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Leo Sayer - Discography

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  UK  39
  USA  34
  Australia  25
  Germany  25
  Netherlands  24
  Canada  14
  New Zealand  13
  Portugal  12
  Ireland  9
  Brazil  7
  Spain  6
  France  5
  Sweden  5
  Belgium  4
+ More Countries (26 Total)All Records  243
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Leo Sayer

A: Why Is Everybody Going Home
B: Quicksand
Chrysalis UKCHS 201410 Aug 19737"28.0
Leo Sayer

A: The Show Must Go On
B: Tomorrow
Chrysalis UKCHS 20232 Nov 19737"28.5
Leo Sayer

A: One Man Band
B: Drop Back
Chrysalis UKCHS 2045Jun 19747"15.0
Leo Sayer

A: Long Tall Glasses
B: In My Life
Chrysalis UKCHS 2052Sep 19747"04.8
Leo Sayer

A: Moonlighting
B: Streets Of Your Town
Chrysalis UKCHS 2076Aug 19757"47.5
Leo Sayer

A: Let It Be
B: Another Year
Chrysalis UKCHS 2080Dec 19757"31.0
Leo Sayer

A: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
B: Magdalena
Chrysalis UKCHS 211929 Oct 19767"16.8
Leo Sayer

A: When I Need You
B: I Think We Fell In Love Too Fast
Chrysalis UKCHS 212714 Jan 19777"37.8
Leo Sayer

A: How Much Love
B: I Hear The Laughter
Chrysalis UKCHS 214015 Apr 19777"17.8
Leo Sayer

A: Thunder In My Heart
B: Get The Girl
Chrysalis UKCHS 216326 Aug 19777"17.6
Leo Sayer

A: There Isn't Anything I Wouldn't Do
B: World Keeps On Turning
Chrysalis UKCHS 2190Nov 19777"87.5
Leo Sayer

A: Dancing The Night Away
B: Tell Me Just One More Time
Chrysalis UKCHS 2218Apr 19787"01.0
Leo Sayer

A: I Can´t Stop Loving You (Though I Try)
B: No Looking Back
Chrysalis UKCHS 2240Sep 19787"19.0
Leo Sayer

A: Raining In My Heart
B: Don't Look Away
Chrysalis UKCHS 2277Nov 19787"27.5
Leo Sayer

A1: When The Money Runs Out
A2: An Englishman Lost In The USA
Chrysalis UKSep 1979Flexi1 
Leo Sayer

A: When The Money Runs Out
B: Takin' The Easy Way Out
Chrysalis UKCHS 2361Sep 19797"16.0
Leo Sayer

A: The World Has Changed
B: Oh Girl
Chrysalis UKCHS 23709 Nov 19797"1 
Leo Sayer

A: More Than I Can Say
B: Only Fooling
Chrysalis UKCHS 2442Jun 19807"39.0
Leo Sayer

A: Once In A While
B: Living In A Fantasy
Chrysalis UKCHS 2460Sep 19807"09.0
Leo Sayer

A: Where Did We Go Wrong
B: Millionare
Chrysalis UKCHS 2469Dec 19807"1 
Leo Sayer

A1: Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love
B1: You Win I Lose
B2: She's Not Coming Back
Chrysalis UKCHS 2498Feb 19817"0 
Leo Sayer

A: Living In A Fantasy
B: Millionaire
Chrysalis UKCHS 2513May 19817"1 
Leo Sayer

A: Have You Ever Been In Love
B: I Don't Need Dreaming Anymore
Chrysalis UKCHS 2596Mar 19827"09.0
Leo Sayer

A: Heart (Stop Beating In Time)
B: The End Of The Game
Chrysalis UKCHS 2616May 19827"18.7
Leo Sayer

A: Heart(Stop Beating In Time)
B: The End Of The Game
Chrysalis UKCHSP 2616May 1982Picture Disc0 
Leo Sayer

A: Orchard Road
B: Gone Solo
Chrysalis UKCHS 2677Feb 19837"59.5
Leo Sayer

A: Till You Come Back To Me
B: Train
Chrysalis UKLEO 1Sep 19837"1 
Leo Sayer

A: Sea Of Heartbreak
B: Easy To Love
Chrysalis UKLEOP 21984Shaped Disc0 
Leo Sayer

A: Sea Of Heartbreak
B: Easy To Love
Chrysalis UKLEO 2Jan 19847"27.0
Leo Sayer

A: Unchained Melody
B: Heart For Sale
Chrysalis UKLEO 3Dec 19857"11.0
Leo Sayer

A: Real LIfe
B: The Girl Is With Me
Chrysalis UKLEO 4Apr 19867"0 
Leo Sayer

A: Solo
B: Passion
Chrysalis UKLEO 5Oct 19867"0 
Leo Sayer

A: The Show Must Go On
B: One Man Band
Old Gold UKOG 9687Feb 19877"01.0
Leo Sayer

A: Moonlighting
B: Long Tall Glasses
Old Gold UKOG 9689Feb 19877"01.0
Leo Sayer

A: When I Need You
B: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
Old Gold UKOG 9691Feb 19877"01.0
Leo Sayer

A: Love Hurts


B: Kai Shado Rock
Freestyle Records UKFRS 219897"0 
Leo Sayer

A: When I Need You
B: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
Chrysalis UKCHS 352419907"01.0
Leo Sayer

A: Cool Touch (7" Mix)
B: The Only One
EMI UKEM 14719907"1 
Leo Sayer

A1: When I Need You
B1: 'til You Come Back To Me
B2: Don't Wait Until Tomorrow
Chrysalis UKCHS 3926Feb 19937"01.0

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