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Ken Boothe - Discography

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  UK  76
  Jamaica  74
  USA  7
  Germany  4
  Ireland  2
  Netherlands  2
  Belgium  1
  Spain  1
All Records  167
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Stranger And Ken

A: Thick In Your Love
B: All Your Friend
R & B UKJB 12019637"0 
Stranger Cole

A: Hush Baby

Stranger And Ken

B: Last Love
Rio UKR 2719647"16.0
Stranger And Ken

A: I Want To Go Home

Richard Saunders [Reggae]

B: The Sign Of The Times
Black Swan UKWI 46519657"2 
Ken Boothe

A: You're No Good

The Soulettes

B: Don't Care What The People Say
Ska Beat UKJB 24819667"110.0
Ken Boothe

A: Train Is Coming
B: This Is Me
Island UKWI 3020Jan 19677"3 
Ken Boothe

A: I Don't Want To See You Cry
B: Baby I Need You
Island UKWI 3035Apr 19677"1 
Ken Boothe

A: Feel Good
B: Mustang Sally
Studio 1 UKSO 2000May 19677"2 
Ken Boothe

A: Lonely Teardrops
B: Oo We Baby
Coxsone UKCS 7006Aug 19677"210.0
Ken Boothe

A: Puppet On A String

Roland Alphonso

B: Lookaway Ska
Studio 1 UKSO 201211 Aug 19677"4 
Ken Boothe

A: Fatty Fatty
B: Mother Word
Studio 1 UKSO 201425 Aug 19677"210.0
Ken Boothe

A: Home, Home, Home

Soul Brothers [Jamaica]

B: Windell
Coxsone UKCS 7020Nov 19677"19.0
Ken Boothe

A: Why Did You Leave
B: Don't Try To Reach Me
Studio 1 UKSO 2026Nov 19677"2 
Ken Booth With Tommy McCook And The Supersonics

A: The One I Love
B: You Left The Water Running
Caltone UKTONE 107Nov 19677"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Can't You See
B: I Remember Someone
Fab UKFAB 6319687"1 
Ken Boothe

A: Everybody Knows

The Gaylads

B: I Am Free
Coxsone UKCS 7041Mar 19687"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Tomorrow
B: Moving Away
Studio 1 UKSO 205312 Jul 19687"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Lady With The Starlight

Leslie Butler And Count Ossie

B: Gay Drums
High Note UKHS 00322 Nov 19687"0 
Ken Boothe

A: You're On My Mind

Richard Ace And The Sound Dimensions

B: Love To Cherish
Studio 1 UKSO 2073Feb 19697"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Sherry
B: I've Got You
Coxsone UKCS 7094Jun 19697"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Pleading

Sound Dimention

B: Call 1143
Bamboo UKBAM 4Dec 19697"110.0
Ken Boothe

A: Be Yourself

Sound Dimention

B: Rathid
Bamboo UKBAM 8Dec 19697"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Why Baby Why
B: Keep My Love From Fading
Trojan UKTR 7716Dec 19697"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Artibella

Phil Pratt All Stars

B: Version Of Artibella
Punch UKPH 3019707"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Artibella
B: From The Day I Know
Punch UKPH 301970Promo Only 7"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Morning
B: Morning (Version)
Punch UKPH 3319707"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Freedom Street

Beverley's All Stars

B: Freedom Version
Trojan UKTR-775619707"0 
Ken Boothe

A: I'ts Gonna Take A Miracle
B: Now I Know
Trojan UKTR 777219707"1 
Ken Boothe

A: Drums Of Freedom

Beverley All Stars

B: Drum Version
Trojan UKTR 778019707"0 
Ken And Bibi

A: Marcus, Norman And Paul
B: Marcus, Norman And Paul Version
Ackee UKACK 14119717"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Original Six (Part One)
B: Original Six (Part Two)
Banana UKBA 35219717"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Hallelujah
B: Trying To Reach
Dynamic UKDYN-41119717"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Give It To Me
B: Why
Gas UKGAS 16919717"0 
Phil Pratt All Stars

A: Cut Throat

Ken Boothe

B: Left The Water
Jackpot UKJP 74819717"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Stop Your Crying

The Conscious Minds

B: Suffering Through The Nation
Punch UKPH 7019717"0 
Ken Boothe

A: I Wish It Could Be Peaceful Again

Beverley's All Stars

B: Peaceful Version
Summit UKSUM 851819717"0 
James Chambers

A: Bongo Man

Ken Boothe

B: Now I Know
Summit UKSUM 852319717"2 
Ken Boothe

A: Medley Version 1
B: Medley Version 2
Green Door UKGD 40021 Oct 19717"0 
Ken Boothe

A: So Nice
B: So Nice - Version
Big Shot UKBI 5908 Oct 19717"0 
Ken Boothe And In Crowd

A: Make Me Feel Alright

In Crowd

B: Down On The Corner
Ashanti UKASH 40319727"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Ain't No Sunshine

Lloyd And Hortense

B: You Are Everything
Camel UKCA 9119727"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Tears From My Eyes

Conscious Minds

B: Version
Dynamic UKDYN 45319727"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Have I Sinned
B: Sinned (Version)
Green Door UKGD 403119727"1 
Lloydie And Ken

A: Have You Seen Her

Ken Boothe

B: Have You Seen Her
Punch UKPH 11019727"0 
Ken Booth

A: Look What You Done To Me

Lloyd Charmers

B: Version
Pama Supreme UKPS 36919727"0 
Shark Wilson

A: The Truth

Ken Booth

B: I Dont Know Why
Lord Koos UKKOO 01119737"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Silver Words

The Now Generation

B: Rasta God - Version
Green Door UKGD 40532 Mar 19737"19.5
Ken Boothe

A: Is It Because I'm Black?
B: Black Gold And Green
Trojan UKTR 789322 Jun 19737"710.0
Ken Boothe

A: Let's Get It On


B: Mother Mary
Trojan UKTR 790714 Dec 19737"210.0
Ken Boothe

A: That's The Way Nature Planned It
B: That's The Way Nature Planned It (Pt. 2)
Trojan UKTR 79108 Mar 19747"19.0
Ken Boothe

A: Everything I Own
B: Drum Song
Trojan UKTR 792010 May 19747"58.4

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