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Johnnie Ray - Discography

  Netherlands  :  34 Records  :  Latest Updates  :  Gallery  :    
  USA  68
  UK  43
  Netherlands  34
  Australia  24
  New Zealand  13
  Germany  11
  Canada  6
  Denmark  4
  France  4
  Italy  4
  Japan  2
  Sweden  2
  Belgium  1
  Brazil  1
  Norway  1
  Spain  1
All Records  219
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Johnnie Ray

A1: Flip, Flop And Fly
A2: Glad Rag Doll
B1: Papa Loves Mambo
B2: Such A Night
Philips Netherlands429 046 BE1955EP0 
Johnnie Ray

Johnnie Ray

A1: Somebody Stole My Gal
A2: Alexander's Ragtime Band
B1: Hernando's Hideaway
B2: All I Do Is Dream Of You
Philips Netherlands429 110 BE1956EP0 
Johnnie Ray

Hurray For Johnnie

A1: Who's Sorry Now
A2: A Heart Comes In Handy
B1: Johnnie's Comin' Home
B2: Love, Love, Love
Philips Netherlands429 164 BE1957EP0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Just Walkin' In The Rain
B: In The Candlelight
Philips Netherlands321 945 BF15 Apr 19577"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Yes Tonight, Josephine
B: No Wedding Today
Philips Netherlands322 056 BFJun 19577"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Look Homeward, Angel
B: Sent For You Yesterday
Philips Netherlands322 100 BFJul 19577"0 
Johnnie Ray With Ray Conniff

A: Street Of Memories
B: Build Your Love (On A Strong Foundation)
Philips Netherlands322 116 BFSep 19577"0 
Frankie Laine And Johnnie Ray

A: Up Above My Head (I Hear Music In The Air)

Johnnie Ray And Frankie Laine

B: Good Evening Friends
Philips Netherlands322 151 BFNov 19577"0 
Johnnie Ray

Cry !

A1: All Of Me
A2: Walking My Baby Back Home
B1: The Little White Cloud That Cried
B2: Cry
Philips Netherlands429 243 BE1958EP0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Pink Sweater Angel
B: Texas Tambourine
Philips Netherlands322 179 BFJan 19587"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Hernando's Hideaway

Rosemary Clooney

B: Hey There
Philips Netherlands322 198 BFFeb 19587"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Miss Me Just A Little
B: Soliloquy Of A Fool
Philips Netherlands322 220 BFApr 19587"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Who's Sorry Now?
B: Strollin' Girl
Philips Netherlands322 266 BFMay 19587"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Lonely For A Letter
B: Endlessly
Philips Netherlands322 290 BFSep 19587"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: No Regrets
B: Up Until Now
Philips Netherlands322 316 BFOct 19587"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: You're The One Who Knows
B: What More Can I Say
Philips Netherlands322 365 BFMar 19597"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: You're All That I Live For
B: I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Philips Netherlands322 475 BFDec 19597"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: When It's Springtime In The Rockies
B: Twilight On The Trail
Philips Netherlands322 587 BFJun 19607"0 
Timi Yuro And Johnnie Ray

A: I Believe

Johnnie Ray And Timi Yuro

B: A Mother's Love
London NetherlandsFL 20271 Feb 19627"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: I'll Never Fall In Love Again
B: You're All That I Live For
CBS Netherlands233019667"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Yes Tonight Josephine
B: Just Walking In The Rain
CBS Netherlands232624 May 19687"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: I'll Never Fall In Love Again
B: You Are All That I Live For
CBS NetherlandsCBS 765119717"0 
Johnnie Ray

Golden Hits

A: Yes Tonight, Josephine
B: Just Walking In The Rain
CBS NetherlandsCBS 834719727"0 
Johnnie Ray

Golden Goodies Vol. 4

A: I'll Never Fall In Love Again
B: Cry
CBS NetherlandsCBS 870419807"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Cry
B: Just Walking In The Rain
BR Music NetherlandsBR 4502019867"0 

Appears On

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Frankie Laine

A1: Cool Water

Rosemary Clooney And José Ferrer

A2: A Bunch Of Bananas (The Heming Way)

Johnnie Ray

B1: Such A Night

Doris Day

B2: I Speak To The Stars
Philips Netherlands429 056 BE1955EP0 
The Big Four (No. 2)

Louis Armstrong And His All Stars

A1: Mack The Knife (Mackie Messer)

Mindy Carson

A2: Wake The Town And Tell The People

Johnnie Ray

B1: Hernando's Hideaway

Jo Stafford

B2: Arrivederci Darling
Philips Netherlands429 124 BE1956EP0 
The Pajama Game

Johnnie Ray

A1: Hernando's Hideaway

Jill Corey

A2: I'm Not At All In Love

Guy Mitchell

B1: There Once Was A Man

Rosemary Clooney

B2: Hey There
Philips Netherlands429 145 BE1956EP0 
The Big Four (No. 5)

Johnnie Ray

A1: Just Walkin' In The Rain

The De John Sisters

A3: I Want You I Need You I Love You

Eileen Rodgers

B1: Miracle Of Love

The Four Lads With Ray Ellis

B2: I Almost Lost My Mind
Philips Netherlands429 225 BE1958EP0 
The Big Four (No. 8)

Tony Bennett With Ray Ellis And His Orchestra

A1: In The Middle Of An Island

Jill Corey With Jimmy Carroll And His Orchestra

A2: Love Me To Pieces

Johnnie Ray And Frankie Laine With Ray Conniff And His Orchestra

B1: Good Evening Friends

Johnny Mathis With Ray Conniff And His Orchestra

B2: It's Not For Me To Say
Philips Netherlands429 346 BE1958EP0 
The Big Four (No. 13)

The Four Lads

A1: There's Only One Of You

Jimmy Dean

A2: Starlight Starbright

Johnnie Ray

B1: Who's Sorry Now?

Mahalia Jackson

B2: He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Philips Netherlands429 423 BE1958EP0 
The Big Four No. 17

Doris Day

A1: Love Me In The Daytime

Marty Wilde

A2: Donna

Frankie Vaughan And The Kaye Sisters

B1: Come Softly To Me

Johnnie Ray

B2: Please, Mr. Sun
Philips Netherlands430 511 BE1959EP0 

Export Issue

  Click to View LabelCat#DateFormatCommentsRating
Johnnie Ray

A: You Don't Owe Me A Thing
B: Because I Love You
Philips Netherlands322 000 BF1957Export Issue0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Look Homeward, Angel
B: You Don't Owe Me A Thing
Philips Netherlands322 007 BF1957Export Issue0 

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