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  UK  51
  USA  42
  Germany  29
  New Zealand  27
  Canada  22
  Australia  21
  Netherlands  20
  France  13
  Belgium  10
  Ireland  8
  Denmark  7
  Mexico  7
  Italy  6
  Japan  6
+ More Countries (38 Total)All Records  332
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Lulu And The Luvers

A: Shout
B: Forget Me Baby
Decca UKF 1188417 Apr 19647"119.2

A: Can't Hear You No More
B: I Am In Love
Decca UKF 1196528 Aug 19647"210.0

A: Here Comes The Night
B: That's Really Some Good
Decca UKF 120176 Nov 19647"69.7


A1: Heatwave
A2: What's Easy For Two Is So Hard For One
B1: Nothing Left To Do But Cry
B2: The Trouble With Boys
Decca UKDFE 859720 Nov 1964EP29.0
Lulu And The Luvers

A: Satisfied
B: Surprise Surprise
Decca UKF 1212816 Apr 19657"17.0

A: Leave A Little Love
B: He Don't Want Your Love Anymore
Decca UKF 1216928 May 19657"58.2

A: Try To Understand
B: Not In This Whole World
Decca UKF 1221420 Aug 19657"48.5

A: Tell Me Like It Is
B: Stop Fooling Around
Decca UKF 12254Oct 19657"19.0

A: Call Me
B: After You
Decca UKF 1232621 Jan 19667"28.0

A: What A Wonderful Feeling
B: Tossin' And Turnin'
Decca UKF 1249116 Sep 19667"28.3

A: The Boat That I Row
B: Dreary Days And Nights
Columbia UKDB 81697 Apr 19677"59.1

A: Let's Pretend
B: To Sir With Love
Columbia UKDB 822123 Jun 19677"249.1

A: Love Loves To Love, Love
B: You And I
Columbia UKDB 829527 Oct 19677"49.4

A: Me, The Peaceful Heart
B: Lookout
Columbia UKDB 835816 Feb 19687"410.0

A: Boy
B: Sad Memories
Columbia UKDB 842524 May 19687"010.0

A: I'm A Tiger
B: Without Him
Columbia UKDB 85001 Nov 19687"77.5

A: Boom Bang-A-Bang
B: March!
Columbia UKDB 85507 Mar 19697"29.2

A: Oh Me, Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby)
B: Sweep Around Your Own Back Door
Atco UK226008Nov 19697"29.9
Lulu With The Dixie Flyers

A: Hum A Song (From Your Heart)


B: Mr. Bojangles
Atco UK2091 014Jun 19707"08.5

A: Got To Believe In Love
B: Move To My Rhythm
Atco UK2091 0498 Jan 19717"010.0

A: Everybody Clap
B: After The Feeling Is Gone
Atlantic UK2091 08323 Apr 19717"39.0

A: Even If I Could Change
B: You Ain't Wrong You Just Ain't Right
Atlantic UKK 1018516 Jun 19727"07.7

A: The Man Who Sold The World
B: Watch That Man
Polydor UK2001 49011 Jan 19747"108.8

A: The Man With The Golden Gun
B: A Boy Like You
Chelsea UK2005 01522 Nov 19747"19.0

A: Take Your Mama For A Ride (Part 1)
B: Take Your Mama For A Ride (Part 2)
Chelsea UK2005 02214 Mar 19757"29.0

A: Boy Meets Girl
B: Mama's Little Corner Of The World
Chelsea UK2005 03125 Jul 19757"37.0

A: Heaven And Earth And The Stars
B: A Boy Like You
Chelsea UK2005 04831 Oct 19757"0 

A: Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby)
B: Sweep Around Your Own Back Door
Atlantic UKK 1072619 Mar 19767"08.0

A: Your Love Is Everywhere
B: The Greatest Feelin' in the world
GTO UKGT 11620 Jan 19787"0 

A: Don't Take Love For Granted
B: Love Is The Sweetest Mistake
The Rocket Record Company UKXPRES 327 Oct 19787"0 

A: I Love To Boogie
B: Dance To The Feeling In Your Heart
The Rocket Record Company UKXPRES 158 Jun 19797"08.5

A: I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)
B: Dance To The Feeling In Your Heart
Alfa UKALF A1700Oct 19817"69.0

A: If I Were You
B: You Win, I Lose
Alfa UKALF A 1892Feb 19827"1 

A: I Will Do It For Your Love
B: How Can I Believe You
Alfa UKALF A2423May 19827"0 

A: Take Me To Your Heart Again
B: How Can I Believe You
Alfa UKALF A2664Aug 19827"1 
Lulu And The Luvers

A: Shout
B: Forget Me Baby
Decca UKF 11884Nov 19827"2 

A: Is That So
B: Tonights The Night
Lifestyle UKLIFE 9Mar 19847"0 
Lulu And The Luvvers

A: Shout

Dave Berry

B: The Crying Game
Old Gold UKOG 9393Jun 19847"89.0

A1: Shout
B1: Shout (Acapella Mix)
B2: Shout (Still Shouting Mix)
Jive UKLULU 1Jul 19867"1 
Lulu And The Luvvers

A: Shout
B: Forget Me Baby
Decca UKSHOUT 1Jul 19867"29.0

A1: My Boy Lollipop
B1: It's Only Love
C: Shout
D1: Shout (Acapella Mix)
D2: Shout (Still Shouting Mix)
Jive UKLULU D 2Nov 1986Double Pack0 

A: The Man Who Sold The World
B: Take Your Mama For A Ride
Old Gold UKOG 988724 Apr 19897"0 

A: Nellie The Elephant
B: Nellie The Elephant (Sing-A-Long)
Mercury UKNEL 119907"0 

A: Independence (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
B: Restless Moods
Dôme UKDOME 1001Jan 19937"28.5
Lulu And Bobby Womack

A: I'm Back For More


B: I'm Walking Away
Dôme UKDOME 1002Mar 19937"19.0

A: Let Me Wake Up In Your Arms
B: Save Your Soul
Dôme UKDOME 1005Aug 19937"19.0
Take That Featuring Lulu

A: Relight My Fire (Radio Version)

Take That

B: Why Can't I Wake Up With You (Live Version)
RCA UK74321 16772 727 Sep 19937"29.0

A: How 'bout Us
B: This Time Baby
Dôme UKDOME 1007Nov 19937"1 

Appears On

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Hits Vol. 2

The Fortunes

A1: You've Got Your Troubles

Marianne Faithfull

A2: Yesterday

Chris Andrews

B1: To Whom It Concerns


B2: Leave A Little Love
Decca UKDFE 86491965EP4 
Hits Vol. 6


A1: Don't Answer Me

Alan Price Set

A2: Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo

Small Faces

B1: All Or Nothing

Jonathan King

B2: Just Like A Woman
Decca UKDFE 86671966EP0 

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