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Labi Siffre - Discography

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  UK  30
  Germany  11
  Netherlands  8
  USA  7
  New Zealand  6
  Ireland  5
  Australia  2
  Yugoslavia  1
All Records  70
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Labi Siffre

A: Too Late
B: Make My Day
Pye International UK7N 2552810 Jul 19707"29.0
Labi Siffre

A: Thank Your Lucky Star
B: When You Find You Need A Friend
Pye International UK7N 25542Feb 19717"1 
Labi Siffre

A: Get To The Country
B: A Feeling I Got
Pye International UK7N 255609 Jul 19717"1 
Labi Siffre

A: It Must Be Love
B: To Find Love
Pye International UK7N 255725 Nov 19717"18.0
Labi Siffre

A: Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying
B: Why Did You Go, Why Did You Leave Me
Pye International UK7N 255763 Mar 19727"18.0
Labi Siffre

A: Watch Me
B: Here We Are
Pye International UK7N 2558614 Jul 19727"1 
Labi Siffre

A: Give Love
B: Last Night Tonight
Pye International UK7N 2560219 Jan 19737"2 
Labi Siffre

A: If You Have Faith
B: Oh Me Oh My Mr. City Goodbye
Pye International UK7N 2562919 Oct 19737"010.0
Labi Siffre

A: Dreamer
B: Turn On Your Love
EMI UKEMI 220430 Aug 19747"0 
Labi Siffre

A: Another Year
B: Some Say
EMI UKEMI 226031 Jan 19757"2 
Labi Siffre

A: Love-A-Love-A-Love-A-Love-A-Love
B: Goodbye To Love
EMI UKEMI 235710 Oct 19757"0 
Labi Siffre

A: Staride To Nowhere
B: Sally Came To Stay
EMI UKEMI 23946 Feb 19767"0 
Labi Siffre

A: You've Got A Hold On Me
B: La-De-Da-De-Da (Lost Without Your Love)
EMI UKEMI 252622 Oct 19767"19.0
Labi Siffre

A: Do The Best You Can
EMI UKEMI 257728 Jan 1977Promo Only 7"1 
Labi Siffre

A: Do The Best You Can
B: Hot And Dirty In The City
EMI UKEMI 257728 Jan 19777"1 
Labi Siffre

A: Solid Love
B: You Hurt Me
EMI UKEMI 27507 Apr 19787"1 
Labi [Siffre] And Jackie

A: One World Song
B: We Got Love
EMI UKEMI 50234 Jan 19807"23.0
Labi Siffre

A: Run To Him
B: The Love Thing
Polydor UKPOSP 215Jan 19817"0 
Labi Siffre

A: Nightmare
B: The Love Thing
Polydor UKPOSP 486Aug 19827"1 
Labi Siffre

A: It Must Be Love
B: Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying
Old Gold UKOG 9637Oct 19867"0 
Labi Siffre

A: (Something Inside) So Strong
B: I'm Alright
China UKWOK 12Feb 19877"38.0
Labi Siffre

A: (Something Inside) So Strong
B: Hard Road
China UKWOK 12Feb 19877"0 
Labi Siffre

A: Nothin's Gonna Change
B: The Secret
China UKWOK 162 Nov 19877"1 
Labi Siffre

A: Listen To The Voices (7" Edition)
B: Never Let You Down
China UKCHINA 9Sep 19887"1 
Labi Siffre

A: City Of Dreams (New Version)
B: Man Of Reason (Live Version)
China UKDJ WOK 20131991Promo Only 7"0 
Labi Siffre

A: Most People Sleep Alone
B: Schooldays
China UKWOK 200319917"0 
Labi Siffre

A: A Matter Of Love
B: Wash Away Your Troubles In Love
China UKWOK 200619917"1 
Labi Siffre

A: I Got The...

All The People

B: Cramp Your Style
Stateside UKSS 222820037"0 
Labi Siffre

A: I Got The
B: The Vulture
Stateside UKSS 223220067"0 

Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

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Labi [Siffre] And Jackie

A: One World Song
Abbey Road Studios / EMI UKJan 1980Acetate0 

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