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Marc Bolan And T. Rex - Discography

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  UK  127
  Germany  40
  France  24
  Australia  21
  Ireland  21
  Italy  21
  USA  21
  Japan  20
  Netherlands  17
  Spain  15
  Denmark  13
  New Zealand  13
  Norway  11
  Sweden  11
+ More Countries (41 Total)All Records  471
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Marc Bolan

A: The Wizard
B: Beyond The Risin' Sun
Decca UKF 1228819 Nov 19657"499.5
Marc Bolan

A: The Third Degree
B: San Francisco Poet
Decca UKF 124133 Jun 19667"68.7
Marc Bolan

A: Hippy Gumbo
B: Misfit
Parlophone UKR 553925 Nov 19667"286.0
Tyrannosaurus Rex

A: Deborah
B: Child Star
Regal Zonophone UKRZ 300819 Apr 19687"118.8
Tyrannosaurus Rex

A: One Inch Rock
B: Salamanda Palaganda
Regal Zonophone UKRZ 301123 Aug 19687"38.5
Tyrannosaurus Rex

A: Pewter Suitor
B: War Lord Of The Royal Crocodiles
Regal Zonophone UKRZ 301617 Jan 19697"79.0
Tyrannosaurus Rex

A: King Of The Rumbling Spires
B: Do You Remember
Regal Zonophone UKRZ 302225 Jul 19697"138.3
T. Rex

A1: Ride A White Swan
B1: Summertime Blues
B2: Jewel
Octopus (Fly) UKOCTO-119707"9 
Tyrannosaurus Rex

A: By The Light Of A Magical Moon
B: Find A Little Wood
Regal Zonophone UKRZ 3025Jan 19707"08.3
Tyrannosaurus Rex

A: By The Light Of The Magical Moon
B: Find A Little Wood
Regal Zonophone UKRZ 302516 Jan 19707"38.3
T. Rex

A1: Ride A White Swan
B1: Is It Love
B2: Summertime Blues
Fly UKBUG 12 Oct 19707"949.6
T. Rex

A1: Hot Love
B1: Woodland Rock
B2: The King Of The Mountain Cometh
Fly UKBUG 619 Feb 19717"299.4
T. Rex

A1: Get It On
B1: There Was A Time
B2: Raw Ramp
Fly UKBUG 102 Jul 19717"519.8
T. Rex

Electric Warrior preview single

A: Jeepster
B: Life's A Gas
Fly UKGRUB 1Aug 1971Promo Only 7"1610.0
T. Rex

A: Jeepster
B: Life's A Gas
Fly UKBUG 161 Nov 19717"259.4
T. Rex

A: Chariot Choogle
B: The Slider
T. Rex UKSPSR 3461972Promo Only 7"277.5
T. Rex

A1: Telegram Sam
B1: Cadilac
B2: Baby Strange
T. Rex UKT-REX 10121 Jan 19727"399.2
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Magni Flys

A1: Debora
B1: One Inch Rock
B2: The Woodland Bop
B3: The Seal Of Seasons
Fly UKECHO 10224 Mar 19727"99.8
T. Rex

A1: Metal Guru
B1: Thunderwing
B2: Lady
T. Rex UKMARC 15 May 19727"779.5
T. Rex

A1: Children Of The Revolution
B1: Jitterbug Love
B2: Sunken Rags
T. Rex UKMARC 28 Sep 19727"269.1
T. Rex

A1: Christmas Time
A2: Wanna Spend My Christmas With You
B1: Christmas
B2: Everybody Knows It's Christmas
Lyntone UKDec 1972Flexi12 
T. Rex

A: Solid Gold Easy Action
B: Born To Boogie
T. Rex UKMARC 31 Dec 19727"298.5
T. Rex

