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Linda Lewis - Discography

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  UK  29
  USA  10
  Netherlands  8
  Germany  5
  Australia  2
  Canada  1
  New Zealand  1
  Portugal  1
  Rhodesia  1
All Records  58
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Linda Lewis

A: You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet
B: Do You Believe
Polydor UK56173Jul 19677"3 
Linda Lewis

A: We Can Win
B: Hampstead Way
Reprise UKK 1409619727"0 
Linda Lewis

A: Old Smokey
B: It's The Frame
Reprise UKK 142096 Oct 19727"1 
Linda Lewis

A: Rock A Doodle Doo
B: Reach For The Truth
Raft UKRA 1850218 May 19737"18.8
Linda Lewis

A: Play Around
B: On The Stage
Raft UKRA 1850528 Sep 19737"310.0
Linda Lewis

A: Sideway Shuffle
B: Safe And Sound
Raft UKRA 1850715 Mar 19747"1 
Linda Lewis

A: (Remember The Days Of) The Old Schoolyard
B: Cordon Blues
Bell UKBELL 140521 Feb 19757"6 
Linda Lewis

A: It's In His Kiss
B: Walk About
Arista UKARISTA 1720 Jun 19757"69.5
Linda Lewis

A: Rock And Roller Coaster
B: The Seaside Song
Arista UKARISTA 2526 Sep 19757"3 
Linda Lewis

A1: Rock A Doodle Doo
B1: Sideway Shuffle
B2: Play Around
Reprise UKK 1441427 Feb 19767"0 
Linda Lewis

A: Baby I'm Yours
B: The Other Side
Arista UKARISTA 4319 Mar 19767"3 
Linda Lewis

A: This Time I'll Be Sweeter
B: So Many Mysteries To Find
Arista UKARISTA 6530 Jul 19767"27.0
Linda Lewis

A: Winter Wonderland Edited Version
B: Winter Wonderland Full Length Version
Arista UKARISTA 82 DJNov 1976Promo Only 7"0 
Linda Lewis

A: Winter Wonderland
B: All Comes Back To Love
Arista UKARISTA 8210 Dec 19767"1 
Linda Lewis

A: Moon And I
B: Flipped Over Your Love
Arista UKARISTA 100Apr 19777"1 
Linda Lewis

A: Come Back And Finish What You Started
B: Never Been Done Before
Arista UKARISTA 12529 Jul 19777"18.0
Linda Lewis

A: Bonfire
B: No. 1 Heartbreaker
Arista UKARISTA 14321 Oct 19777"0 
Linda Lewis

A: Can't We Just Sit Down And Talk It Over
B: Light Years Away
Arista UKARIST 17010 Mar 19787"1 
Linda Lewis

A: I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You
B: The Best Days Of My Life
Arista UKARIST 24623 Mar 19797"3 
Linda Lewis

A: I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You
B: The Best Days Of My Life
Ariola UKARO 16613 Apr 19797"18.7
Linda Lewis

A: 109 Jamaica Highway
B: Beggars And Kings
Ariola UKARO 1815 Oct 19797"0 
Linda Lewis

A: Sleeping Like A Baby Now
B: Rolling For A While
Ariola UKARO 2078 Feb 19807"0 
Linda Lewis

A: That's Love (Habanera)
B: My Aphrodisiac Is You
Ariola UKARO 231Jun 19807"19.0
Linda Lewis

A: Why Can't I Be The Other Woman
B: Come On Back
Kaleidoscope UKKRLA 2860Oct 19827"0 
Linda Lewis

A: (Close The Door) Take Your Heart
B: I Am What I Am
Epic UKA3337Apr 19837"0 
Linda Lewis

A: This Boy
B: I Can Take It
Epic UKA3518Jun 19837"0 
Linda Lewis

A: Class / Style (I've Got It)
B: You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet
Electricity UKTRIC 5May 19847"0 
Linda Lewis

A: It's In His Kiss
B: (Remember The Days Of) The Old School Yard
Old Gold UKOG 9852Jan 19897"0 

Appears On

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Sounds Like Christmas

Johnny Mathis

A1: When A Child Is Born


A2: It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas

Elton John

B1: Step Into Christmas

Linda Lewis

B2: Winter Wonderland
Pushbike UKPBS 00351982EP0 

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