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Johnny Bond - Discography

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  USA  65
  UK  3
  Australia  2
  Canada  2
  New Zealand  1
  Unknown Country  1
All Records  74
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Johnny Bond

A: Take It Or Leave It Baby
B: Till The End Of The World
Columbia USA2-147Mar 19497"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Women Make A Fool Out Of Me
B: Drowning My Sorrows
Columbia USA4-20609Aug 19497"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Barrel House Bessie
B: It Ain't A Gonna Happen To Me
Columbia USA4-2073419507"0 
Johnny Bond And The Red River Valley Boys

A: Love Song In 32 Bars
B: Tennessee, Kentucky And Alabam'
Columbia USA4-20671Feb 19507"0 
Johnny Bond And His Red River Valley Boys

A: Cherokee Waltz
B: Mean Mama Boogie
Columbia USA4-20704Jun 19507"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Sick, Sober And Sorry
B: Tennessee Walking Horse
Columbia USA4-20808May 19517"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Keep Your Cotton Pickin' Hands Off My Gal
B: Ten Trips To The Altar
Columbia USA4-20844Aug 19517"0 
Johnny Bond

A: The Man Behind The Throttle
B: Louisiana Lucy
Columbia USA4-2094819527"0 
Johnny Bond

A: I Found You Out
B: Alabama Boogie Boy
Columbia USA4-20909Feb 19527"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Number Nine Blues
B: Born To Be Bad
Columbia USA4-21042Nov 19527"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Anybody's Baby
B: The Hills Of Kentucky
Columbia USA4-2108213 Mar 19537"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Wildcat Boogie
B: Let Me Go, Devil!
Columbia USA4-21160Sep 19537"09.0
Johnny Bond

A: Put A Little Sweetnin' In Your Love
B: Sweet Mama, Tree Top Tall
Columbia USA4-211862 Nov 19537"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Ten Little Bottles
B: They Got Me
Columbia USA4-21222Feb 19547"1 
Johnny Bond

A: Stealin'
B: My Darling Lola Lee
Columbia USA4-212949 Aug 19547"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Everybody Knew The Truth But Me
B: I Lose Again
Columbia USA4-2133519557"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Glad Rags
B: Cherokee Waltz
Columbia USA4-21369Feb 19557"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Louisiana Swing
B: Jim, Johnny And Jonas
Columbia USA4-21383Apr 19557"1 
Johnny Bond

A: Somebody's Pushin'
B: Carolina Waltz
Columbia USA4-21424Jul 19557"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Livin' It Up
B: Remember The Alamo
Columbia USA4-21448Sep 19557"0 
Johnny Bond

A: The Little Rock Roll
B: I'll Be Here (After You're Gone)
Columbia USA4-21521May 19567"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Lonesome Train
B: Laughing Back The Heartaches
Columbia USA4-21565Oct 19567"1 
Johnny Bond

A: Honkey-Tonk Fever
B: Lay It On The Line
Columbia USA4-40842-C4 Feb 19577"0 
Lefty Frizzell And Johnny Bond

A: Sick, Sober And Sorry

Johnny Bond And Lefty Frizzell

B: Lover By Appointment
Columbia USA4-40934-c27 May 19577"1 
Johnny Bond

A: All I Can Do Is Cry
B: Sale Of Broken Hearts
Columbia USA4-40973-C15 Jul 19577"1 
Johnny Bond

A: That's Just What I'll Do
B: Broken Doll
Columbia USA4-41034-C14 Oct 19577"1 
Johnny Bond

A: The Tiajuana Jail
B: The Fool's Paradise
Ditto USADT-120-4519597"1 
Johnny Bond

A: Hot Rod Lincoln
B: Five-Minute Love Affair
Republic USA200520 Jun 19607"6 
Johnny Bond

A: X-15
B: The Way A Star Is Born
Republic USA200824 Oct 19607"2 
Johnny Bond

A: Side Car Cycle
B: Like Nothin' Man
Republic USA2010Dec 19607"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Buck Private's Lament
B: Sadie Was A Lady
Republic USA2022Sep 19617"0 
Johnny Bond

A: I'll Step Aside
B: Mister Sun (Take Your Time Going Down)
Smash USAS-1761May 19627"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Don't Mention Her Name
B: How To Succeed With Girls (Without Half-Way Trying)
Starday USA618Feb 19637"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Cimarron
B: True Love (Is So Hard To Find)
Starday USA636Jul 19637"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Three Sheets In The Wind
B: Let The Tears Begin
Starday USA649Oct 19637"010.0
Johnny Bond

A: Have You Seen My Baby
B: Have You Seen My Baby
Starday USA66519647"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Don't Mamma Count Anymore
B: Hot Rod Surfin' Hootlebeatnanny
Starday USA67819647"1 
Johnny Bond

A: Bachelor Bill
B: My Wicked, Wicked Ways
Starday USA69019647"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Hot Rod Lincoln

The Spaniels

B: You Don't Move Me
Oldies 45 USAOL-14019647"0 
Tex Ritter And Johnny Bond

A: The Fool's Paradise
B: Gimme Some
Capitol USA522413 Jul 19647"0 
Johnny Bond

A: The Great Figure 8 Race
B: Sadie Was A Lady
Starday USA73119657"1 
Johnny Bond

A: 10 Little Bottles
B: Let It Be Me
Starday USA704Jan 19657"39.0
Johnny Bond

A: Sick Sober And Sorry
B: The Man Who Comes Around
Starday USA721May 19657"09.0
Johnny Bond

A: Fireball
B: Over The Hill
Starday USA75819667"0 
Johnny Bond

A: They Got Me
B: Silent Walls
Starday USA749Jan 19667"1 
Johnny Bond

A: Hell's Angels
B: A Way Of Life
Starday USA776Aug 19667"0 
Johnny Bond And Red Sovine With The Giddyup Go Boys

A: The Gear Jammer And The Hobo

The Giddyup Go Boys Featuring Joe “Red” Hayes And Little Hank Singer

B: Sweet Nellie
Starday USA790Dec 19667"2 
Johnny Bond

A: Your Old Love Letters
B: Si Si
Starday USA803Apr 19677"0 
Johnny Bond

A: I'm Gonna Raise Cain (While I'm Able)
B: Bottom Of The Bottle
Starday USA826Feb 19687"1 
Johnny Bond

A: Invitation To The Blues
B: Down To Your Last Fool
Starday USA847Sep 19687"0 

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