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Johnnie Ray - Discography

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  USA  68
  UK  44
  Netherlands  34
  Australia  24
  New Zealand  13
  Germany  11
  Canada  6
  Denmark  4
  France  4
  Italy  4
  Japan  2
  Sweden  2
  Belgium  1
  Brazil  1
  Norway  1
  Spain  1
All Records  220
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Johnnie Ray

A: Whiskey And Gin
B: Tell The Lady I Said Goodbye
OKeh USA4-6809Aug 19517"89.0
Johnnie Ray And The Four Lads

A: Cry
B: The Little White Cloud That Cried
OKeh USA4-68409 Nov 19517"3 
Johnnie Ray

A: Please, Mr. Sun
B: Here I Am - Broken Hearted
Columbia USA4-3963628 Dec 19517"6 
Johnnie Ray And The Four Lads

A: Coffee And Cigarettes
B: Don't Blame Me
Columbia USA4-3970019527"0 
Johnnie Ray

A1: Don't Blame Me
A2: Walkin' My Baby Back Home
B1: Don't Take Your Love From Me
B2: All Of Me
C1: Give Me Time
C2: The Lady Drinks Champagne
D1: Out In The Cold Again
D2: Coffee And Cigarettes
Columbia USAB 2881952Double Pack0 
Johnnie Ray with The Four Lads

A: Mountains In The Moonlight
B: What's The Use?
Columbia USA4-3969828 Mar 19527"2 
Johnnie Ray

A: Walkin' My Baby Back Home

Johnnie Ray And The Four Lads

B: Out In The Cold Again
Columbia USA4-397019 May 19527"0 
Johnnie Ray And The Four Lads

A: The Lady Drinks Champagne

Johnnie Ray With The Buddy Cole Quartet

B: Don't Take Your Love From Me
Columbia USA4-397029 May 19527"0 
Johnnie Ray And The Four Lads

A: Give Me Time

Johnnie Ray With The Buddy Cole Quartet

B: All Of Me
Columbia USA4-397039 May 19527"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Walkin' My Baby Back Home
B: Give Me Time
Columbia USA4-3975031 May 19527"1 
Johnnie Ray

A: All Of Me
B: A Sinner Am I
Columbia USA4-397883 Jul 19527"18.0
Johnnie Ray

A: Faith Can Move Mountains
B: Love Me (Baby Can't You Love Me)
Columbia USA4-3983722 Aug 19527"0 
Johnnie Ray And The Four Lads

A: Gee, But I'm Lonesome
B: Don't Say Love Has Ended
Columbia USA4-398147 Nov 19527"0 
Doris Day and Johnnie Ray

A: Ma Says, Pa Says
B: A Full Time Job
Columbia USA4-3989821 Nov 19527"19.0
Johnnie Ray

A: I'm Gonna Walk And Talk With My Lord
B: The Touch Of God's Hand
Columbia USA4-3990826 Dec 19527"0 
Johnnie Ray


A1: Tell The Lady I Said Goodbye
A2: It's The Talk Of The Town
B1: Don't Blame Me
B2: She Didn't Say Nothin' At All
Columbia USAB-16351953EP0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Mister Midnight
B: Oh, What A Sad, Sad Day
Columbia USA4-3993920 Feb 19537"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Glad Rag Doll
B: Somebody Stole My Gal
Columbia USA4-3996113 Mar 19537"210.0
Doris Day and Johnnie Ray

A: Let's Walk That-A-Way

Johnnie Ray And Doris Day

B: Candy Lips
Columbia USA4-4000122 May 19537"0 
Johnnie Ray With The Buddy Cole Quartet

A: Satisfied
B: With These Hands
Columbia USA4-400065 Jun 19537"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: All I Do Is Dream Of You
B: Tell The Lady I Said Goodbye
Columbia USA4-4004627 Jul 19537"1 
Johnnie Ray

A: You'd Be Surprised
B: Why Should I Be Sorry?
Columbia USA4-4015419547"0 
Johnnie Ray's Greatest

