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Keith Colley - Discography

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Keith Colley

A: Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
B: It's Nice Out Tonight
Era USA3054Aug 19617"2 
Keith Colley

A: (And Her Name Is) Scarlett
B: Put Em Down
Era USA3067Dec 19617"1 
Keith Colley

A: The Puppet
B: Discover A Lover
JAF USA250219627"0 
Keith Colley

A: The Number
B: Someone To Take Your Place
Era USA3078May 19627"3 
Keith Colley

A: Heartbreaker, USA
B: Heartbreaker, USA
Unical USA30041963Promo Only 7"0 
Keith Colley

A: Enamorado
B: No-Joke
Unical USA3006Sep 19637"3 
Keith Colley

A: Queridita Mia (Little Darlin')
B: Ramblin' Bee
Unical USA3011Nov 19637"3 
Keith Colley

A: Cuando La Luna
B: Aladdin
Unical USA301319647"0 
Keith Colley

A: Welcome Home Baby
B: Billy Girl
Vee Jay USAVJ 682May 19657"4 
Keith Colley

A: Up Off My Knees
B: Tonight I'm Telling You
Challenge USA59334Jul 19667"2 
Keith Colley

A: Enamorado
B: Shame, Shame
Columbia USA4-4441026 Dec 19677"2 
Keith Colley

A: Sugaree (Sugar Every Day And Night Girl)
B: You're In Trouble My Friend
Challenge USA50419687"0 
Keith Colley

A: Sugaree (Sugar Every Day And Night Girl)
B: Sugaree (Sugar Every Day And Night Girl)
Challenge USA5041968Promo Only 7"0 
Keith Colley

A: Enamorado
B: Enamorado
White Whale USAWW-311Jun 1969Promo Only 7"6 

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