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Loretta Lynn - Discography

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  USA  104
  Canada  16
  UK  8
  New Zealand  7
  Australia  6
  Jamaica  1
  Netherlands  1
All Records  143
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Loretta Lynn

A: Whispering Sea
B: I'm A Honky Tonk Girl
Zero USAZ-107Mar 19607"3 
Loretta Lynn

A: Heartaches Meet Mr. Blues
B: New Rainbow
Zero USAZO-110Aug 19607"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: The Darkest Day
B: Gonna Pack My Troubles
Zero USA11219617"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: I Walked Away From The Wreck
B: The Girl That I Am Now
Decca USA31323Oct 19617"010.0
Loretta Lynn

A: Success
B: A Hundred Proof Heartache
Decca USA31384Apr 19627"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: Get Set For A Heartache
B: World Of Forgotten People
Decca USA31435Oct 19627"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: Color Of The Blues
B: Lonesome 7-7203
Decca USA7-342191963Special Edition 7"0 
Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn Sings

A1: Alone With You
A2: The Other Woman
A3: Success
B1: Color Of The Blues
B2: A Hundred Proof Heartache
B3: Act Naturally
Decca USA7-342261963EP0 
Loretta Lynn

A: The Other Woman
B: Who'll Help Me Get Over You
Decca USA31471Feb 19637"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: Before I'm Over You
B: Where Were You
Decca USA31541Oct 19637"1 
Loretta Lynn

A1: Wine, Women And Song
A2: The End Of The World
B1: Fool #1
B2: Get Set For A Heartache
Decca USAED 27841964EP0 
Loretta Lynn

A: Wine, Women and Song
B: This Haunted House
Decca USA31608Apr 19647"0 
Ernest Tubb And Loretta Lynn

A: Mr. And Mrs. Used To Be
B: Love Was Right Here All The Time
Decca USA31643Jul 19647"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: Happy Birthday
B: When Lonely Hits Your Heart
Decca USA31707Nov 19647"0 
Loretta Lynn

Songs From My Heart

A1: Happy Birthday
A2: You've Made Me What I Am
A3: It Just Looks That Way
B1: When Lonely Hits Your Heart
B2: Once A Day
B3: I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today
B4: Half A Mind
Decca USA7-343181965EP0 
Loretta Lynn

A: Blue Kentucky Girl
B: Two Steps Forward
Decca USA31769Apr 19657"0 
Ernest Tubb And Loretta Lynn

A: Our Hearts Are Holding Hands
B: We're Not Kids Anymore
Decca USA31793May 19657"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: The Home You're Tearin' Down
B: Farther To Go
Decca USA31836Aug 19657"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: Dear Uncle Sam
B: Hurtin' For Certain
Decca USA31893Jan 19667"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: You Ain't Woman Enough
B: God Gave Me A Heart To Forgive
Decca USA31966May 19667"410.0
Loretta Lynn

A: To Heck With Ole Santa Claus
B: It Won't Seem Like Christmas
Decca USA32043Nov 19667"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: Don't Come Home A'Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)
B: Saint To A Sinner
Decca USA32045Nov 19667"110.0
Loretta Lynn

Fist City

A1: Fist City
A2: What Kind Of A Girl (Do You Think I Am?)
A3: How Long Will It Take
B1: Somebody's Back In Town
B2: I Don't Wanna Play House
B3: A Satisfied Mind
Decca USADL 7345311967EP0 
Ernest Tubb And Loretta Lynn

A: Sweet Thang
B: Beautiful, Unhappy Home
Decca USA32091Feb 19677"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: If You're Not Gone Too Long
B: A Man I Hardly Know
Decca USA32127Apr 19677"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: What Kind Of Girl (Do You Think I Am?)
B: Bargain Basement Dress
Decca USA32184Aug 19677"09.0
Loretta Lynn

A: Fist City
B: Slowly Killing Me
Decca USA32264Feb 19687"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: You've Just Stepped In (From Stepping Out On Me)
B: (This Bottle's) Taking The Place Of My Man
Decca USA32332May 19687"18.0
Loretta Lynn

A: Your Squaw Is On The Warpath
B: Let Me Go, You're Hurtin' Me
Decca USA32392Oct 19687"010.0
Loretta Lynn

A: Woman Of The World (Leave My World Alone)
B: Sneakin' In
Decca USA32439Jan 19697"110.0
Ernest Tubb And Loretta Lynn

A: Who's Gonna Take The Garbage Out
B: Somewhere Between
Decca USA32496May 19697"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: To Make A Man (Feel Like A Man)
B: One Little Reason
Decca USA732513Jul 19697"0 
Ernest Tubb And Loretta Lynn

A: If We Put Our Heads Together (Our Hearts Will Tell Us What To Do)
B: I Chased You Til You Caught Me
Decca USA73257029 Sep 19697"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: Wings Upon Your Horns
B: Let's Get Back Down To Earth
Decca USA732586Oct 19697"0 
Loretta Lynn

Wings Upon Your Horns

A1: The Big Ole Hurt
A2: I'm Dynamite
A3: When I Reach The Bottom
B1: Wings Upon Your Horns
B2: I'll Still Be Missing You
B3: Let's Get Back Down To Earth
Decca USADL 7347311970Special Edition 7"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: I Know How
B: Journey To The End Of My World
Decca USA32637Feb 19707"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: I Know How
B: Journey To The End Of My World
Decca USA732637Feb 19707"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: You Wanna Give Me A Lift
B: What's The Bottle Done To My Baby
Decca USA32693Jun 19707"1 
Loretta Lynn

A: Coal Miner's Daughter
B: The Man Of The House
Decca USA327495 Oct 19707"110.0
Loretta Lynn

A: Coal Miner's Daughter [Mono]
B: Coal Miner's Daughter [Stereo]
Decca USA3274917 Oct 1970Promo Only 7"1 
Conway Twitty And Loretta Lynn

A: After The Fire Is Gone

Loretta Lynn And Conway Twitty

B: The One I Can't Live Without
Decca USA32776Jan 19717"010.0
Loretta Lynn

A: I Wanna Be Free
B: If I Never Love Again (It'll Be Too Soon)
Decca USA32796Feb 19717"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: You're Lookin' At Country
B: When You're Poor
Decca USA328515 Jul 19717"07.0
Loretta Lynn And Conway Twitty

A: Lead Me On
B: Four Glass Walls
Decca USA32873Sep 19717"19.5
Loretta Lynn

A: Here In Topeka
B: Kinfolks Holler
Decca USA32900Dec 19717"2 
Loretta Lynn

One's On The Way

A1: He's All I Got
A2: One's On The Way
A3: I Can't See Me Without You
B1: L-O-V-E, Love
B2: Too Wild To Be Tamed
B3: It's Not The Miles You Traveled
Decca USA348771972Special Edition 7"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: One's On The Way
B: Kinfolks Holler
Decca USA32900Jan 19727"1 
Loretta Lynn

A: Here I Am Again
B: My Kind Of Man
Decca USA32974Jun 19727"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: Rated "X"
B: 'Til The Pain Outwears The Shame
Decca USA33039Dec 19727"0 
Loretta Lynn

A: You Ain't Woman Enough
B: The Other Woman
MCA USAMCA-6009719737"0 

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