Song
B: We Have Love
Brunswick USA9-55086Aug 19587"1 
Jackie Wilson

A: Lonely Teardrops
B: In The Blue Of The Evening
Brunswick USA9-55105Oct 19587"610.0
Jackie Wilson

A1: To Be Loved
A2: Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)
B1: Danny Boy
B2: As Long As I Live
Brunswick USAEB 710401959EP0 
Jackie Wilson

Jumpin' Jack

A1: Lonely Teardrops
A2: It's Too Bad We Had To Say Goodbye
B1: Someone To Need Me (As I Need You)
B2: The Joke (Is Not On Me)
Brunswick USAEB 710421959EP110.0
Jackie Wilson

That´s Why (I Love You So)

A1: That's Why (I Love You So)
A2: Love Is All
B1: You Better Know It
B2: Each Time (I Love You More)
Brunswick USAEB 710451959EP0 
Jackie Wilson

A: That's Why (I Love You So)
B: Love Is All
Brunswick USA9-55121Mar 19597"3 
Jackie Wilson

A: I'll Be Satisfied
B: Ask
Brunswick USA9-55136May 19597"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: You Better Know It
B: Never Go Away
Brunswick USA9-55149Aug 19597"2 
Jackie Wilson

A: Talk That Talk
B: Only You, Only Me
Brunswick USA9-55165Nov 19597"3 
Jackie Wilson

A: Come On And Love Me Baby
B: It's Been A Long Time
Brunswick USA7-3810919607"0 
Jackie Wilson

Talk That Talk!

A1: Talk That Talk
A2: Ask
B1: I'll Be Satisfied
B2: Wishing Well
Brunswick USAEB 710461960EP0 
Jackie Wilson

A: Night
B: Doggin' Around
Brunswick USA9-55166Mar 19607"59.0
Jackie Wilson

A: A Woman, A Lover, A Friend
B: (You Were made For) All My Love
Brunswick USA9-55167Jun 19607"010.0
Jackie Wilson

A: Alone At Last
B: Am I The Man
Brunswick USA9-55170Sep 19607"28.0
Jackie Wilson

A: My Empty Arms
B: The Tear Of The Year
Brunswick USA9-55201Dec 19607"3 
Jackie Wilson

A: Your One And Only Love
B: Please Tell Me Why
Brunswick USA55208Feb 19617"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: I'm Comin' On Back To You
B: Lonely Life
Brunswick USA55216Jun 19617"2 
Jackie Wilson

A: Years From Now
B: You Don't Know What It Means
Brunswick USA55219Jul 19617"1 
Jackie Wilson

A: The Way I Am
B: My Heart Belongs To Only You
Brunswick USA55220Oct 19617"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: The Greatest Hurt
B: There'll Be No Next Time
Brunswick USA55221Dec 19617"3 
Jackie Wilson

A1: I Just Can't Help It
A2: My Tale Of Woe
B1: Bad News Travels Fast
B2: You Ought To Be Shamed
Brunswick USAEB 711021962EP0 
Jackie Wilson And Linda Hopkins

A: I Found Love
B: There's Nothing Like Love
Brunswick USA55224Mar 19627"1 
Jackie Wilson

A: SIng (And Tell The Blues So Long)
B: Hearts
Brunswick USA55225Mar 19627"1 
Jackie Wilson

A: I Just Can't Help It
B: My Tale Of Woe
Brunswick USA55229Jun 19627"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: Baby, That's All
B: Forever And A Day
Brunswick USA55233Aug 19627"1 
Jackie Wilson

A: What Good Am I Without You?
B: A Girl Named Tamiko
Brunswick USA55236Dec 19627"1 
Jackie Wilson

Baby Workout

A1: Baby Workout
A2: Say You Will
B1: The Kickapoo
B2: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Brunswick USAEB 711031963EP0 
Jackie Wilson And Linda Hopkins

A1: Shake A Hand
A2: When The Saints Go Marching In
B1: Do Lord
B2: Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
Brunswick USAEB 711041963EP09.0
Jackie Wilson

A: Baby Workout
B: I'm Going Crazy (Gotta Get You Off My Mind)
Brunswick USA55239Feb 19637"010.0
Jackie Wilson And Linda Hopkins

A: Shake A Hand
B: Say I Do
Brunswick USA55243May 19637"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: Shake! Shake! Shake!
B: He's A Fool
Brunswick USA55246Jul 19637"4 
Jackie Wilson

A: Baby Get It (And Don't Quit It)
B: The New Breed
Brunswick USA55250Sep 19637"2 
Jackie Wilson

A: Silent Night
B: O Holy Night (Cantique De Noel)
Brunswick USA55254Nov 19637"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: Haunted House
B: I'm Travelin' On
Brunswick USA55260Jan 19647"09.0
Jackie Wilson

A: Call Her Up
B: The Kickapoo
Brunswick USA55263Mar 19647"1 
Jackie Wilson

A: Big Boss Line
B: Be My Girl
Brunswick USA55266May 19647"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: Squeeze Her - Tease Her (But Love Her)
B: Give Me Back My Heart
Brunswick USA55269Jul 19647"010.0
Jackie Wilson

A: She's All Right
B: Watch Out
Brunswick USA55273Sep 19647"0 
Jackie Wilson

Spotlight On Jackie Wilson

A1: Rags To Riches
A2: Lonely Teardrops
A3: You Don't Know Me
B1: Until The Real Thing Comes Along
B2: Pledging My Love
B3: I Apologize
Brunswick USA7-780101965Special Edition 7"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: Danny Boy
B: Soul Time
Brunswick USA55277Jan 19657"19.0
Jackie Wilson And Linda Hopkins

A: Yes Indeed
B: When The Saints Go Marching In
Brunswick USA55278Apr 19657"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: No Pity (In The Naked City)
B: I'm So Lonely
Brunswick USA55280Jun 19657"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: I Believe I'll Love On
B: Lonely Teardrops
Brunswick USA55283Sep 19657"4 
Jackie Wilson

A: 3 Days 1 Hour 30 Minutes
B: I've Got To Get Back (Country Boy)
Brunswick USA55289Jan 19667"18.0
Jackie Wilson

A: Soul Galore
B: Brand New Thing
Brunswick USA55290Feb 19667"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: I Believe
B: Be My Love
Brunswick USA55294May 19667"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: Whispers (Gettin' Louder)
B: The Fairest Of Them All
Brunswick USA55300Aug 19667"39.5

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