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Jay Justin - Discography

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  Australia  25
  UK  4
  New Zealand  1
  USA  1
All Records  31
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Jay Justin

A: Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
B: Sweet Sensation
His Master's Voice Australia45-EA.4389Aug 19607"19.0
Jay Justin

A: Why Don't You Try
B: Butterflies
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-442819617"0 
Jay Justin

A: Oh, Please Be Mine
B: Promise Me
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-444719617"0 
Jay Justin

A: Little Miss Tease
B: Tomorrow Is Too Late
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-447019627"1 
Jay Justin

Proud Of You

A1: Proud Of You
A2: Promise Me
B1: Why Don't You Try
B2: Love Me, Love Me, Baby Darling
His Master's Voice Australia7EGO-700361963EP0 
Jay Justin

A: Three Act Play
B: Easy Come, Easy Go
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-455319637"0 
Jay Justin

A: Give It All You've Got
B: Everybody, Let's Stomp
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-459919637"0 
Jay Justin

A: Proud Of You
B: Love Me, Love Me, Baby Darling
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-4512Mar 19637"2 
Jay Justin

A: Reminiscing
B: Get That Feeling
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-465819647"0 
Jay Justin


A1: Reminiscing
A2: We May Meet Again
B1: Time Waits For No One
B2: Where In The World (Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms)
His Master's Voice Australia7EGO-700491965EP0 
Jay Justin


A1: I'm So Grateful
A2: If I Had A Girl
B1: Honey, Hold Me
B2: Guilty
His Master's Voice Australia7EGO-700671965EP0 
Jay Justin

A: Where In The World [Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms]
B: Time Waits For No One
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-467419657"0 
Jay Justin

A: Guilty
B: Lonely Boy
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-470519657"0 
Jay Justin

A: I'm So Grateful
B: I'm Just A Nobody
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-475119667"0 
Jay Justin

A: If I Had A Girl
B: Honey, Hold Me
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-477019667"0 
Jay Justin

A: So Much Love In The World
B: Till The End Of When
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-479919667"0 
Jay Justin

A: I Miss You, Girl
B: Minstrel Man
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-484719677"0 
Jay Justin

A: My Heart Won't Let Go
B: Blue Blue Guy
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-487719677"0 
Jay Justin

A: I Sell Summertime
B: Time
Columbia AustraliaDO-843319687"0 
Jay Justin

A: As If I Didn't Know
B: Reminiscing
Columbia AustraliaDO-855019687"0 
Jay Justin

A: The Morning After
B: Chance Of A Lifetime
RCA Victor Australia10197719717"1 
Jay Justin

A: Heartbreak Melody
B: Love And Peace
RCA Victor Australia10194315 Jul 19717"0 
Jay Justin

A: Letter To Santa Claus
B: White Christmas
Jamboree AustraliaJ119797"0 
Jay Justin

A: The Old Storyteller
B: Going Home
Jamboree Australia13166Sep 19817"0 
Jay Justin

A: The Jeff Fenech Song
B: Advance Australia Fair
EMI AustraliaEMI-1727Apr 19867"0 

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