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Jane Morgan - Discography

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  USA  54
  UK  34
  Australia  9
  New Zealand  6
  Canada  5
  Germany  3
  Netherlands  2
  Sweden  1
All Records  114
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Jane Morgan

A: Why Are There Things We Can't Explain
B: The Heart You Break May Be Your Own
Kapp USAK-107 XNov 19547"3 
Jane Morgan And The Jones Boys

A: Let's Go Steady
B: Take Care
Kapp USAK-140 XMar 19567"0 
Roger Williams And Jane Morgan

A: Two Different Worlds

Roger Williams

B: Nights In Verona
Kapp USAK-161XSep 19567"0 
Jane Morgan With The Troubadors Plus One

A: It's Been A Long Long Time

Jane Morgan With The Troubadors

B: I'm New At The Game Of Romance
Kapp USAK-200X19577"0 
Jane Morgan


A1: Fascination
A2: It's Not For Me To Say
B1: My Heart Reminds Me (And That Reminds Me)
B2: An Affair To Remember
Kapp USAKE-7471957EP0 
Jane Morgan

A: From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye
B: Come Home, Come Home, Come Home
Kapp USAK-172XJan 19577"1 
Jane Morgan

A: It's Not For Me To Say
B: Around The World
Kapp USAK-185 XJun 19577"0 
Jane Morgan And The Troubadors

A: Fascination

The Troubadors

B: Midnight In Athens
Kapp USAK-191XJul 19577"3 
Jane Morgan

A: Fascination
B: Fascination
Kapp USAK-191XJul 1957Promo Only 7"0 
Jane Morgan And The Troubadors

A: Fascination

The Troubadors

B: Fascination (Whistling Instrumental)
Kapp USAK-191 XAug 19577"4 
Jane Morgan

A: I May Never Pass This Way Again
B: You'll Never Walk Alone
Kapp USAK-236X19587"0 
Jane Morgan

A1: The Day The Rains Came
A2: Volare
B1: It's All In The Game
B2: Everybody Loves A Lover
Kapp USAKE-7581958EP0 
Jane Morgan

A: I've Got Bells On My Heart
B: Only One Love
Kapp USAK-214XMar 19587"1 
Jane Morgan And The Troubadors

A: Enchanted Island
B: Once More, My Love, Once More
Kapp USAK-221XMay 19587"1 
Jane Morgan

A: The Day The Rains Came
B: Le Jour Ou La Pluie Viendra (The Day The Rains Came)
Kapp USAK-235XAug 19587"4 
Jane Morgan

A: If Only I Could Live My Life Again
B: To Love And Be Loved
Kapp USAK-253XNov 19587"08.0
Jane Morgan

A: Love Is Like Champagne (Mon Manège A Moi)
B: To Each His Own
Kapp USAK-264XFeb 19597"0 
Jane Morgan

A: With Open Arms
B: I Can't Begin To Tell You
Kapp USAK-284XJul 19597"210.0
Jane Morgan

A: I'm In Love
B: I'm In Love
Kapp USAK-304XOct 1959Promo Only 7"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Happy Anniversary
B: C'est La Vie, C'est L'amour
Kapp USAK-305XOct 19597"0 
Jane Morgan

A: The Ballad Of Lady Jane (My Love Doesn't Love Me At All)
B: The Bells Of St. Mary's
Kapp USAK-317XJan 19607"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Lord And Master
B: Where's The Boy (I Never Met)
Kapp USAK-351XSep 19607"1 
Jane Morgan

A: Somebody
B: The Angry Sea
Kapp USAK-358XOct 19607"0 
Jane Morgan

A: In Jerusalem [English]
B: In Jerusalem [French]
Kapp USAK-369XJan 19617"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Love Makes The World Go 'Round
B: He Makes Me Feel I'm Lovely
Kapp USAK-390XApr 19617"0 
Jane Morgan

A: It Takes Love
B: Homesick For New England
Kapp USAK-418XAug 19617"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Moon River
B: Blue Hawaii
Kapp USAK-431Oct 19617"0 
Jane Morgan

A: What Now My Love
B: Forever My Love
Kapp USAK-450 XMar 19627"010.0
Jane Morgan

A: Bless 'Em All
B: Does Goodnight Mean Goodbye
Colpix USACP 713Nov 19637"3 
Jane Morgan

A: Dominque
B: Funny World
Colpix USACP-75419647"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Fascination
B: The Day The Rains Came
Kapp Winners Circle Series USAKJB-1419647"1 
Jane Morgan

A: From Russia With Love
B: Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)
Colpix USACP 727Apr 19647"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Once Upon A Summertime
B: C'est Si Bon
Colpix USACP 734Jul 19647"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Oh, How I Lie!
B: After The Fall
Colpix USACP-761Jan 19657"2 
Jane Morgan

A: Walking The Streets In The Rain
B: Maybe
Epic USA5-981925 Jun 19657"1 
Jane Morgan

A: Side By Side
B: Till I Waltz Again With You
Epic USA5-984710 Sep 19657"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Fascination
B: Old Cape Cod
Memory Lane / Epic USA5-2232Oct 19657"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Everyone Come To My Party
B: Little Hands
Epic USA5-988130 Dec 19657"0 
Jane Morgan

Gold Rush!

A: 1-2-3
B: Kiss Away
Epic USA1966Promo Only 7"7 
Jane Morgan

A: I Will Wait For You
B: Love Me True
Epic USA5-1001228 Mar 19667"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Elusive Butterfly
B: Good Lovin'
Epic USA5-1005812 Aug 19667"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Capri C'est Fini)
B: Now And Forever
Epic USA5-101139 Dec 19667"0 
Jane Morgan

A: The Three Bells (The Jimmy Brown Song)
B: I Want To Be With You
Epic USA5-1015914 Apr 19677"0 
Jane Morgan

A: I Promise You
B: Him's A Dope
ABC USA45-11002Nov 19677"1 
Jane Morgan

A: The Marvelous Toy
B: Smile
ABC USA45-11024Dec 19677"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Congratulations, I Guess
B: All Of My Laughter
RCA Victor USA47-9727Feb 19697"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Where Do I Go?
B: Traces
RCA Victor USA74-0194Jun 19697"0 
Jane Morgan

A: He Gives Me Love
B: He's Never Too Busy
RCA Victor USA74-031619707"0 
Jane Morgan

A: A Girl Named Johnny Cash
B: Charley
RCA Victor USA47-9839May 19707"5 
Jane Morgan

A: The First Day
B: I'm Only A Woman
RCA Victor USA47-9901Sep 19707"0 

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