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John Holt - Discography

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  UK  97
  Jamaica  92
  USA  10
  Germany  5
  Netherlands  3
  Belgium  2
  Canada  1
  Guyana  1
  Ireland  1
  Norway  1
All Records  213
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John Holt

A: I'll Stay
B: I Cried A Tear
Island UKWI 04119627"1 
John Holt With Tommy McCook And The Supersonics

A: Tonight
B: Maybe Someday
Trojan UKTR 64319697"1 
John Holt

A: Darling I Love You

Don Drummond Junior

B: Memory Of Don
Trojan UKTR 67819697"0 
Harry J All Stars

A: Spyrone

John Holt

B: Have Sympathy
Harry J UKTR 69419697"4 
John Holt

A: Wooden Heart
B: All My Life
Trojan UKTR 770219697"1 
Danny Simpson

A: Out Of Sight

John Holt

B: I Want You Closer
Trojan UKTR 653Apr 19697"0 
John Holt

A: Alibaba
B: I'm Your Man
Trojan UKTR 661Jun 19697"0 
John Holt

A: What You Gonna Do Now
B: Have You Ever Been To Heaven
Trojan UKTR 67415 Aug 19697"0 
John Holt

A: Why Can't I Touch You

Sound Dimension

B: Touching
Banana UKBA 31419707"1 
John Holt

A: Love I Can Feel

Johnny Last

B: Long Liver Man
Bamboo UKBAM 4419707"2 
John Holt

A: Stranger In Love

The Wailers

B: Jailhouse
Bamboo UKBAM 5519707"1 
John Holt

A: Holly Holy
B: Do You Love Me
Bamboo UKBAM 6219707"0 
Hugh Roy And John Holt

A: Wear You To The Ball

Earl Lindo

B: The Ball
Duke Reid UKDR 251319707"28.0
Tommy McCook And The Supersonics

A: Open Jaw

John Holt

B: Working Kind
Duke UKDU 7719707"0 
Jeff Barns

A: Get In The Groove

John Holt

B: A Little Tear
Jackpot UKJP 73519707"0 
John Holt

A: My Heart Is Gone

Pratt Allstars

B: Version II
Punch UKPH 4819707"0 
John Holt

A: Fat Girl, Sexy Girl
B: Man And Woman
Success UKRE 90319707"0 
John Holt

A: My Heart Is Gone

Phil's All Stars

B: Heart Version
Smash UKSMA 230319707"0 

A: Life Is Not The Same Anymore

John Holt

B: I Had A Talk With My Woman
Smash UKSMA 230519707"0 
Al Brown [Reggae]

A: Allways

John Holt

B: Share My Rest
Supreme UKSUP 21219707"0 
John Holt With Lees Allstars

A: Sometimes

Bunny Lee Allstars

B: Lash-La-Rue
Unity UKUN 54819707"0 
John Holt With Lees Allstars

A: Sea Cruise

Lees Allstars

B: Niney's Hop
Unity UKUN 54919707"0 
John Holt

A: Walking Along

Bunny Lee Allstars

B: Ware Fare
Unity UKUN 55219707"0 
John Holt

A: Give Her All The Love

Busty Brown

B: Nobody But You
Unity UKUN 55619707"0 
Neville Hines

A: Sunday Gravy

John Holt

B: Write Her A Letter
Duke Reid UKDR 2503Oct 19707"0 
John Holt

A: Come Out Of My Bed

Winston Wright

B: Hide And Seek
Duke Reid UKDR 2506Oct 19707"0 
John Holt

A: Again

Mudie's All Stars

B: Ten Steps To Soul
Ashanti UKASH 40119717"0 
Dennis Alcapone

A: Forever Version

John Holt And Dennis Alcapone

B: I Don't Want To See You Cry
Banana UKBA 34119717"0 
John Holt And The Gang

A: Build Our Dream

Leroy And The Gang

B: Love In Our Nation
Banana UKBA 34519717"0 
John Holt

A: O.K. Fred
B: Make Up
Banana UKBA 34619717"0 
John Holt

A: Linger A While

Lloyd's All-Stars

B: Version
Camel UKCA 7819717"0 
John Holt

A: Knock On Your Door

Uriel Aldridge

B: Set Me Free
Escort UKERT 84719717"4 
Dennis Alcapone And John Holt

A: Jumping Jack

The Aggravators

B: King Of The Track
Jackpot UKJP 77319717"0 
John Holt

A: Oh Girl
B: The Clock
Jackpot UKJP 78319717"0 
John Holt

A: Any More
B: Last Love
Jackpot UKJP 78419717"0 
John Holt

A: Any More
B: Lost Love
Jackpot UKJP 78419717"0 
John Holt

A: Stagger Lee

Willie Williams [reggae]

B: Prisoner Of Loneliness
[none] UKPEP 71971Promo Only 7"3 
John Holt

A: Strange Thing

Winston Wright

B: Want Money
Punch UKPH 6019717"0 
Pat Kelly

A: Soulful Love

John Holt

B: One For All (3 In One)
Punch UKPH 8819717"010.0
John Holt

A: Mother And Father Love

The Aggravators

B: Mother Love Version
Smash UKSMA 232419717"0 
John Holt With Tommy McCook And The Supersonics

A: Let's Build Our Dreams

Tommy McCook And The Supersonics

B: Testify (Version)
Treasure Isle UKTI 706119717"0 
John Holt

A: Sister Big Stuff

Tommy McCook All Stars

B: Black River
Treasure Isle UKTI 706524 Sep 19717"0 
John Holt

A: Stick By Me
B: It's A Pleasure
Jackpot UKJP 7721 Oct 19717"2 
John Holt

A: It's A Jam In The Street
B: A Man Needs A Woman
Jackpot UKJP 77422 Oct 19717"0 
Dennis Alcapone And John Holt

A: Togetherness (Black And White)

Delroy Wilson

B: Live Good
Jackpot UKJP 77529 Oct 19717"0 
John Holt With Mudies All Stars

A: It May Sound Silly

Mudie All Stars

B: It May Sound Silly (Instrumental)
Moodisc UKHM 1055 Nov 19717"0 
John Holt

A: Paragons Medley

Tommy McCook All Stars

B: Medley Version
Treasure Isle UKTI 706626 Nov 19717"0 
U. Roy Junior

A: This Is A Pepper

John Holt

B: Justice
Attack UKATT 803019727"0 
John Holt

A: Keep It Up
B: A Love Like Yours
GG UKGG 452919727"0 
John Holt

A: The Further You Look
B: The Further You Look
Horse UKHOSS-221972Promo Only 7"0 

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