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Kathy Linden - Discography

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b. 1935 (?) Moorestown, New Jersey
  USA  17
  UK  11
  Japan  6
  Canada  3
  Germany  3
  Australia  2
  Denmark  1
  Finland  1
  India  1
  New Zealand  1
All Records  46
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Kathy Linden

A: It's Just My Luck To Be Fifteen
B: The Touch Of Love
National [NYC late 1950s] USANL-106Sep 19577"2 
Kathy Linden

A: Billy
B: If I Could Hold You In My Arms
Felsted USA45-851019587"59.0
Kathy Linden

A: You'd Be Surprised
B: Why Oh Why
Felsted USA45-8521May 19587"2 
Kathy Linden

A: Oh Johnny, Oh!
B: Georgie
Felsted USA45-8533Jun 19587"0 
Kathy Linden

A: Kissin' Conversation
B: Just A Sandy Haired Boy Called Sandy
Felsted USA45-854419597"0 
Kathy Linden

A: Somebody Loves Me
B: You Walked Into My Life
Felsted USA45-8554Jan 19597"1 
Kathy Linden

A: Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye
B: Heartaches At Sweet Sixteen
Felsted USA45-8571Mar 19597"78.0
Kathy Linden

A: So Close To My Heart
B: You Don't Know Girls
Felsted USA8587-VJul 19597"3 
Kathy Linden

A: Mary Lou Wilson And Johnny Brown
B: Think Love
Felsted USA45-8596Oct 19597"0 
Kathy Linden

A: Allentown Jail
B: That's What Love Is
Monument USA45-420Apr 19607"0 
Kathy Linden

A: The Willow Weeps
B: Midnight
Monument USA45-423Jul 19607"0 
Kathy Linden

A: Take Me Home (To My Lover)
B: We Had Words
Monument USA45-428Nov 19607"0 
Kathy Linden

A: Take Me Home, Jimmy
B: So In Love (With You)
Monument USA45-436Mar 19617"0 
Kathy Linden

A: Billy Is My Boyfriend
B: Put A Ring On My Finger
RPC USA504Jun 19617"0 
Kathy Linden

A: Remember Me (To Jimmy)
B: Beautiful Brown Eyes
Capitol USA4700Feb 19627"0 
Kathy Linden

A: There'll Always Be Sadness
B: Words
Capitol USA4770May 19627"0 
Kathy Linden

A: If You Really Love Me (Take Me Home)
B: Jimmy
Capitol USA4811Jul 19627"2 

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