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Lester Sterling - Discography

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  UK  35
  Jamaica  11
  USA  5
All Records  51
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Lester Sterling And His Group

A: Air Raid Shelter

Roy And Annette

B: I Mean It
R & B UKJB 11119637"0 
Winston And Bibbie

A: Lover Man

Lester Sterling And His Group

B: Gravy Cool
R & B UKJB 11519637"0 
Lester Sterling And His Group

A: Hot Cargo

The Maytals

B: Marching On
R & B UKJB 15019647"08.0
Lester Sterling And His Group

A: Baskin Hop

The Maytals

B: Shining Light
R & B UKJB 15519647"0 
Stranger And Patsy

A: I'll Forgive You

Lester Sterling And His Group

B: Indian Summer
R & B UKJB 17219647"0 
Bobby Aitken

A: Rolling Stone

Lester Sterling

B: Man About Town
Rio UKR 3419647"07.0
Lester Sterling

A: Clean The City
B: Long Walk Home
Island UKWI 1211 May 19647"2 
Bobby Aitken

A: Jerico

Lester Sterling

B: Lunch Time
Black Swan UKW1 44131 Jul 19647"0 
Eric Morris

A: Home Sweet Home

Lester Sterling

B: 64 Special
Black Swan UKW1 4457 Aug 19647"0 
Lester Sterling With Tommy McCook And The Supersonics

A: Inez

Gloria Crawford

B: Sad Movies
Doctor Bird UKDB 105719667"0 
Lester Sterling

A: Super Special

The Slickers

B: Wala Wala
Blue Cat UKBS 13319687"0 
Owen Gray

A: Tell Me Baby

Lester Sterling

B: Tell Herman
Collins Down Beat UKCR 001519687"0 
Lester Sterling

A: Soul Voyage

Alva Lewis

B: Revelation
Doctor Bird UKDB 110719687"0 
Lester Sterling

A: Reggie In The Wind

The Soul Set

B: Try Me One More Time
Gas UKGS 10319687"5 
Slim Smith

A: On Broadway

Lester Sterling

B: Unity Is Strength
Unity UKUN 5001968Promo Only 7"0 
Lester Sterling And Stranger Cole

A: Bangarang

Stranger Cole

B: If We Should Ever Meet
Unity UKUN 50219687"0 
Lester Sterling

A: Reggie On Broadway

The Clique [Reggae]

B: Love Can Be Wonderful
Unity UKUN 50519687"0 
Val Bennett

A: The Russians Are Coming

Lester Sterling

B: Sir Lees Whip
Island UKWI 314619687"3 
Lester Sterling

A: Zigaloo
B: Wiser Than Soloman
Blue Cat UKBS 116Jun 19687"0 
Uniques [Jamaica]

A: Girl Of My Dreams

Lester Sterling

B: Tribute To King Scratch
Island UKWI 31452 Aug 19687"1 
Lester Sterling

A: Forest Gate Rock

Raving Ravers

B: Rock, Rock And Cry
Big Shot UKBI 50719697"0 
Lester Sterlin

A: Spoogy

Tommy McCook

B: Monkey Fiddle
Unity UKUN 50919697"0 
Lester Sterling

A: 1,000 Tons Of Megaton

King Cannon

B: Five Card Stud
Unity UKUN 5171969Promo Only 7"0 
Lester Sterling

A: Lonesome Feeling
B: Bright As A Rose
Unity UKUN 53119697"0 
Lester Sterling

A: Afrikaan Beat

The Paragons [Jamaica]

B: My Satisfaction
Coxsone UKCS 7080Jan 19697"0 
Lester Sterling

A: Slip Up

Dave Barker

B: On Broadway
Unity UKUN 56219707"0 
Lester Sterling And Rico Rodriguez

A: War Is Not The Answer Part 1

Lester Sterling

B: Unidentified Instrumental Track
New Beat UKNB 0951971Promo Only 7"0 
Lester Sterling

A: Iron Sound Part 1
B: Iron Sound Part 2
Ashanti UKASH 40919727"1 
Lester Sterling

A: War Is Not The Answer Part I


B: War Is Not The Answer Part II
Ashanti UKASH 41019727"2 
Lester Sterling And The Kayasonics

A: Age Of Revolution

The Kayasonics

B: D.D.T.
Count Shelly UKCS 00919737"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Closer Together

Lester Sterling

B: Everybody Needs Love (Instrumental)
Lord Koos UKKOO 2619737"0 
Hebert Lee

A: What Am I Living For

Lester Sterling

B: The Big Job
Count Shelly UKCS 05019747"0 
Lester Sterling

A: The Big Job

The Aggrovators

B: Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 06420127"0 
Sterling With Baba Brooks Band

A: So Long

Justin Hinds And The Dominoes

B: After A Storm
Trojan UK279847911 Jun 20127"1 
Val Bennett

A: The Russians Are Coming

Lester Sterling And Stranger Cole

B: Bangarang
Jackpot Revive UKJPR 70047"19.0

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