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Kathy Mattea - Discography

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  USA  25
  Canada  5
  UK  3
  Australia  2
  Germany  1
All Records  36
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Kathy Mattea

A: Street Talk
B: Heartbeat
Mercury USA814 375-719837"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Love At The Five And Dime
B: You Can't Run Away From Your Heart
Mercury USA884 573-719867"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Walk The Way The Wind Blows
B: Come Home To West Virginia
Mercury USA884 978-719867"1 
Kathy Mattea

A: Late In The Day
B: Untold Stories
Mercury USA870 476-719877"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Train Of Memories
B: Evenin'
Mercury USA888 574-719877"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Goin' Gone
B: Every Love
Mercury USA888 874-719877"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses
B: Like A Hurricane
Mercury USA870 148-719887"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Come From The Heart
B: True North
Mercury USA872 766-719897"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Burnin' Old Memories
B: Hills Of Alabam'
Mercury USA874 672-719897"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Burnin' Old Memories
B: Hills Of Alabam'
Mercury USA874 672-719897"1 
Kathy Mattea

A: Where've You Been
B: I'll Take Care Of You
Mercury USA876 262-719897"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: She Came From Fort Worth
B: Here's Hopin'
Mercury USA876 746-719897"0 
Kathy Mattea And Tim O'Brien

A: The Battle Hymn Of Love

Kathy Mattea

B: Leaving West Virginia
Mercury USA875 692-719907"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: A Few Good Things Remain
B: Evenin'
Mercury USA876 246-719907"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Whole Lotta Holes
B: Quarter Moon
Mercury USA868 394-719917"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Asking Us To Dance
B: Where've You Been
Mercury USA868 866-719917"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Time Passes By
B: What Could Have Been
Mercury USA878 934-719917"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Seeds (Radio Remix)
B: Lonely At The Bottom
Mercury USA422-862 064-719927"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Listen To The Radio
B: Slow Boat
Mercury USA422-862 650-719927"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Lonesome Standard Time
B: Asking Us To Dance
Mercury USA864 318-719927"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses
B: Where've You Been
Collectables USACOL 483019927"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Maybe She's Human
B: Who Turned Out The Light
Mercury USA422-856 262-719947"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Nobody's Gonna Rain On Our Parade
B: Grand Canyon
Mercury USA422-858 800-718 Jul 19947"0 
Kathy Mattea

A: Clown In Your Rodeo
B: Who's Gonna Know
Mercury USA422-856 484-719957"0 
Kathy Mattea

B: The Innocent Years
Mercury USA088 172 173-720007"0 

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