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Junior Parker - Discography

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Herman Parker Jr.
  USA  69
  Canada  6
  UK  5
  Australia  2
  France  2
  New Zealand  1
  Bootleg  2
All Records  87
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Little Junior's Blue Flames

A: Feelin' Good
B: Fussin' And Fightin' Blues
Sun USA1878 Jul 19537"38.0 
Little Junior's Blue Flames

A: Mystery Train
B: Love My Baby
Sun USA1921 Nov 19537"69.0 
"Little Junior" Parker

A: Dirty Friend Blues
B: Can't Understand
Duke USA120Feb 19547"5  
Little Junior Parker

A: Please Baby Blues
B: Sittin', Drinkin' And Thinkin'
Duke USA127May 19547"48.0 
Little Junior Parker, The Blue Flames

A: Backtracking
B: I Wanna Ramble
Duke USA137Apr 19557"3  
Little Junior Parker

A: Driving Me Mad
B: There Better Not Be No Feet (In Them Shoes)
Duke USA147Oct 19557"5  
Junior Parker

A: Mother-In-Law Blues
B: That's My Baby
Duke USA157Aug 19567"3  
Little Junior Parker

A: Next Time You See Me
B: My Dolly Bee
Duke USA164Feb 19577"2  
Little Junior Parker

A: Peaches
B: Pretty Little Doll
Duke USA177Sep 19577"1  
Little Junior Parker

A: Pretty Baby
B: That's Alright
Duke USA168Dec 19577"27.0 
Little Junior Parker

A: Wondering
B: Sitting And Thinking
Duke USA184Apr 19587"3  
Little Junior Parker

A: Barefoot Rock
B: What Did I Do
Duke USA193Jun 19587"510.0 
Little Junior Parker

A: Sweet Home Chicago
B: Sometimes
Duke USA301Dec 19587"210.0 
Little Junior Parker

A: Five Long Years
B: I´m Holding On
Duke USA306Apr 19597"3  
Little Junior Parker

A: Stranded
B: Blue Letter
Duke USA309Aug 19597"49.0 
Little Junior Parker

A: Dangerous Woman
B: Belinda Marie
Duke USA315Dec 19597"0  
Little Junior Parker

A: You're On My Mind
B: The Next Time
Duke USA317Mar 19607"1  
Little Junior Parker

A: That's Just Alright
B: I'll Learn To Love Again
Duke USA326Aug 19607"2  
Little Junior Parker

A: Stand By Me
B: I'll Forget About You
Duke USA330Dec 19607"2  
Junior Parker

A: Driving Wheel
B: Seven Days
Duke USA335Apr 19617"07.0 
Little Junior Parker

A: Driving Wheel
B: Seven Days
Duke USA335Apr 19617"2  
Little Junior Parker

A: In The Dark
B: How Long Can This Go On
Duke USA341Sep 19617"2  
Little Junior Parker

A: Annie Get Your Yo-Yo
B: Mary Jo
Duke USA345Jan 19627"99.0$19
Junior Parker

A: Sweeter As The Days Go By
B: I Feel Alright Again
Duke USA351Jun 19627"1  
Junior Parker

A: Foxy Devil
B: Someone Somewhere
Duke USA357Nov 19627"2  
Junior Parker

A: It's A Pity
B: Last Night
Duke USA362Apr 19637"1  
Junior Parker

A: If You Don't Love Me
B: I Can't Forget About You
Duke USA364Apr 19637"2  
Junior Parker

A: If You Don't Love Me
B: If You Don't Love Me
Duke USA364Apr 1963Promo Only 7"0  
Junior Parker

A: Yonders Wall
B: The Tables Have Turned
Duke USA367Aug 19637"27.0 
Little Jr. Parker

A: Strange Things Happening
B: I'm Gonna Stop
Duke USA371Dec 19637"17.0 
Junior Parker

A: Things I Used To Do
B: That's Why I'm Always Crying
Duke USA376May 19647"0  
Junior Parker

A: Jivin' Woman
B: I'm In Love
Duke USA384Nov 19647"1  
Junior Parker

A: Crying For My Baby
B: Guess You Don't Know (The Golden Rule)
Duke USA389Apr 19657"37.0 
Junior Parker

A: These Kind Of Blues (Pt. 1)
B: These Kind Of Blues (Pt. 2)
Duke USA394Oct 19657"2  
Junior Parker

A: Goodbye Little Girl
B: Walking The Floor Over You
Duke USA398Mar 19667"3  
Junior Parker

A: Get Away Blues
B: Why Do You Make Me Cry
Duke USA406Jul 19667"4  
Junior Parker

A: Baby Please
B: Just Like A Fish
Mercury USA72620Sep 19667"4  
Junior Parker

A: Man Or Mouse
B: Wait For Another Day
Duke USA413Dec 19667"2 $27
Junior Parker

A: You Can Make It If You Try
B: (Ooh Wee Baby) That's The Way You Make Me Feel
Mercury USA72651Jan 19677"0  
Junior Parker

A: Country Girl
B: Sometimes I Wonder
Mercury USA72672Apr 19677"0  
Junior Parker

A: I Can't Put My Finger On It
B: If I Had Your Love
Mercury USA72699Jul 19677"1  
Junior Parker

A: Hurtin' Inside
B: What A Fool I Was
Mercury USA72733Oct 19677"0  
Junior Parker

A: Your Love's All Over Me
B: It Must Be Love
Mercury USA72793Mar 19687"2  
Jr. Parker

A: Lovin' Man On Your Hands
B: Reconsider Baby
Blue Rock USAB-4067Oct 19687"3  
Junior Parker

A: Lover To Friend
B: I Got Money
Blue Rock USAB-4064Jan 19697"2  
Junior Parker

A: I´m So Satisfied
B: Ain´t Gon´ Be No Cutting Aloose
Blue Rock USAB-4080Apr 19697"48.0 
Junior Parker

A: Easy Lovin'
B: You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down
Blue Rock USAB-4088Aug 19697"2  
Little Jr. Parker

A: Let The Good Times Roll
B: Worried Life Blues
Minit USA32080Oct 19697"39.0 
Junior Parker

A: You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down
B: Easy Lovin'
Mercury USA73030Mar 19707"1  
Junior Parker

A: You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down [Mono]
B: You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down [Stereo]
Mercury USA73030Mar 1970Promo Only 7"0  

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