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Joe Hinton - Discography

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  USA  17
  UK  2
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  France  1
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Joe Hinton

A: I Know
B: Ladder Of Prayer
Back Beat USA519Aug 19587"0 
Joe Hinton

A: Pretty Little Mama
B: Will You
Back Beat USA526Apr 19597"5 
Joe Hinton

A: A Thousand Cups Of Happiness
B: If You Love Me
Back Beat USA532May 19607"1 
Joe Hinton

A: The Girl In My Life
B: Come On Baby
Back Beat USA535Aug 19617"0 
Joe Hinton

A: You Know It Ain't Right
B: Love Sick Blues
Back Beat USA537Apr 19637"1 
Joe Hinton

A: Better To Give Than Receive
B: There's No In Between
Back Beat USA539Aug 19637"1 
Joe Hinton

A: There Oughta Be A Law
B: You're My Girl
Back Beat USA540Mar 19647"0 
Joe Hinton

A: Funny
B: You Gotta Have Love
Back Beat USA541Jul 19647"39.0
Joe Hinton

A: I Want A Little Girl
B: True Love
Back Beat USA545Jan 19657"0 
Joe Hinton

A: Everything
B: Darling Come Talk To Me
Back Beat USA547Apr 19657"1 
Joe Hinton

A: Just A Kid Named Joe
B: Pledging My Love
Back Beat USA550Nov 19657"1 
Joe Hinton

A: I'm Waiting
B: How Long Can I Last
Back Beat USA565Jul 19667"0 
Joe Hinton

A: If I Had Only Known
B: Lots Of Love
Back Beat USA574Nov 19667"3 
Joe Hinton

A: You've Been Good To Me
B: Close To My Heart
Back Beat USA581May 19677"3 
Joe Hinton

A: Be Ever Wonderful
B: I'm Satisfied
Back Beat USA589Jan 19687"0 
Joe Hinton

A: Please
B: Got You On My Mind
Back Beat USA594Oct 19687"0 
Joe Hinton

A: Let's All Save The Children
B: Let's All Save The Children
Soul USAS 350805 Jan 1971Promo Only 7"0 

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