A: 20th Century Boy
B: Free Angel
T. Rex UKMARC 42 Mar 19737"109.3
T. Rex

A: The Groover
B: Midnight
T. Rex UKMARC 51 Jun 19737"18.2
T. Rex

A: Truck On (Tyke)
B: Sitting Here
T. Rex UKMARC 616 Nov 19737"327.2
Marc Bolan And T. Rex

A: Teenage Dream
B: Satisfaction Pony
T. Rex UKMARC 728 Jan 19747"138.0
Marc Bolan

A: Teenage Dream
B: Satisfaction Pony
T. Rex UKMARC 728 Jan 19747"128.5
Marc Bolan

A1: Jasper C. Debussy
B1: Hippy Gumbo
B2: The Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smith
Track UK2094 0137 Jun 19747"278.0
T. Rex

A: Light Of Love
B: Explosive Mouth
T. Rex UKMARC 85 Jul 19747"67.3
Marc Bolan

A: Zip Gun Boogie
B: Space Boss
T. Rex UKMARC 91 Nov 19747"135.3
T. Rex

A: New York City
B: Chrome Sitar
T. Rex UKMARC 1027 Jun 19757"577.0
T. Rex

T. Rex Disco Party

A1: Dreamy Lady
B1: Do You Wanna Dance
B2: Dock Of The Bay
T. Rex UKMARC 1126 Sep 1975EP85.8
T. Rex

Marc's Christmas Box

A1: Christmas Bop
B1: Metal Guru
B2: Telegram Sam
T. Rex UKMARC 12Nov 1975Unreleased09.0
T. Rex

A: London Boys
B: Solid Baby
T. Rex UKMARC 1320 Feb 19767"248.0
T. Rex

A: Hot Love
B: Get It On
Cube UKBUG 662 Apr 19767"510.0
T. Rex

A: I Love To Boogie
B: Baby Boomerang
T. Rex UKMARC 145 Jun 19767"99.5
T. Rex

A: Laser Love
B: Life's An Elevator
T. Rex UKMARC 1517 Sep 19767"237.7
Marc Bolan And Gloria Jones

A: To Know Him Is To Love Him
B: City Port
EMI UKEMI 257214 Jan 19777"147.0
T. Rex

A: The Soul Of My Suit
B: All Alone
T. Rex UKMARC 1611 Mar 19777"67.0
T. Rex

A1: Dandy In The Underworld
B1: Groove A Little
B2: Tame My Tiger
T. Rex UKMARC 1727 May 19777"58.5
T. Rex

Bolan's Best + 1

A1: Ride A White Swan
A2: The Motivator
B1: Jeepster
B2: Demon Queen
Cube UKANT 15 Aug 1977EP810.0
T. Rex

A: Celebrate Summer
B: Ride My Wheels
T. Rex UKMARC 185 Aug 19777"115.5
T. Rex

A1: Hot Love
B1: Raw Ramp
B2: Lean Woman Blues
Cube UKANT 2Mar 19787"510.0
T. Rex

A: Crimson Moon
B: Jason B Sad
T. Rex UKMARC 1914 Apr 19787"67.5
Marc Bolan

Return Of The Electric Warrior

A1: Sing Me A Song
B1: Endless Sleep
B2: The Lilac Hand Of Menthol Dan
Rarn UKMBFS 001Mar 1981EP107.3
T. Rex

A: Jeepster
B: Get It On
Cube UKBUG 90Aug 19817"710.0
Marc Bolan

A: You Scare Me To Death
B: The Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smith
Cherry Red UKCHERRY 29Sep 19817"45.3
Marc Bolan

A: Recorded Quotes From The Book 'You Scare Me To Death'
Lyntone UKF CHERRY 29Sep 1981Flexi24.0
Marc Bolan

A: You Scare Me To Death
B: The Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smith
Cherry Red UKP CHERRY P29Oct 1981Picture Disc125.0
Marc Bolan

A: Cat Black
B: Jasper C Debussy
Cherry Red UKCHERRY 32Nov 19817"38.0

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