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Jimmy Young - Discography

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Jimmy Young

A: A Baby Cried
B: Remember Me
Decca UKF 10232Oct 19547"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Lonely Nightingale
B: Give Me Your Word
Decca UKF 10406Nov 19547"0 
Jimmy Young

Jimmy Young Sings

A1: Too Young
A2: Because Of You
B1: Kiss Of Fire
B2: Green Glens Of Antrim
Pye Nixa UKNEP 240041955EP2 
Jimmy Young

A: These Are The Things We'll Share
B: Don't Go To Strangers
Decca UKF 10444Jan 19557"0 
Jimmy Young

A: If Anyone Finds This, I Love You
B: The Sand And The Sea
Decca UKF 10483Mar 19557"07.0
Jimmy Young

A: Unchained Melody
B: Help Me Forget
Decca UKF 10502Apr 19557"09.0
Jimmy Young

A: The Man From Laramie
B: No Arms Can Ever Hold You
Decca UKF 10597Sep 19557"19.5
Jimmy Young

A: Someone On Your Mind
B: I Look At You
Decca UKF 10640Nov 19557"0 
Jimmy Young

Presenting Jimmy Young

A1: Unchained Melody
A2: Moon Above Malaya
B1: Eternally
B2: I'm Walking Behind You
Decca UKDFE 62771956EP0 
Jimmy Young

A: Chain Gang
B: Capri In May
Decca UKF 10694Feb 19567"4 
Jimmy Young

A: Rich Man, Poor Man
B: The Wayward Wind
Decca UKF 10736May 19567"06.0
Jimmy Young

A: More
B: I'm Gonna Steal You Away
Decca UKF 10774Aug 19567"0 
Jimmy Young

A: My Faith, My Hope, My Love
B: Lovin' Baby
Decca UKF 10842Jan 19577"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Round And Round
B: Walkin' After Midnight
Decca UKF 10875Apr 19577"0 
Jimmy Young

Jimmy Young

A1: More
A2: Unchained Melody
B1: The Man From Laramie
B2: Round And Round
Decca UKDFE 6404Jun 1957EP110.0
Jimmy Young

A: A Very Precious Love
B: Love Me Again
Columbia UKDB 4100Apr 19587"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Just A Little More
B: If Only You'd Be Mine
Columbia UKDB 4438Apr 19607"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Angel On My Shoulder
B: Music
Columbia UKDB 4570Jan 19617"1 
Jimmy Young

A: Miss You
B: Take Care Of Yourself
Columbia UKDB 7119Sep 19637"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Unchained Melody
B: There's Always Me
Columbia UKDB 7234Mar 19647"0 
Jimmy Young

A: I'm Yours
B: Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
Columbia UKDB 736925 Sep 19647"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Wanted
B: Too Young
Columbia UKDB 7511Mar 19657"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Someone To Turn To
B: Let Me Love You
Columbia UKDB 77148 Oct 19657"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Only You
B: It's A Strange World
Columbia UKDB 79303 Jun 19667"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Half A World Away
B: Yours
Columbia UKDB 805311 Nov 19667"0 
Jimmy Young

A: It's Such A Pretty World Today
B: Because Of You
Columbia UKDB 82347 Jul 19677"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Silver And Blue
B: My Dream Of Love
MGM UKMGM 139215 Mar 19687"0 
Jimmy Young

A: You, No One But You
B: Love Is Blue
Polydor UK5634719697"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Mister Sunshine
B: Good Times
Penny Farthing UKPEN 78726 May 19727"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Miss You
B: Unchained Melody
EMI UKEMI 256112 Nov 19767"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Miss You
B: Take Care Of Yourself
EMI UKEMI 256112 Nov 19767"0 
Jimmy Young

Jimmy Young Invites You To Do The Londis One Step

A: The Londis One Step
Flexi Records Ltd UKCJMO AM80119807"0 
Jimmy Young

A: Too Young
B: The Story Of My Life
Piccadilly UK7P 203Oct 19807"1 
Jimmy Young

Reader's Digest Free Audition Disc

A: Festival Of International Hits
Reader's Digest / Lyntone UKRDFIH 723/6 SFlexi1 
Jimmy Young

A: Festival Of International Hits
Reader's Digest / Sound For Industry UKRDFIH 723/6-SFlexi0 
Jimmy Young

A: Jimmy Young Presents Festival Of International Hits
Reader's Digest / Lyntone UKRDFIH 779/6SFlexi0 

Appears On

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All Star Hit Parade, No. 2

The Johnston Brothers

A1: Around The World

Billy Cotton

A2: Puttin' On The Style

Jimmy Young

A3: When I Fall In Love

Max Bygraves

B1: A White Sport Coat

The Beverley Sisters

B2: Freight Train

Tommy Steele

B3: Butterfly
Decca UKF 10915Jul 19577"77.0

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