Johnnie Ray And The Four Lads

A1: Cry
A2: The Little White Cloud That Cried

Johnnie Ray With Maurice King And His Wolverines

B1: Whiskey And Gin
B2: Tell The Lady I Said Goodbye
Epic USAEG-70211954EP0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Such A Night
B: Destiny
Columbia USA4-4020022 Feb 19547"59.0
Johnnie Ray

A: Hey There
B: Hernando's Hideaway
Columbia USA4-4022412 Apr 19547"110.0
Johnnie Ray

A: To Ev'ry Girl - To Ev'ry Boy (The Meaning Of Love)
B: Going - Going - Gone!
Columbia USA4-402527 Jun 19547"1 
Johnnie Ray

A: The Only Girl I'll Ever Love
B: Papa Loves Mambo
Columbia USA4-403247 Sep 19547"0 
Johnnie Ray With The Buddy Cole Quartet

A: Nobody's Sweetheart

Johnnie Ray With The Percy Faith Orchestra

B: As Time Goes By
Columbia USA4-40392Nov 19547"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: If You Believe
B: Alexander's Ragtime Band
Columbia USA4-403916 Dec 19547"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Paths Of Paradise
B: Parade Of Broken Hearts
Columbia USA4-4043524 Jan 19557"1 
Johnnie Ray

A: Flip, Flop And Fly
B: Thine Eyes Are As The Eyes Of A Dove
Columbia USA4-4047114 Mar 19557"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Song Of The Dreamer
B: I've Got So Many Million Years (That I Can't Count Them)
Columbia USA4-4052820 Jun 19557"1 
Johnnie Ray

A: Love, Love, Love
B: Johnnie's Comin' Home
Columbia USA4-405783 Oct 19557"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Ain't Misbehavin'
B: Walk Along With Kings
Columbia USA4-406496 Feb 19567"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Just Walking In The Rain
B: In The Candlelight
Columbia USA4-4072916 Jul 19567"09.0
Johnnie Ray

A: Look Homeward, Angel
B: You Don't Owe Me A Thing
Columbia USA4-408033 Dec 19567"18.0
Johnnie Ray

You Don't Owe Me A Thing And Other Hits By Johnnie Ray

A1: You Don't Owe Me A Thing
A2: Look Homeward, Angel
B1: Ain't Misbehavin'
B2: Who's Sorry Now?
Columbia USAB-21231957EP0 
Johnnie Ray

Johnnie Ray

A1: Walkin' My Baby Back Home
A2: Somebody Stole My Gal
B1: Nobody's Sweetheart
B2: Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
Columbia Hall Of Fame USAB-25361957EP0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Yes Tonight, Josephine
B: No Wedding Today
Columbia USA4-4089325 Mar 19577"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Build Your Love (On A Strong Foundation)
B: Street Of Memories
Columbia USA4-409423 Jun 19577"1 
Frankie Laine And Johnnie Ray

A: Up Above My Head (I Hear Music In The Air)

Johnnie Ray And Frankie Laine

B: Good Evening Friends
Columbia USA4-409765 Aug 19577"2 
Johnnie Ray

A: Texas Tambourine
B: Pink Sweater Angel
Columbia USA4-4100223 Sep 19577"3 
Johnnie Ray

A: Miss Me Just A Little
B: Soliloquy Of A Fool
Columbia USA4-4106925 Nov 19577"110.0
Johnnie Ray

A: Plant A Little Seed
B: Strollin' Girl
Columbia USA4-4112410 Feb 19587"15.0
Johnnie Ray

A: Lonely For A Letter
B: Endlessly
Columbia USA4-4116214 Apr 19587"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: No Regrets
B: Up Until Now
Columbia USA4-4121321 Jul 19587"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: You're The One Who Knows
B: What More Can I Say
Columbia USA4-4128027 Oct 19587"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: One Man's Love Song Is Another Man's Blues
B: When's Your Birthday, Baby
Columbia USA4-4132712 Jan 19597"0 
Johnnie Ray With Richard Maltby And His Orchestra

A: Here And Now
B: Call Me Yours
Columbia USA4-413726 Apr 19597"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: I'll Never Fall In Love Again
B: You're All That I Live For (Que L'Amour Me Pardonne)
Columbia USA4-4143827 Jul 19597"0 

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