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Lloyd Price - Discography

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  USA  96
  UK  31
  Netherlands  30
  Australia  19
  New Zealand  11
  Canada  8
  Germany  6
  Sweden  6
  Belgium  3
  France  3
  Italy  2
  Jamaica  2
  Japan  2
  Norway  2
  Hong Kong  1
  Spain  1
  Bootleg  2
All Records  225
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Lloyd Price

A: Lawdy Miss Clawdy
B: Mailman Blues
Specialty USA428-45Apr 19527"3 
Lloyd Price

A: Oooh-Oooh-Oooh
B: Restless Heart
Specialty USASP 440-45Sep 19527"1 
Lloyd Price

A: Ain't It A Shame?
B: Tell Me Pretty Baby
Specialty USASP-452-45Jan 19537"0 
Lloyd Price

A: What's The Matter Now?
B: So Long
Specialty USASP-457-45Mar 19537"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Where You At?
B: Baby Don't Turn Your Back To Me
Specialty USASP-463-45May 19537"0 
Lloyd Price

A: I Wish Your Picture Was You
B: Frog Legs
Specialty USASP-471-45Aug 19537"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Too Late For Tears
B: Let Me Come Home, Baby
Specialty USASP-483-45Feb 19547"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Jimmie Lee
B: Walkin' The Track
Specialty USASP-494-45May 19547"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Chee-Koo Baby
B: Oo-Ee Baby
Specialty USASP-535-45Oct 19547"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Lord, Lord, Amen!
B: Tryin' To Find Someone To Love
Specialty USASP-540-45Jan 19557"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Just Because
B: Why
KRC USA58719567"0 
Lloyd Price

A: I Yi Yi Gomen-A-Sai (I'm Sorry)
B: Woe Ho Ho
Specialty USASP-571-45Mar 19567"1 
Lloyd Price

A: Country Boy Rock
B: Rock 'N' Roll Dance
Specialty USASP-578-45May 19567"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Forgive Me, Clawdy
B: I'm Glad, Glad
Specialty USASP-582-45Sep 19567"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Just Because
B: Why
ABC-Paramount USA45-9792Feb 19577"19.0
Lloyd Price

A: Baby, Please Come Home
B: Breaking My Heart (All Over Again)
Specialty USA602Apr 19577"1 
Lloyd Price

A: Lonely Chair
B: The Chicken And The Bop
KRC USAKRC 301-45Jul 19577"010.0
Lloyd Price

A: Georgianna
B: Hello Little Girl
KRC USAKRC 303-45Oct 19577"0 
Lloyd Price

A: To Love And Be Loved
B: How Many Times
KRC USAKRC 305-45Mar 19587"2 
Lloyd Price

A: No Limit To Love
B: Such A Mess
KRC USA5000May 19587"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Stagger Lee
B: You Need Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-9972Nov 19587"269.0
Lloyd Price

A: Stagger Lee
B: You Need Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-9972Dec 1958Special Edition 7"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)?
B: Is It Really Love?
ABC-Paramount USA45-9997Feb 19597"08.5
Lloyd Price

A: Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)?
B: Is It Really Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-9997Feb 1959Special Edition 7"1 
Lloyd Price

A: Lawdy Miss Clawdy
B: Mailman Blues
Specialty USA661Mar 19597"2 
Lloyd Price

A: Personality
B: Have You Ever Had The Blues
ABC-Paramount USA45-10018Apr 19597"510.0
Lloyd Price

A: (You've Got) Personality
B: Have You Ever Had The Blues
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-10,018Apr 1959Special Edition 7"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Gonna Let You Come Back Home
B: Down By The River
KRC USA5002Apr 19597"0 
Lloyd Price

A: I'm Gonna Get Married
B: Three Little Pigs
ABC-Paramount USA45-10032Jul 19597"39.0
Lloyd Price

A: Wont'cha Come Home
B: Come Into My Heart
ABC-Paramount USA45-10062Oct 19597"18.0
Lloyd Price

A: Lady Luck
B: Never Let Me Go
ABC-Paramount USA45-10,075Jan 19607"2 
Lloyd Price

A: No If's - No And's
B: For Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-10102Apr 19607"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Question
B: If I Look A Little Blue
ABC-Paramount USA45-10,123Jun 19607"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Just Call Me (And I'll Understand)
B: Who Coulda' Told You (They Lied)
ABC-Paramount USA45-10,139Aug 19607"1 
Lloyd Price

A: You Better Know What You're Doin'
B: That's Why Tears Come And Go
ABC-Paramount USA45-10162Oct 19607"0 
Rockin' On Fifth Avenue

Paul Anka

A1: Late Last Night
A2: That's Love

Lloyd Price

B1: You Need Love
B2: Yakety Yak, Bing Bang
ABC-Paramount USAEPP-141961EP0 
Lloyd Price

A: Boo Hoo
B: I Made You Cry
ABC-Paramount USA45-10177Jan 19617"0 
Lloyd Price

A: One Hundred Percent
B: Say, I'm The One
ABC-Paramount USA45-10197Mar 19617"0 
Lloyd Price

A: String Of Pearls
B: Chantilly Lace
ABC-Paramount USA45-10206Apr 19617"0 
Lloyd Price

A: I Ain't Givin' Up Nothin'
B: Mary And Man-O
ABC-Paramount USA45-10221May 19617"1 
Lloyd Price

A: Talk To Me
B: I Cover The Waterfront
ABC-Paramount USA45-10229Jun 19617"1 
Lloyd Price

A: Be A Leader
B: 'Nother Fairy Tale
ABC-Paramount USA45-10,288Jan 19627"39.0
Lloyd Price

A: Twistin' The Blues
B: Popeye's Irresistable You
ABC-Paramount USA45-10,299Feb 19627"1 
Lloyd Price

A: Your Picture
B: Counterfeit Friends
ABC-Paramount USA45-10342Jun 19627"1 
Lloyd Price

A: Under Your Spell Again
B: Happy Birthday Mama
ABC-Paramount USA45-10372Oct 19627"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Who's Sorry Now
B: Hello Bill
ABC-Paramount USA45-10412Feb 19637"1 
Lloyd Price

A: Pistol Packin' Mama
B: Tennessee Waltz
Double L USA714May 19637"5 
Lloyd Price

A: Misty
B: Cry On
Double L USA722Sep 19637"3 
Lloyd Price

A: Auld Lang Syne
B: Merry Christmas, Mama
Double L USA727Dec 19637"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Billie Baby
B: Try A Little Bit Of Tenderness
Double L USA729Dec 19637"1 

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