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Jimmy Cliff - Discography

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  UK  52
  Netherlands  25
  USA  19
  Germany  18
  Jamaica  13
  France  11
  Spain  10
  Australia  5
  Italy  5
  Belgium  3
  Ghana  3
  Argentina  2
  Barbados  2
  Canada  2
More Countries (26 Total)All Records  184
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Jimmy Cliff Cavaliers Combo

A: I'm Sorry

The Blue Beats

B: Roarin'
Blue Beat UKBB 7819617"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Dearest Beverley
B: Hurricane Hatty
Island UKWI 01219627"3 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Miss Jamaica
B: Gold Digger
Island UKWI 01619627"09.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Since Lately
B: I'm Free
Island UKWI 02519627"1 
Jimmy Cliff

A: My Lucky Day
B: One-Eyed Jacks
Island UKWI 06219637"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: King Of Kings

Sir Percy

B: Oh 'Yeah
Island UKWI 07019637"1 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Miss Universe
B: The Prodigal
Island UKWI 11219637"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: The Man
B: You Are Never Too Old
Black Swan UKWI 40319637"22.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: One-Eyed Jacks
B: King Of Kings
Stateside UKSS 34225 Sep 19647"5 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Pride And Passion
B: Call On Me
Fontana UKTF 641Jan 19667"1 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Give And Take
B: Aim And Ambition
Island UKWIP 6004Feb 19677"08.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: I Got A Feeling (And I Can't Stop)
B: Hard Road To Travel
Island UKWIP 6011Jun 19677"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Waterfall
B: The Reward
Island UKWIP 603919687"1 
Jimmy Cliff

A: That's The Way Life Goes
B: Thank You
Island UKWIP 602426 Jan 19687"1 
Jackie Edwards And Jimmy Cliff

A: Set Me Free
B: Here I Come
Island UKWIP 6036Jun 19687"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Wonderful World, Beautiful People
B: Hard Road To Travel
Trojan UKTR 690Oct 19697"18.8
Jimmy Cliff

A: You Can Get It If You Really Want
B: Be Aware
Trojan UKTR 776719707"08.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Wild World
B: Be Aware
Island UKWIP 608719707"19.3
Jimmy Cliff

A: Vietnam
B: She Does It Right
Trojan UKTR 7722Jan 19707"18.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Sufferin' In The Land
B: Come Into My Life
Trojan UKTR 7745Mar 19707"28.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Those Good Good Old Days
B: Pack Up Hang Ups
Trojan UKTR 784519717"07.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Synthetic World
B: I Go To Pieces
Island UKWIP 609719717"08.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Goodbye Yesterday
B: Breakdown
Island UKWIP 610319717"48.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Sitting In Limbo
B: The Bigger They ComeThe Harder They Fall
Island UKWIP 611019717"210.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Struggling Man

Jimmy Cliff And Jamaica

B: Trapped
Island UKWIP 613221 Apr 19727"18.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: The Harder They Come
B: Many Rivers To Cross
Island UKWIP-613928 Jul 19727"310.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: On My Life
B: Oh Jamaica
EMI UKEMI 204213 Jul 19737"1 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Fundamental Reggay
B: Money Version
EMI UKEMI 206512 Oct 19737"1 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Look What You Done To My Life, Devil Woman
B: I've Been Dead 400 Years
EMI UKEMI 21603 May 19747"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Money Won't Save You
B: You Can't Be Wrong And Get Right
EMI UKEMI 218926 Jul 19747"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Don't Let It Die
B: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
EMI UKEMI 224529 Nov 19747"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Oh Jamaica
B: A Million Teardrops
EMI UKEMI 234619 Sep 19757"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Look At The Mountains
B: No Woman No Cry
Reprise UKK 144239 Apr 19767"1 
Jimmy Cliff

A: You Can Get It If You Really Want
B: Many Rivers To Cross
Island UKWIP 639720 May 19777"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A1: Wild World
A2: The Harder They Come
B1: You Can Get It If You Really Want It
B2: Wonderful World, Beautiful People
Island UKIEP 97 Apr 1978EP0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Many Rivers To Cross


B: Rivers Of Babylon
Island UKWIP 64479 Jun 19787"39.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Stand Up And Fight Back
B: Footprints
Warner Bros. UKK 1729519 Jan 19797"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: All The Strength We Got
B: Love Again
WEA UKK 79135Jul 19807"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: I Am The Living
B: Gone Clear
WEA UKK 79155Aug 19807"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Another Summer
B: Satan's Kingdom
WEA UKK 79182Oct 19807"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Roots Radical
B: Rub-A-Dub Partner
CBS UKA 2604Jul 19827"08.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Special
B: Keep On Dancing (Dub)
CBS UKCBS A282529 Sep 19827"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Love Is All
B: Originator
CBS UKCBS A30374 Feb 19837"1 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Wonderful World Beautiful People

Dandy Livingstone

B: Suzanne Beware Of The Devil
Old Gold UKOG 9269Apr 19837"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Reggae Night
B: Love Heights
CBS UKA38494 Nov 19837"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: We All Are One
B: No Apology
CBS UKA4056Jan 19847"09.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Reggae Movement
B: Treat The Youths Right
CBS UKA 4636Aug 19847"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Hot Shot
B: Modern World
CBS UKA 6370Jul 19857"04.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Pride And Passion
B: Call On Me
Fontana UKTF 64119917"1 
Jimmy Cliff

A: I Can See Clearly Now
B: I Can See Clearly Now (Clearly Shorter)
Columbia [Sony] UK660198 7Mar 19947"3 

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