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Joan Regan - Discography

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  UK  39
  USA  13
  New Zealand  4
  Australia  3
  Ireland  1
All Records  60
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Joan Regan With The Johnston Brothers

A: Wait For Me, Darling

Joan Regan

B: Two Kinds Of Tears
Decca UKF 10362Oct 19547"08.0
Joan Regan

A: If I Give My Heart To You
B: Faded Flowers
Decca UKF 10373Oct 19547"18.0
Joan Regan With The Keynotes

A: This Ole House

Joan Regan

B: Can This Be Love?
Decca UKF 10397Oct 19547"77.0
Joan Regan

Joan Regan Successes

A1: If I Give My Heart To You
A2: This Ole House
B1: Wait For Me Darling
B2: Two Kinds Of Tears
Decca UKDFE 62351955EP1 
Joan Regan

A: Prize Of Gold
B: When You're In Love
Decca UKF 10432Jan 19557"07.0
Joan And Rusty Regan

A: Open Up Your Heart And Let The Sunshine In

Joan Regan

B: If You Learn To Love Each Other
Decca UKF 10474Feb 19557"15.0
Joan Regan

A: Don't Be Afraid Of Love
B: Danger! Heartbreak Ahead
Decca UKF 10505Apr 19557"0 
Joan Regan

A: Just Say You Love Her
B: Nobody Danced With Me
Decca UKF 10521May 19557"0 
Joan Regan Successes No. 2

Joan Regan

A1: Someone Else's Roses
A2: Prize Of Gold

Joan Regan with The Squadronaires

B1: Richochet

Joan Regan

B2: Till They've All Gone Home
Decca UKDFE 6278Sep 1955EP1 
Joan Regan

A: The Shepherd Boy
B: The Rose And The Flame
Decca UKF 10598Sep 19557"08.0
Joan Regan

A: Croce Di Oro (Cross Of Gold)
B: Love And Marriage
Decca UKF 106592 Jan 19567"08.0
Joan Regan

A: Don't Take Me For Granted
B: The Boy With The Magic Guitar
Decca UKF 10710Mar 19567"0 
Joan Regan

A: Honestly

Joan Regan And The Johnston Bros.

B: I'd Never Leave You Baby
Decca UKF 10742May 19567"0 
Joan Regan

A: Sweet Heartaches
B: Second Fiddle
Decca UKF 10757Jul 19567"0 
Joan Regan

A: Gone
B: Make Me A Child Again
Decca UKF 10801Oct 19567"0 
Joan Regan

A: Nearer To Me
B: Cross My Ever-Loving Heart
Decca UKF 10871Mar 19577"0 
Joan Regan

A: Wonderful ! Wonderful !
B: Speak For Yourself John
Decca UKF. 10911Jul 19577"0 
Joan Regan And Max Bygraves

A: Good Evening Friends
B: 7½ Cents
Decca UKF 10934Sep 19577"1 
Joan Regan

A: Love Like Ours
B: Take Me In Your Arms
His Master's Voice UKPOP 55519587"1 
Joan Regan

A: I May Never Pass This Way Again
B: Breezin' Along With The Breeze
Decca UKF 11009Apr 19587"08.0
Joan Regan

A: May You Always
B: Have You Ever Been Lonely
His Master's Voice UKPOP 593Feb 19597"26.5
Joan Regan

A: Happy Anniversary
B: So Close To My Heart
Pye Nixa UK7N 15238Nov 19597"1 
Joan Regan

A: If Only You'd Be Mine
B: O Dio Mio
Pye UK7N 152591 Apr 19607"0 
Joan Regan

A: Papa Loves Mama
B: When You Know Someone Loves You
Pye UK7N 15278Jul 19607"1 
Joan Regan

A: Must Be Santa
B: Will Santa Come To Shanty Town
Pye UK7N 15303Nov 19607"1 
Joan Regan

A: One Of The Lucky Ones
B: My Thanks To You
Pye UK7N 15310Nov 19607"0 
Joan Regan

A: How Wonderful To Know
B: (Ting-A-Ling) It Must Be Spring
Pye UK7N 15334Feb 19617"0 
Joan Regan

A: We Who Are In Love (Nous Les Amoureux)
B: My Foolish Heart
Pye UK7N 15367Jul 19617"1 
Joan Regan

A: Surprisin'
B: In The Arms Of My Love
Pye UK7N 15400Nov 19617"19.0
Joan Regan

A: Most People Get Married
B: Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way
Pye UK7N 15439Apr 19627"110.0
Joan Regan

A: Wand'ring Boy
B: Golden Dreams
Pye UK7N 1549625 Jan 19637"0 
Joan Regan

A: Don't Talk To Me About Love
B: I'm No Toy
CBS UK202100Jul 19667"0 
Joan Regan

A: No One Beside Me
B: A Love So Fine
CBS UK20265719677"0 
Joan Regan

A: You Needed Me
B: Together Again
Nectar UKJOAN 119897"1 

Appears On

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Star Parade

Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra with The Johnston Brothers

A1: Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Dickie Valentine

A2: Many Times

The Stargazers

B1: I See The Moon

Joan Regan with The Squadronaires

B2: Ricochet
Decca UKDFE 6147Jun 1955EP09.0
All Star Hit Parade

Dickie Valentine

A1: Out Of Town

Joan Regan

A2: My September Love

Winifred Atwell

A3: Theme From The Threepenny Opera

Dave King

B1: No Other Love

Lita Roza

B2: A Tear Fell

David Whitfield

B3: It's Almost Tomorrow
Decca UKF 10752Jun 1956EP2 
4 Hits From The Film 6-5 Special

Dickie Valentine

A1: King Of Dixieland

Diane Todd

A2: It's A Wonderful Thing To Be Loved

Joan Regan

B1: I'll Close My Eyes

Jackie Dennis

B2: La Dee Dah
Decca UKDFE 64851958EP110.0
The Sound Of Music

Edmund Hockridge

A1: The Sound Of Music

Petula Clark

A2: My Favourite Things

Dickie Valentine

B1: Climb Ev'ry Mountain

Joan Regan

B2: Do-Re-Mi
Pye UKNEP 24138May 1961EP1 

Export Issue

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Joan Regan

A: I'll Always Be Thinking Of You
B: Till They've All Gone Home
London UK45-13531953Export Issue0 

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