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Marty Wilde - Discography

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  UK  59
  USA  11
  Netherlands  8
  Australia  7
  Denmark  6
  Germany  4
  Ireland  4
  Sweden  4
  France  3
  New Zealand  3
  Norway  3
  Belgium  1
  Canada  1
  Italy  1
  Spain  1
All Records  116
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Marty Wilde And His Wildcats

A: Honeycomb
B: Wild Cat
Philips UKJK 10281957Promo Only 7"08.0
Marty Wilde And His Wildcats

Presenting Marty Wilde

A1: Wild Cat
A2: Honeycomb
B1: Love Bug Crawl
B2: Afraid Of Love
Philips UKBBE 12164Mar 1958EP110.0
Marty Wilde And His Wildcats

A: Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again
B: Sing, Boy, Sing
Philips UKPB 804Mar 19587"0 
Marty Wilde And His Wildcats

A: Endless Sleep
B: Her Hair Was Yellow
Philips UKPB 835Jun 19587"139.0
Marty Wilde And His Wildcats

A: My Lucky Love
B: Misery's Child
Philips UKPB 850Aug 19587"18.0
Marty Wilde And His Wildcats

More Of Marty

A1: Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again
A2: Sing, Boy, Sing
B1: Her Hair Was Yellow
B2: Endless Sleep
Philips UKBBE 12200Sep 1958EP010.0
Marty Wilde

A: No One Knows
B: The Fire Of Love
Philips UKPB 875Nov 19587"410.0
Marty Wilde

A: Donna
B: Love-A Love-A Love-A
Philips UKPB 902Feb 19597"19.0
Marty Wilde

A: A Teenager In Love
B: Danny
Philips UKPB 926May 19597"27.7
Marty Wilde

A: Sea Of Love
B: Teenage Tears
Philips UKPB 959Sep 19597"59.0
Marty Wilde

Sea Of Love

A1: Teenage Tears
A2: Sea Of Love
B1: Danny
B2: A Teenager In Love
Philips UKBBE 12327Dec 1959EP5 
Marty Wilde

A: It's Been Nice
B: Bad Boy
Philips UKPB.972Dec 19597"48.0
Marty Wilde

The Versatile Mr Wilde

A1: Come On-a My House
A2: Please
B1: Autumn Leaves
B2: Alone
Philips UKBBE 123851960EP1 
Marty Wilde

A: Johnny Rocco
B: My Heart And I
Philips UKPB 1002Feb 19607"0 
Marty Wilde

A: The Fight
B: Johnny At The Crossroads
Philips UKPB 1022Apr 19607"09.0
Marty Wilde

A: I Wanna Be Loved By You
B: Angry
Philips UKPB 1037Jun 19607"1 
Marty Wilde

A: Little Girl
B: Your Seventeenth Spring
Philips UKPB 1078Dec 19607"110.0
Marty Wilde

Marty Wilde Favourites

A1: Little Girl
A2: Your Seventeenth Spring
B1: Rubber Ball
B2: Like Makin' Love
Philips UKBBE 124221961EP0 
Marty Wilde

A: Rubber Ball
B: Like Makin' Love
Philips UKPB 1101Jan 19617"29.0
Marty Wilde

A: When Does It Get To Be Love
B: Your Loving Touch
Philips UKPB 1121Mar 19617"1 
Marty Wilde

A: Hide And Seek
B: Crazy Dream
Philips UKPB 1161Jul 19617"1 
Marty Wilde

A: Tomorrow's Clown
B: The Hellions
Philips UKPB 1191Oct 19617"39.0
Marty Wilde

A: Come Running
B: Ev'ryone
Philips UKPB 1206Jan 19627"0 
Marty Wilde

Come Running

A1: Come Running
A2: Ev'ryone
B1: The Hellions
B2: Tomorrow's Clown
Philips UKBBE 12517Feb 19627"0 
Marty Wilde

A: Jezebel
B: Don't Run Away
Philips UKPB 1240Apr 19627"09.5
Marty Wilde

A: Ever Since You Said Goodbye
B: Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
Philips UK326546 BFOct 19627"0 
Marty Wilde


A1: Don't Run Away
A2: Jezebel
B1: Ever Since You Said Goodbye
B2: Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
Philips UKBBE 433 6381963EP0 
Marty Wilde

A: Lonely Avenue
B: Brand New Love
Columbia UKDB 4980Feb 19637"19.0
Marty Wilde

A: No! Dance With Me
B: Little Miss Happiness
Philips UK326579 BFMar 19637"3 
Marty Wilde

A: Bless My Broken Heart
B: Save Your Love For Me
Columbia UKDB 7145Nov 19637"0 
Marty Wilde

A: When Day Is Done
B: I Can't Help The Way That I Feel
Columbia UKDB 7198Jan 19647"0 
Marty Wilde And The Wildcats

A: Kiss Me
B: My, What A Woman
Columbia UKDB 72858 May 19647"4 
Marty Wilde

A: The Mexican Boy
B: Your Kind Of Love
Decca UKF 1197911 Sep 19647"0 
The Wilde Three

A: Since You've Gone
B: Just As Long
Decca UKF 1213116 Apr 19657"2 
The Wilde Three

A: I Cried
B: Well Who's That
Decca UKF 1223210 Sep 19657"1 
Marty Wilde

A: I've Got So Used To Loving You
B: The Beginning Of The End
Philips UKBF 1490May 19667"0 
Marty Wilde

A: By The Time I Get To Phoenix
B: Shutters And Boards
Philips UKBF 1632Jan 19687"12 
Marty Wilde

A: Abergavenny
B: Alice In Blue
Philips UKBF 1669May 19687"98.5
Marty Wilde

A: All The Love I Have
B: Any Day
Philips UKBF 1753Mar 19697"1 
Marty Wilde

A: Endless Sleep
B: Donna
Philips UKBF 178323 May 19697"1 
Marty Wilde

A: Shelley
B: Jump On The Train
Philips UKBF 181517 Oct 19697"1 
Marty Wilde

A: No Trams To Lime Street
B: A Prelude To Old Age
Philips UKBF 183913 Mar 19707"39.0
Marty Wilde

A: The Busker
B: It's So Unreal
Philips UK6006 12619717"0 

A: Rock And Roll Crazy
B: Right On!
Magnet UKMAG 29 Nov 19737"27.0
The Dazzling All Night Rock Show

A: 20 Fantastic Bands
B: 20 Fantastic Bands (Continued)
Magnet UKMAG 423 Nov 19737"17.5
Ruby Pearl And The Dreamboats

A: The Shang-A-Lang Song
B: Will You Stop That!
Magnet UKMAG 712 Apr 19747"38.0
Marty Wilde

A: All Night Girl
B: She's A Mover
Magnet UKMAG 1121 Jun 19747"26.0
Marty Wilde

A: I Love You
B: She's A Mover
Magnet UKMAG 1520 Sep 19747"05.0
Ruby Pearl And The Dreamboats

A: The Shang-A-Lang Song
B: Holding You
Magnet UKMAG 2528 Feb 19757"29.0
Shannon [Marty Wilde]

A: Come Back & Love Me
B: She's A High Flyer
Magnet UKMAG 385 Sep 19757"46.0

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