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Joe Tex - Discography

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  USA  76
  UK  35
  Canada  19
  Germany  19
  Netherlands  17
  Australia  13
  Italy  4
  New Zealand  3
  France  2
  Portugal  2
  Iran  1
  Jamaica  1
  Lebanon  1
  Mexico  1
  Norway  1
  Peru  1
All Records  196
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Joe Tex

A: Come In This House
B: Davy, You Upset My Home
King USA4840Oct 19557"09.0
Joe Tex

A: Ain't Nobody's Business
B: I Want To Have A Talk With You
King USA5064Jul 19577"0 
Joe Tex

A: Cut It Out
B: Just For You And Me
Ace USA544Jan 19587"1 
Joe Tex

A: You Little Baby Face Thing
B: Mother's Advice
Ace USA550May 19587"010.0
Joe Tex And His X Class Mates

A: Charlie Brown Got Expelled
B: Blessed Are These Tears
Ace USA559Mar 19597"0 
Joe Tex

A: Don´t Hold It Against Me
B: Yum, Yum, Yum
Ace USA572Nov 19597"0 
Joe Tex

A: Boys Will Be Boys
B: Grannie Stole The Show
Ace USA591May 19607"3 
Joe Tex

A: All I Could Do Was Cry (Part 1)
B: All I Could Do Was Cry (Part 2)
Anna USA1119Aug 19607"610.0
Joe Tex And The Vibrators

A: I'll Never Break Your Heart - Part I
B: I'll Never Break Your Heart - Part II
Anna USA1124Nov 19607"210.0
Joe Tex

A: Baby You're Right
B: Ain't I A Mess
Anna USA1128Mar 19617"1 
Joe Tex

A: Wicked Woman
B: Goodbye My Love
Jalynne USA105Jun 19617"1 
Joe Tex

A: The Only Girl (I've Ever Loved)
B: What Should I Do
Dial USA45-3000Jul 19617"0 
Joe Tex

A: One Giant Step
B: The Rib
Dial USA45-3002Nov 19617"0 
Joe Tex

A: Meet Me In Church
B: Be Your Own Judge
Dial USA45-3007Sep 19627"0 
Joe Tex

A: You Keep Her
B: Don't Play
Checker USA1055Sep 19637"37.0
Joe Tex

A: Someone To Take Your Place
B: I Should Have Kissed Her More
Dial USA45-3013Oct 19637"110.0
Joe Tex

A: The Next Time She's Mine
B: I've Got A Song
Michelle [Sam Montel] USAMX-93419647"1 
Joe Tex

A: Sit Yourself Down
B: Get Closer Together
Checker USA1087Aug 19647"1 
Joe Tex

A: Hold What You've Got
B: Fresh Out Of Tears
Dial USA45-4001Nov 19647"39.0
Joe Tex

A: Boys Will Be Boys
B: Baby You're Right (I'm Gonna Hold What I Got)
Ace USA673 X19657"1 
Joe Tex

A: Baby You're Right
B: All I Could Do Was Cry, Pt. II
Checker USA1104Feb 19657"0 
Joe Tex

A: You Better Get It
B: You Got What It Takes
Dial USA45-4003Feb 19657"0 
Joe Tex

A: A Woman Can Change A Man
B: Don't Let Your Left Hand Know
Dial USA45-4006Apr 19657"0 
Joe Tex

A: One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
B: Build Your Love On A Strong Foundation
Dial USA45-4011Jun 19657"0 
Joe Tex

A: I Want To (Do Everything For You)
B: Funny Bone
Dial USA45-4016Jul 19657"38.0
Joe Tex

A: A Sweet Woman Like You
B: Close The Door
Dial USA45-4022Nov 19657"010.0
Joe Tex

A: The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)
B: If Sugar Was As Sweet As You
Dial USA45-4026Feb 19667"19.0
Joe Tex

A: S.Y.S.L.J.F.M. (The Letter Song)
B: I'm A Man
Dial USA45-4028Apr 19667"37.5
Joe Tex

A: I Believe I'm Gonna Make It
B: You Better Believe It Baby
Dial USA45-4033Jul 19667"38.0
Joe Tex

A: I've Got To Do A Little Bit Better
B: What In The World
Dial USA45-4045Sep 19667"37.0
Joe Tex

A: Papa Was Too
B: The Truest Woman In The World
Dial USA45-4051Nov 19667"07.0
Joe Tex

A: Show Me
B: A Woman Sees A Hard Time (When Her Man Is Gone)
Dial USA45-4055Mar 19677"09.0
Joe Tex

A: Woman Like That, Yeah
B: I'm Going And Get It
Dial USA45-4059May 19677"0 
Joe Tex

A: A Woman's Hands
B: C.C. Rider
Dial USA45-4061Jul 19677"0 
Joe Tex

A: Skinny Legs And All
B: Watch The One (That Brings The Bad News)
Dial USA45-4063Oct 19677"38.5
Joe Tex

A: I'll Make Every Day Christmas (For My Woman)
B: Don't Give Up
Dial USA45-4068Dec 19677"0 
Joe Tex

A: Men Are Gettin' Scarce
B: You're Gonna Thank Me, Woman
Dial USA45-4069Jan 19687"1 
Joe Tex

A: I'll Never Do You Wrong
B: Wooden Spoon
Dial USA45-4076May 19687"0 
The Joe Tex Band

A: Betwixt And Between
B: Chocolate Cherry
Dial USA45-4079Jun 19687"0 
Joe Tex

A: Keep The One You Got
B: Go Home And Do It
Dial USA45-4083Aug 19687"0 
Joe Tex

A: You Need Me Baby
B: Baby, Be Good
Dial USA45-4086Oct 19687"1 
Joe Tex

A: That's Your Baby
B: Sweet, Sweet Woman
Dial USA45-4089Jan 19697"0 
Joe Tex

A: Buying A Book
B: Chicken Crazy
Dial USA45-4090Mar 19697"06.0
Joe Tex

A: That's The Way
B: Anything You Wanna Know
Dial USA45-4093Jun 19697"1 
Joe Tex

A: We Can't Sit Down Now
B: It Ain't Sanitary
Dial USA45-4094Aug 19697"38.0
Joe Tex

A: (When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again) I Can't See You No More
B: Sure Is Good
Dial USA45-4095Nov 19697"0 
Joe Tex

A: You're Right Ray Charles
B: Everything Happens On Time
Dial USA45-4096Feb 19707"1 
Joe Tex

A: I'll Never Fall In Love Again
B: The Only Way I Know To Love You
Dial USA45-4098Sep 19707"0 
Joe Tex

A: Bad Feet
B: I Knew Him
Dial USAD-1001Mar 19717"0 
Joe Tex

A: Give The Baby Anything The Baby Wants
B: Takin' A Chance
Dial USAD-1008Aug 19717"0 

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