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Kay Starr - Discography

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  USA  72
  UK  27
  Australia  11
  Canada  7
  New Zealand  3
  Germany  2
  Netherlands  2
  Denmark  1
  Finland  1
  Sweden  1
All Records  127
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Kay Starr

A: I Wish I Had A Wishbone
B: There's Yes! Yes! In Your Eyes
Capitol USA54-68119497"1 
Kay Starr

A: A Game Of Broken Hearts
B: Tell Me How Long The Train's Been Gone
Capitol USAF792Jan 19507"0 
Kay Starr

A: Bonaparte's Retreat
B: Someday Sweetheart
Capitol USAF936Apr 19507"0 
Kay Starr And Tennessee Ernie

A: Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own
B: I'll Never Be Free
Capitol USAF1124Jul 19507"1 
Kay Starr And Tennessee Ernie

A: I'll Never Be Free
B: Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own
Capitol USAF162319517"19.0
Kay Starr

A: Honeymoon (The Waning Honeymoon)
B: Bonaparte's Retreat
Capitol USAF165219517"0 
Kay Starr

A: Come On-A My House
B: Hold Me, Hold Me, Hold Me
Capitol USAF171019517"2 
Kay Starr

A: On A Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
B: Two Brothers
Capitol USAF185619517"0 
Kay Starr

A: Lovesick Blues
B: Evenin'
Capitol USAF1357Jan 19517"1 
Kay Starr And Tennessee Ernie

A: Oceans Of Tears
B: You're My Sugar
Capitol USAF1567Jun 19517"0 
Kay Starr

A: Angry
B: Don't Tell Him What's Happened To Me
Capitol USAF1796Sep 19517"0 
Kay Starr

A: Wabash Cannon Ball
B: So Tired
Capitol USAF166019527"0 
Kay Starr

A: Wheel Of Fortune
B: I Wanna Love You
Capitol USAF19646 Feb 19527"0 
Kay Starr

A: I Waited A Little Too Long
B: (Ho Ho Ha Ha) Me Too
Capitol USAF2062Apr 19527"0 
Kay Starr

A: Comes A-Long A-Love
B: Three Letters
Capitol USAF2213Sep 19527"3 
Kay Starr

The Hits Of Kay Starr

A1: Wheel Of Fortune
A2: Comes A-Long A-Love
B1: Three Letters
B2: Bonaparte's Retreat
Capitol USAEAP 1-4151953EP0 
Kay Starr

The Hits Of Kay Starr - Part 2

A1: I Waited A Little Too Long
A2: Kay's Lament
B1: Half A Photograph
B2: Fool, Fool, Fool
Capitol USAEAP 2-4151953EP0 
Kay Starr

The Kay Starr Style

A1: Side By Side
A2: It's The Talk Of The Town
B1: Waiting At The End Of The Road
B2: I Just Couldn't Take It Baby
C1: The Breeze (That's Bringin' My Honey Back To Me)
C2: To-Night You Belong To Me
D1: Too Busy!
D2: What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry
Capitol USAEBF-3631953Double Pack1 
Kay Starr

The Kay Starr Style

A1: Side By Side
A2: It's The Talk Of The Town
B1: Too Busy!
B2: What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry
Capitol USAFI-3631953EP0 
Kay Starr

A: Side By Side
B: Noah!
Capitol USAF233425 Apr 19537"2 
Kay Starr

A: Half A Photograph
B: Allez-Vous-En
Capitol USAF2464May 19537"0 
Kay Starr

A: When My Dreamboat Comes Home
B: Swamp-Fire
Capitol USAF2595Oct 19537"0 
Kay Starr

A: I'll Always Be In Love With You
B: Changing Partners
Capitol USAF2657Nov 19537"0 
Kay Starr

A: If You Love Me (Really Love Me)
B: The Man Upstairs
Capitol USAF 2769Mar 19547"1 
Kay Starr

A: Fortune In Dreams
B: Am I A Toy Or Treasure
Capitol USAF2887Aug 19547"2 
Kay Starr

A: Rock And Roll Waltz

Ames Brothers

B: Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane
United States Army Recruiting Service USA19557"0 
Kay Starr

"This Is Her Life"

A: If Anyone Finds This, I Love You
B: Turn Right
RCA Victor USA47-599919557"0 
Kay Starr

A: Foolishly Yours
B: For Better Or Worse
RCA Victor USA47-607919557"0 
Kay Starr

A: Without A Song
B: Home Sweet Home On The Range
RCA Victor USA47-624719557"2 
Kay Starr

A: Good And Lonesome
B: Where, What Or When
RCA Victor USA47-4146May 19557"0 
Kay Starr

A: Rock And Roll Waltz
B: I've Changed My Mind A Thousand Times
RCA Victor USA47-6359Dec 19557"2 
Kay Starr

A: Second Fiddle
B: Love Ain't Right
RCA Victor USA47-654119567"0 
Kay Starr

A: The Good Book
B: The Things I Never Had
RCA Victor USA47-661719567"0 
Kay Starr

A: Touch And Go
B: The Brass Ring
RCA Victor USA47-674819567"0 
Kay Starr

Blue Star

A1: You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do?)
A2: We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)
B1: Blue Star
B2: Little White Lies
RCA Victor USAEPA 1-15491957EP1 
Kay Starr

A: Jamie Boy
B: A Little Lonliness
RCA Victor USA47-6864Mar 19577"29.0
Kay Starr

A: My Heart Reminds Me
B: Flim Flam Floo
RCA Victor USA47-6981Jul 19577"110.0
Kay Starr

A: The Rock And Roll Waltz
B: My Heart Reminds Me
RCA Gold Standard USA447-041119587"1 
Kay Starr

A1: The Rock And Roll Waltz
A2: I've Changed My Mind A Thousand Times
B1: My Heart Reminds Me
B2: Second Fiddle
RCA Victor USAEPA 50181958EP1 
Kay Starr

A: Rockin' Chair
B: Stroll Me
RCA Victor USA47-7218Apr 19587"0 
Kay Starr

A: Bridge Of Sighs
B: Voodoo Man
RCA Victor USA47-7338Sep 19587"0 
Kay Starr

A: Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
B: He Cha Cha'd In
RCA Victor USA47-741419597"0 
Kay Starr

A: I Couldn't Care Less
B: (I Don't Care) Only Love Me
RCA Victor USA47-7521Apr 19597"0 
Kay Starr

A: Riders In The Sky
B: Night Train
Capitol USAF4295Oct 19597"0 
Kay Starr

A: Just For A Thrill
B: Out In The Cold Again
Capitol USA441919607"0 
Kay Starr

A: You Always Hurt The One You Love
B: Gonna Get A Guy
Capitol USA4339Feb 19607"0 
Kay Starr

A: Well I Ask Ya
B: Rough Riders
Capitol USA462019617"0 
Kay Starr

A: Foolin' Around
B: Kay's Lament
Capitol USA4542Mar 19617"2 
Kay Starr

A: I'll Never Be Free
B: Nobody
Capitol USA4583Jun 19617"0 
Kay Starr

A: Bossa Nova Casanova
B: Swingin' At The Hungry-O
Capitol USA489419627"0 

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