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Melba Moore - Discography

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  USA  28
  UK  23
  Australia  2
  France  2
  Netherlands  2
  Brazil  1
  Canada  1
  Japan  1
  New Zealand  1
All Records  61
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Melba Moore

A: Don't Cry Sing Along With The Music
B: Does Love Believe In Me
Musicor USAMU 1189Jul 19667"0 
Melba Moore

A: I Messed Up On A Good Thing
B: I Messed Up On A Good Thing
Mercury USADJ-1318 Aug 1969Promo Only 7"0 
Melba Moore

A: I Got Love
B: I Love Making Love To You
Mercury USA73072Jun 19707"0 
Melba Moore

A: He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother
B: Take Up A Course In Happiness
Mercury USA73217Jun 19717"0 
Melba Moore

A: I Am His Lady
B: If I Lose
Buddah USABDA 45219757"0 
Melba Moore

A: This Is It
B: Stay Awhile
Buddah USABDA 51919767"1 
Melba Moore

A: Lean On Me
B: One Less Morning
Buddah USABDA 53519767"1 
Melba Moore

A: The Way You Make Me Feel
B: The Way You Make Me Feel
Buddah USABDA 5621977Promo Only 7"0 
Melba Moore

A: The Way You Make Me Feel
B: So Many Mountains
Buddah USABDA 56219777"0 
Melba Moore

A: The Long And Winding Road
B: Ain't No Love Lost
Buddah USABDA 56819777"1 
Melba Moore

A: My Sensitive, Passionate Man
B: The Greatest Feeling
Buddah USABDA 57219777"0 
Melba Moore

A: Standing Right Here
B: Standing Right Here
Buddah USABDA 5891977Promo Only 7"0 
Melba Moore

A: You Stepped Into My Life
B: There's No Other Like You
Epic USA8-5060019787"09.0
Melba Moore

A: Pick Me Up, I'll Dance
B: Where Did You Ever Go
Epic USA8-5066319797"07.0
Melba Moore

A: Night People
B: Hot And Tasty
Epic USA9-5080519797"0 
Melba Moore

A: Take My Love
B: Just You, Just Me
EMI America USAA-8092Aug 19817"0 
Melba Moore

A: Let's Stand Together
B: What A Woman Needs
EMI America USAA-810419827"0 
Melba Moore

A: Love's Comin' At Ya
B: Love's Comin' At Ya (Instrumental)
EMI America USAB-812619827"0 
Melba Moore

A: Mind Up Tonight
B: Mind Up Tonight (Instrumental Version)
Capitol USAB-5180Nov 19827"0 
Melba Moore

A: Underlove
B: Underlove (M And M Mix)
Capitol USAB-5208Mar 19837"0 
Melba Moore

A: Keepin' My Lover Satisfied
B: Keepin' My Lover Satisfied
Capitol USAP-B-5288Nov 1983Promo Only 7"1 
Melba Moore

A: Love Me Right
B: Never Say Never
Capitol USAB-5343Apr 19847"0 
Melba Moore

A: Love Me Right
B: Love Me Right
Capitol USAP-B-5343Apr 1984Promo Only 7"0 
Melba Moore

A: When You Love Me Like This (Edited Remix)
B: Winner (Edited Instrumental)
Capitol USAB-548419857"0 
Melba Moore And Kashif

A: Love The One I'm With (A Lot Of Love)

Melba Moore

B: Don't Go Away
Capitol USAB-557719867"0 
Melba Moore (Duet With Freddie Jackson)

A: A Little Bit More

Melba Moore

B: When We Touch (It's Like Fire)
Capitol USAB-563219867"0 
Melba Moore

A: Falling (Edit)
B: Got To Have Your Love
Capitol USAB-565119867"0 
Melba Moore And Kashif

A: I'm In Love

Melba Moore

B: Stay
Capitol USAB-4419519887"0 

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