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Jimmy Darren - Discography

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James Darren (qv for main discography) was so billed on his early releases.
  USA  14
  Sweden  8
  Denmark  6
  Australia  4
  UK  2
  Finland  1
  Italy  1
  New Zealand  1
All Records  37
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Jimmy Darren

A: Mighty Pretty Territory
B: There's No Such Thing
Colpix USACP 102Dec 19587"2 
Jimmy Darren

A: Gidget
B: You
Colpix USACP 113Apr 19597"1 
Jimmy Darren

A: Angel Face
B: I Don't Wanna Lose Ya
Colpix USACP 119Aug 19597"19.0
Jimmy Darren

A: Angel Face
B: I Don't Wanna Lose Ya
Colpix USASCP 119Aug 1959Special Edition 7"08.0
Jimmy Darren

A: I Ain't Sharin' Sharon
B: Love Among The Young
Colpix USACP 128Oct 19597"0 
Jimmy Darren

A: Teenage Tears
B: Let There Be Love
Colpix USACP 130Nov 19597"0 
Jimmy Darren

A: Jimmy Darren Message "Because They're Young"
B: Tears In My Eyes
Jimmy Darren Fan Club USAKB-1441960Special Edition 7"0 
Jimmy Darren

A: You Are My Dream
B: Your Smile
Colpix USACP 138Jan 19607"1 
Jimmy Darren

A: Because They're Young
B: Tears In My Eyes
Colpix USACP 142May 19607"0 
Jimmy Darren

A: Traveling Down A Lonely Road
B: P.S. I Love You
Colpix USACP 145Aug 19607"0 
Jimmy Darren

A: All The Young Men
B: How Sweet You Are
Colpix USACP 155Sep 19607"1 
Jimmy Darren

A: Come On My Love
B: Man About Town
Colpix USACP 168Nov 19607"0 
Jimmy Darren

A: Goodbye My Lady Love
B: Walkin' My Baby Back Home
Colpix USACP 181Jan 19617"03.0
Jimmy Darren

A: Gotta Have Love
B: Fool's Paradise
Colpix USACP 185Feb 19617"0 

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