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Jess Conrad - Discography

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Gerald Arthur James
b. Feb 24, 1936
  UK  24
  USA  2
  Canada  1
All Records  27
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Jess Conrad

A: Mystery Girl
B: Just The Two Of Us
London CanadaL.196719617"0 
Jess Conrad

A: Cherry Pie
B: There's Gonna Be A Day
Decca UKF 11236May 19607"05.0
Jess Conrad

A: Out Of Luck
B: Unless You Mean It
Decca UKF 11259Jul 19607"24.0
Jess Conrad

Jess Conrad

A1: Mystery Girl
A2: Just The Two Of Us
B1: (I Wanna) Love My Life Away
B2: Maybe You'll Be There
Decca UKDFE 66661961EP16.0
Jess Conrad

A: Mystery Girl
B: The Big White House
Decca UKF 11315Jan 19617"26.0
Jess Conrad

A: This Pullover
B: Why Am I Living
Decca UKF 11348Apr 19617"74.5
Jess Conrad

A: I See You
B: Oh! You Beautiful Doll
Decca UKF 11375Jul 19617"15.0
Jess Conrad

A: Every Breath I Take
B: Walk Away
Decca UKF 11394Oct 19617"27.5
Jess Conrad

A: Hey Little Girl
B: Twist My Wrist
Decca UKF 11412Dec 19617"36.0
Jess Conrad

Twist My Wrist

A1: Twist My Wrist
A2: It Tears Me To Pieces
B1: Walk Away
B2: Every Breath I Take
Decca UKDFE 6702Jan 1962EP0 
Jess Conrad

A: Pretty Jenny
B: You Can Do It If You Try
Decca UKF 11511Sep 19627"25.0
Jess Conrad

The Human Jungle

A1: It's About Time
A2: I Don't Care (What People Say)
B1: One Of These Days
B2: Down Home Tonight
Decca UKDFE 85241963EP08.0
Jess Conrad

A: Take Your Time
B: I Know You
Columbia UKDB 4969Feb 19637"0 
Jess Conrad

A: It's About Time
B: As You Like It
Decca UKF 11620Mar 19637"04.0
Jess Conrad

A: Pussy Cat
B: Tempted
Columbia UKDB 7223Feb 19647"0 
Jess Conrad

A: Things I'd Like To Say
B: Don't Turn 'Round
Columbia UKDB 756130 Apr 19657"0 
Jess Conrad

A: Hurt Me
B: It Can Happen To You
Pye UK7N 1584914 May 19657"0 
Jess Conrad

A: The Other Side Of Life
B: See The Tinker Ride
President UKPT 26919697"0 
Jess Conrad

A: Crystal Ball Dream
B: Pussycat
President UKPT 29219707"0 
Jess Conrad

A: Here She Comes Again
B: My Idea
President UKPT 35719 Nov 19717"1 
Jess Conrad

A: This Pullover
B: Why Am I Living
Decca UKF 1358620 Jun 19757"11 
Jess Conrad

A Souvenir Of An Evening Spent With Jess Conrad

A1: Be-Bop-A-Lula
A2: First Thing Monday Morning
A3: Without A Worry In The Word
B1: Dizzy Miss Lizzie
B2: Give Me A Star
B3: Crystal Ball Dream
Jess Conrad

A: Save It For A Rainy Day
B: Lock Up Your Daughters
EMI UKEMI 268216 Sep 19777"1 
Jess Conrad

A: Walk Away
B: Little Ship
London USA45-2005-V19617"0 
Jess Conrad

A: Mystery Girl
B: Just The Two Of Us
London USA45-1967-VFeb 19617"0 

Appears On

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Tim Rice And Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Jess Conrad

A1: Any Dream Will Do

Dave Mayberry

A2: Song Of The King

Leo Andrew

B1: Pharaoh's Story

Jess Conrad And Leo Andrew

B2: Jacob And Sons - Joseph's Coat - Go Go Joseph Medley
Kerrysmile UKKSR 001Jun 1980EP0 
The Showbiz Soccer Song E.P.

The Showbiz Soccer Team

A1: The Showbiz Soccer Song

David Easter

A2: Joanne

Jess Conrad

B1: Black Stockings
B2: When You're In Love
Showbiz UKSBX 1011989EP0 

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