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Loren Mazzacane - Discography

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Loren Mazzacane

A1: Departure
A2: The Five Points
A3: Moonyean
B1: Soairse (Freedom)
B2: Little Shoes
Table Of Elements USAP 151993EP0 
Loren Mazza Cane Connors

The Stations Of The Cross

A1: Jesus Is Condemned To Death
A2: Jesus Carries The Cross; The First Fall
B1: Jesus Meets Mary
B2: Simon Helps Carry The Cross; Veronica Wipes His Face; The Second Fall
C1: Jesus Comforts The Women Of Jerusalem
C2: The Third Fall; Jesus Is Stripped Of His Garments; The Crucifixion
D1: Jesus Dies
D2: The Deposition
D3: Entombment
Menlo Park USA70021995Double Pack0 
The Azusa Plane

A: Vol. III : Every Wave Has It's Own Integrity

Loren MazzaCane Connors

B: Spirit
Doorstep Vinyl USADV 00319967"1 

Appears On

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Loren MazzaCane Connors

A1: O'Carolan

The Ghost Club

A2: Cool Air


A3: Two Left Channels Down ; Who Needs Enemies

Mr Quintron

B1: Backwards

Move D

B2: Kreek
Hayfever GermanyEP NO.6Jan 1999Bonus 7"1 
Tarantistic Seed Plot Of A World To Come

Daniel Menche

A1: Kum

Loren Mazzacane

A2: Night Through


A3: Flounder


B1: Lewis


B2: Shag Rug


B3: Fan Club Information
Road Cone USAROCO 00119927"0 

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